Photo: Someone’s ‘learned’ opinion of Homosexuality

Screenshot - 2_21_2015 , 9_00_50 AMLOL! Please, where’s the spacecraft taking people off this planet? I can’t be sharing the same air with folks like this.

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  1. Pete
    February 23, 05:04 Reply

    Nigerians & imaginary evil spirits!

  2. Not Bobby
    February 23, 05:37 Reply

    You see all this first comment position robbers…if any of y’all tries it on”before I die” 2Moro morning eh!… You pipu shu lif first comment for me o…hian!

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 05:39 Reply

      Hahahahaa! Ain’t you the writer? Why should you open the floor for comments?

    • Pete
      February 23, 05:42 Reply

      Bia Bobby,hope you are not referring to me?

    • Not Bobby
      February 23, 05:54 Reply

      Imagine av been refreshing the page all morning …I just went to pee and came back to meet comments already. ..una nor dey sleep?

  3. Dennis Macauley
    February 23, 05:43 Reply

    The idiots that we have to share this earth with sef! What a waste of space and oxygen!

  4. JustJames
    February 23, 06:03 Reply

    The only way I can deal with this is to believe person was just trolling.

  5. Gad
    February 23, 06:30 Reply

    I marvel at the wisdom of the two discussants in the post. In those days people are humble enough to seek informations on things they don’t know but these days we are quick to assume the status of teachers even on subjects that confounds us. “Leviticus condemns everyone including dead saints”. Indeed.

  6. Khaleesi
    February 23, 06:32 Reply

    Sigh … you’d be amazed @ the number of Nigerians who strongly hold onto such views. Its scary, i don’t know where they get these repulsive ideas from … these brainwashed zombies put a regrettable strain on the earth’s limited supply of space and oxygen … smh …

    • Pete
      February 23, 06:42 Reply

      They get it from their Pastors & Imams

      • Dennis Macauley
        February 23, 06:45 Reply

        Pastors mostly who teach this kind of crap from the altar and at the same time tracking contributions to the church account on their iPads

  7. Eros
    February 23, 06:49 Reply

    Ngwanu TB Joshua where are you??? I need your spiritual “touch”

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 06:57 Reply

      Just go take a dive into a swimming pool full of women. That oughtta do it for you. #SpeakingForTBJoshua

  8. Mitch
    February 23, 07:28 Reply

    Whoever that individual is must have made his god recoil in horror over the flagrant idiocy of his creation!

    • kamorudeen
      February 23, 08:44 Reply

      looool @ recoil in horror. You don’t want to imagine what I imagined thinking that

  9. Colossus
    February 23, 07:48 Reply

    Somedays when I’m alone, I hear voices in my head, a female voice, she tells me to do things, to look at things. She then tells me to call a guy over and fondle him, to have sex with him.
    Somedays when its quiet all around, I hear her call out her name in soft moaning sounds.

    Hello, my name is Colossus and I’m possessed by an evil female spirit named Obioma Shenaqua Nkemakolam.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 07:58 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! Shenaqua?!?! You need TB Joshua’s healing touch aswear

      • Max
        February 23, 11:59 Reply

        Seriously.. Hahahahahaha

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:32 Reply

      Haha.see free comedy

  10. Chizzie
    February 23, 07:53 Reply

    loooool! almost choked on my breakfast. Obioma o! this dude reminds me so much of the igbos ive met here and by igbos I mean the eastern born and bred one’s …that r extremely superstitious, come across as illiterate, think you are forming because u went to a private uni and live in lagos and honestly can’t draw water from a well, pronounce words like retailer as re-tell-la! I could write a whole book abt the obiomas of society thanks to NYSC! tufia!

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:34 Reply

      Chizzie are hereby confirm you sick

      • Chizzie
        February 23, 11:08 Reply

        Gad… are u mad? *in British accent*

        • Gad
          February 23, 12:13 Reply

          Yes if mad is : M- my. A- adorable. D- darling

    • Max
      February 23, 12:01 Reply

      I was born and brought up in the east. But I take no offense in ur comment above..
      Just know it doesn’t apply to everyone. But most are superstitious and narrow minded.

      • Gad
        February 23, 13:21 Reply

        In that case he is correct since most fit into his categorisation. If you are an exemption all you need do is just smile

  11. Mitch
    February 23, 08:34 Reply

    Colossus eyaf kee me. Chisos! That blast was deadly

  12. tobby
    February 23, 09:33 Reply

    Nigerians are sooo fucking stupid.. Bunch of nutjobs..

    • Gad
      February 23, 10:52 Reply

      Back to sender

      • DeadlyDarius
        February 23, 12:04 Reply

        he’s Nigerian too….besides you don’t honestly believe that typed internet comments would actually make you stupid, do you?

  13. Chuck
    February 23, 15:20 Reply

    These superstitions are symptoms of the same disease that Chizzie exhibits in all his assumptions about what Yoruba tops and Igbo bottoms do etc, and Gad exhibits when he talks about African men having capacity to love several people due to their “African gene”, and fuxk men while believing in a God that forbids sodomy etc
    hypocrisy is a dangerous bedmate.

    • Mitch
      February 23, 16:13 Reply

      OMG Chuck! You didn’t just do that!

      Better brace yourself for impact cos you’re gonna get hit by some pipu………………..

    • Gad
      February 23, 17:00 Reply

      What has superstition got to do with what Gad said about the emotional ability of the African man to love many.its idiotic to say that the God that Gad believes in hates same sex when Gad have not told you so and from all indications you dont seem to even know this God of Gad.if your own God hates sodomy,sort it out with him,if not any same sex act by you remains hypocrisy

      • Chuck
        February 23, 17:38 Reply

        Aren’t you a Christian, Gad? Or did you recently transfer to a new religion?

    • A-non
      February 23, 17:02 Reply

      Spot on Chuck!

      *high five*

  14. A-non
    February 23, 16:56 Reply

    Chizzie is just as ignorant as that Obioma guy.

  15. KingBey
    February 24, 05:29 Reply

    Thank you. Obioma thinks you form because you went to private Uni? last time I checked, the first private Uni in Nigeria is situated in the East.

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