Photo: The cops are here!

Photo: The cops are here!

0Banky W shared the photo above and wrote “So..who wants to get arrested? #DirectorW #nyc #filmSchool #nyfa #musicFilm #ABankyWConcept”

Well, guys, who would you like to read your rights to you? Lol

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Just something to add some humour to your Wednesday, folks. πŸ™‚


  1. Absalom
    November 14, 05:54 Reply

    Lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!! *faints*

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 14, 07:10 Reply

      *pours a bucket of water on you*

      ABSALOM! This is very unbecoming of you!

      • Absalom
        November 14, 07:31 Reply

        Dennis, this pouring you are pouring me this morning is making me wet! Mind yasef!

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 14, 07:46 Reply

        wait! wet? we are still talking about water? as in natural wetness? oh dear what am i saying? like water squirting from a tap? gee! i have said too much *runs away*

  2. daniel
    November 14, 05:56 Reply

    I thirst!!!!! John 19 : 28c

  3. enigmous
    November 14, 06:05 Reply

    Lynxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!! I’ve been a bad boy, come arrest me bae. Banky disappear biko, baldness does nothing for me

  4. chestnut
    November 14, 07:00 Reply

    They look cute…those shirts should have been tighter…that’s all I got.

  5. Kryss S
    November 14, 07:02 Reply

    I know Lynxx is Super appealing nd am meant to pick him over Banky but I would pass biko! He is looking like a Bad imitation of Barry White with dat beard shaped like that! None of d above!

  6. Dennis Macauley
    November 14, 07:11 Reply

    Banky W kwa?

    Chai atalam ahuhu!


    Can someone get Denola ina police uniform, then we can talk!

  7. lluvmua
    November 14, 07:25 Reply

    Lynxx dearieeee plz send me to jail! *winks*

  8. FKA Chizzie
    November 14, 08:03 Reply

    Banky is giving us power bottom realness…Anyone know what lightening cream he is using?

  9. kendigin
    November 14, 08:05 Reply

    both look ridiculous
    btw our police new uniform is far sexier.

    • Samaurai
      November 14, 08:12 Reply

      LMAOoooooo!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      You’re wicked for this, Ken.
      In fact, you’re cruel.

    • Legalkoboko
      November 15, 06:24 Reply

      The duo need a certified wardrobe director. I just can’t understand the euphoria. They are beyond ridiculous .

  10. Ba
    November 14, 08:14 Reply

    Y must Banky always wear smthing to cover his shame….lol it’s a question

  11. Nuel
    November 14, 08:16 Reply

    Lynx is all cute tall macho, buh would perfer Banky. Banky got it all for me, he would be nice, loving caring for certain nd would have d perfect size i love on like d other. *rolling eyes*

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