Photo: There was a Bottom Appreciation Day

Photo: There was a Bottom Appreciation Day

Screenshot_2015-09-05-17-30-14So apparently, there was a Bottom Appreciation Day, and I didn’t get the memo. Well, even though it has passed (September 2), here’s to all the Bottoms out there: either have your man appreciate you or give yourself some appreciation. Love thyself and be loved.

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  1. ken
    September 06, 06:58 Reply


    In other news, a boat full of assylum seekers heading to italy just capsized killing everybody in it!

    • Rev; Hot
      September 06, 07:34 Reply

      Ken, I can’t laugh joooor ??????

    • Masked Man
      September 06, 07:48 Reply

      That’s right.
      And back to local news, president muhammad Buhari has just declared his ASSets.
      Details when we return from this quick bottoming break.

      You are watching BNN!
      Bottoms News Network.

      • Pink Panther
        September 06, 08:06 Reply

        Was Yusuf Buhari declared along with those assets?

        • Masked Man
          September 06, 08:15 Reply

          Yusuf Buhari has been declared missing.
          Prime suspect, Dennis Macauly, is been held at the Twink Centre.

  2. Chuck
    September 06, 07:36 Reply

    I’m not sure why Ken now cares about Syrian deaths. That war has been going on since 2011.

      • Chuck
        September 06, 16:34 Reply

        Yeah, it was. I see that mass deaths pass for witty one liners in your circle.

    • ken
      September 06, 09:42 Reply

      For some reason “chuck” always seems to be on my case! Abeg o.
      Last time this happened, in secondary school, my school prefect turned out to be gay

      • Chuck
        September 06, 16:27 Reply

        If it seems like I’ve been on your case then you must have been making comments that don’t stand up to examination

        • ken
          September 07, 09:38 Reply

          Really?? Examination???

          Why not make your own comment rather than attack others. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view and no one appointed u as the “examiner”!

  3. Masked Man
    September 06, 07:45 Reply

    Bottoms up! Bottoms up!

    Face down, bottoms in the air;
    That how we like to fuck.

  4. Teflondon
    September 06, 08:06 Reply

    In my head, I identify as a power bottom.. Yet in real life I hate the whole role labeling thing. Not my thing. It just feels awkward. I know am a mess.

    • Max
      September 06, 09:46 Reply

      I’m afraid that not even Jesus can fix you.

      • Teflondon
        September 06, 13:03 Reply

        For someone that neither acknowledges Jesus existence nor has little or no knowledge abt My savior Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be taking your words serieusly.
        Stick to what you know dear.. (Which is Slut shaming or whatever little things you know) and don’t be meddling with what you have absolutely NO knowledge of.

        • Max
          September 06, 13:43 Reply

          ????.. You really are funny, though you won’t be very useful as a comedian even in a Nigerian movie. And I highly doubt we’re talking about the same Jesus.

    • Olly Goes
      September 06, 09:50 Reply

      This , Tef, is the classical cause of Bottom Failure. How in your head u know u wanna be an awesome bottom but when Mr HardcoreTop comes along u start fronting like being Super Bottom is such a bad thing. In psychiatry, we call it schizoid dissonance of conflicted bottoms…79% of cases are found in Nigeria.

  5. Max
    September 06, 09:47 Reply

    Mtchewwww ???

  6. Xan
    September 06, 10:05 Reply

    PP u shouldn’t miss it next year.. Neways I appreciate my ASSet everyday.. #self-obsessed

  7. Ruby
    September 06, 10:37 Reply

    If you are a proud Bottom lemme see ya shake ya Tail Feather!!!

  8. HERO
    September 06, 11:04 Reply

    I appreciate М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ Loving caring, amiable, understanding & Realible partner for 4yrs and counting. I love ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ soo Much RUBY. Happy Bottoms Day. Ur Just D̶̲̥̅ Best. Mwauh!

    • Ruby
      September 06, 11:19 Reply

      Awwwwwwwww Hunnay!!!
      Thanks Boo-Boo
      I Looooove you to the Moon and Back <3 <3 <3

        • Ruby
          September 06, 15:01 Reply

          Cmon Pinky….
          Don’t tell me you aint feeling like a proud momma right now????

  9. Kester
    September 06, 15:59 Reply

    Next time abi year PP please titillate us with pics of A list chocolate cakes for us to drool over, I know you can do this. You have pics of idris ‘cakes stashed somewhere in a very secured safe don’t cha?

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