Photo: This Book Should Be A Bestseller

Photo: This Book Should Be A Bestseller

I was watching American Horror Story: Murder House recently, and in an episode with the two gay men, Patrick and Chad, Chad (played by Zachary Quinto) slams his lover about the twink trainer he’s shagging at the gym. And Patrick taunts him with: ‘You know what? I am screwing my trainer. You know what else? He’s a power bottom. He loves it.’

And that made me think of this photo. lolKD pic 15

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The sheer audacity of this wit though. Ok bye. *fleeing from the oncoming wrath of Gad* 🙂

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Photo: Alex Ekubo looking all dolled-up

The actor updated his instagram page with the photos above. My, don’t he look pretty as a blonde. lol

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Photo: Happy Valentine’s Day

May those who seek this find it and live it. Happy Valentine’s Day, KDians.


  1. obatala
    October 04, 07:10 Reply

    I need to give that book to a friend or two. three or four likely.

    • Pink Panther
      October 04, 07:11 Reply

      LOL. Or three or four? Not a lot of good memories in the shack with these friends, huh?

      • obatala
        October 04, 07:56 Reply

        memories were so bad, they are at best forgettable. Just lying there like a sack of potatoes. jeez. anyway, today is Sunday. of to church. there’s one fine ass soprano boy. need to teach him new notes.

  2. Masked Man
    October 04, 07:20 Reply

    Thank you.
    It’s a holy day.
    Biko, I’m in church, trying to confess my shags. But this, and the fine priest, and the butt in front of me, aren’t making it easy for me to concentrate.

    Forgive me lord!

  3. PP's bae
    October 04, 07:45 Reply

    this is why PP will not make heaven….thank God i didnt read this..

  4. Francis
    October 04, 09:47 Reply

    Power bottom, power top. While you are busy telling your friends you fucked the nigga die but he no respond, the nigga is telling his friends you were hitting the wrong spots and he was praying you’d just cum and get your lousy dick out of him. ???

    Can’t we all try to be vocal about what we want in bed and not expect one another to have telepathic powers?

    Another reason why I dey fear random hook-ups.

    • Keredim
      October 04, 10:25 Reply

      Keep building defences around yourself there, you hear, and finding reasons not to get laid.😧😧

      Haven’t you heard? “Practise makes perfect”. If you don’t get laid from time to time, how can you tell if your game is right or indeed what you really like in bed?:roll::roll:

      • Francis
        October 04, 10:40 Reply

        *side eye* So that’s what you’ve been doing by touring the world? This perfection wey don elude you all these years sha. Just give it up already.

        • Keredim
          October 04, 10:50 Reply

          Yup, by “touring the world” as you so eloquently put it, I get to have new experiences and improve my game. I am not so “one-dimensional”.

          Admittedly I am still a “work in progress” and there is always room for improvement.

          BTW that shade of green, doesn’t suit your complexion?

          • Francis
            October 04, 10:58 Reply

            ???? Its a light green shade not a dark one, so it works just fine for me ?

            • Keredim
              October 04, 12:44 Reply

              Touché, Fran Touché…. ??????

              But seriously don’t close yourself off. Dabble within reason, whoever feels comfortable, but just don’t close yourself off..

              You have seen the damage it can cause..??

          • Max
            October 04, 12:22 Reply

            Lmao @Francis ????. You shady thing. He’s been trying to hone his craft for the past 4 decades, honey, can u just give up please.
            Just admit that you’re just not good enough and no matter how hard you try, you’re not gonna get any better. Oh and btw, your agege breads aren’t getting any stiffer..

            • Keredim
              October 04, 15:57 Reply

              ????????? Ah MAXine my source of joy on KD. My sad life would be incomplete without your daily dig.

              Seriously, I get you are:
              a) Anti- sluts – so you will never be a slut
              b) Anti – muscular guys – so will never be muscular
              c) Anti – dark skin – so will never be dark-skinned
              and now anti – 40s – so… see where I am going with this???

              Should I be getting fitted for a black suit? I will miss you.????

              • Francis
                October 04, 16:03 Reply

                Stop that rough play nwokem. Max nwanem I rebuke that one on your behalf IJN. ??

                • Keredim
                  October 04, 16:09 Reply

                  Uh-huh, like it never flitted past your mind. ?

                  • Francis
                    October 04, 16:11 Reply

                    Nwa Chineke like me can’t be indulging in such dark thoughts. ??

  5. Chizzie
    October 04, 11:20 Reply

    How to be a power bottom : Have brutal sex that loosens the rectal walls and if that doesn’t work, enlarge rectal walls by self fisting and/or inserting tuber of yam.

    Cause isn’t that what Power Bottoming is all about? Loose rectal walls that can accommodate several penis sizes simultaneously or at the same time, and is just moments away from incontinence?

    • Francis
      October 04, 11:30 Reply

      Graphic much?! ?????

      I recently learnt that power bottom get variants like those that will ride you like say sex wan go extinct (dominant bottoms) and those that will take tubers of yam like you suggest.

  6. ronniephoenix
    October 04, 15:26 Reply

    I so do not understand what all the fuss about sex is.
    Is sex soooooooooo great?

    Well, whatever. To each their own.

    • Francis
      October 04, 15:27 Reply

      Ronnie dearest, you are mizzing oh! ???

        • Francis
          October 04, 15:58 Reply

          Hmmm, I’ve always wondered what that feels like…..same as impotence. I almost asked a patient with erectile dysfunction that but common sense prevailed. lol

          • ronniephoenix
            October 04, 16:24 Reply

            Thank God you didn’t ask the person, you could have gotten a black eye…lol.

            I also do not understand “allosexuals” (meaning nonasexuals) and all the rave about sex.

            I have seen a lot of people salivating at th sight of a sexy person, and saying all the “dirty” things they could do to such person. And I would wonder why I do not feel the same way.

            I always thought there was something wrong with me but now I know better.

            I am proudly a panromantic demisexual gray asexual agender person and I looooovvvvveeeee it!!!!!!
            *panting right now*.

            • Francis
              October 04, 16:29 Reply

              Wish I could experience it for a week. #ExperimentThings but then that means I would need to find another sleeping aid. lol

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