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This is just way too much gorgeousness in one family

You know how you’re a one-man man, and you believe you can only ever be in an exclusive relationship with one person. But then you look, and lo and behold,

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LOL! This is quite the turn-on. *blush*

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Bests Of Online Hookups VII

Yup. It is an interview.


  1. Maximus
    December 14, 06:46 Reply

    But why would a guy whip Out a D to presumably save someone’s life? ????

    I’ll probably drown too if a vejajay is the only thing that could save me

    • ambivalentone
      December 14, 08:00 Reply

      Prick be like rope na. Except u can hold a clitoris, I don’t see how you still wouldn’t die

    • Teflondon
      December 14, 08:47 Reply

      That Vejajay brought (and gave) you life. I wonder why you detest it so much. My best guess is you were molested when you were a kid.

      • Maximus
        December 14, 10:21 Reply

        Lol. I didn’t pass through a vejayjay biko. *spits**
        And No, I wasn’t molested.

  2. Taopheeq
    December 14, 06:56 Reply

    And I thought this was going to be a post about Adventure Time and it’s homoerotic undertones i.e. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline’s bi/gay relationship.

      • Taopheeq
        December 14, 07:24 Reply

        PB and Marceline are characters from what is quite possibly the best animated series from our generation. You have Jake The Dog from it featured in this post’s picture.

        • ambivalentone
          December 14, 08:03 Reply

          Adventure Time is best animated cartoon??? I really need to redefine the superlative concepts of good n bad

          • Brian Collins
            December 14, 08:08 Reply

            When the cartoon dey win Emmys what won’t somborri say. Me I don’t think it is that great a cartoon sha.

            • JustJames
              December 14, 09:11 Reply

              Hollup Hollup.. Have you sat down to watch the cartoon at a stretch?? It’s got a subtle story line.. They get really philosophical.. They explore diverse topics and make it funny.. Many of the characters have depth.. They evn throw in adult jokes.. Abeg the cartoon is all shades of awesome.. Whatever award they get they deserve.. I had my skepticism at first but after finishing a season it all vanished.. I’m an ardent follower and big fan.

  3. Chizzie
    December 14, 08:27 Reply

    Wish I could watch while certain ppl on here drowned ?

    • Teflondon
      December 14, 08:43 Reply

      Chizzie it’s quite early don’t you think?
      Early Monday morning! Haba!
      I beleive you are better than this. No?

  4. Teflondon
    December 14, 08:50 Reply

    If I was the guy drowning, I’ll be like can I grab it with my mouf (mouth) my hands are so wet it might be slippery. But #NoHomo though #NoHomo

  5. bruno
    December 14, 09:10 Reply

    this takes “I’d rather die than touch another man’s penis” to a literal level

  6. Delle
    December 14, 10:15 Reply

    It took me about 20mins to decipher this comic and when I did…I had to cringe. Seriously, even if it were me (the gayest of all), I wouldn’t grab on to someone’s dick in an attempt to save my life. Who does that?
    This is no homophobia driven comic, it’s actually insulting to our sexuality and driving hoe-liness.

    • Mandy
      December 14, 12:15 Reply

      Are you for real, Delle? This your self righteousness sha. Abeg pray tell how the cartoon insults our sexuality and at the same time preaches the message of hoes

    • Colossus
      December 14, 14:17 Reply

      If you’re drowning, you wouldn’t grab on an erect dick to save your life? Really? Take a while to ruminate on that. You have your life on one hand and an erect dick you’ll probably hold for not more than 10mins tops on the other hand. You’ll prefer to drown, your life cut off forever than to hold the dick and get pulled out. Oh, here is the kicker. You’re actually gay, the gayest of them all (YOUR WORDS). Yet, you won’t grab on a dick to save your life but you’ll grab 15 of them if you found yourself in an orgy?
      The things we say on these blog sef, I no dey know if e dey go through filtration first.

        • Delle
          December 14, 20:41 Reply

          I’m not surprised at you antagonising me, u derive joy doing that. I have no more words for you.

    • Delle
      December 14, 20:37 Reply

      It’s not about being self-righteous or anything. Why would someone give me an erect dick instead of a rope or calling a life guard in the first place?
      On a lighter note, let’s just say I’m being considerate seeing as I could easily break off the member with my pull force.

      Colossus, I don’t fancy orgies. So that aspect of ur reprimanding was totally off the track. Thank you.

      • Colossus
        December 14, 21:35 Reply

        We are trying to be logical here and not adding or subtracting from the picture. You’re drowning, there is no life guard or rope in that picture. There is you drowning and an erect dick to hold on to, would you hold on to survive or drown?
        Oh wait, you’ve already answered that. You’ll rather drown than hold unto an erect dick to be pulled ashore.
        Discussing about this is even taking the humour away from the picture but do take out some minutes to think on how low you value your life.

  7. iamcoy
    December 14, 10:41 Reply

    I think d drowning fellow was keen to latch on to the dick at first but probably got irritated that it was an erect D when he came close, u know maybe when he comes on board the saviour would go ‘this tool just saved ur life so show it some love’..
    Follow the pic sequence carefully

  8. Dickson Clement
    December 14, 23:26 Reply

    Oh Lahd! Am drowning too, I need a huge strong,long, hard, black, fat, dick on a strong man to pull me ashore! #Bring me back to life#

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