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Photo Of The Day LII

LOL. I have no words here. Tops, Bottoms, any thoughts? Feelings?

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So You Think John Legend Is The Only One Who’s Got Ass…

So here’s another piece of KDian deliciousness brought to you courtesy of another Nigerian gay man proud of what his mama gave him.

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Idris Elba’s weapon of…well, something destruction… Or not?

Is that photoshop? Or a trick of lighting? Or an un-smoothened fabric of his boxers? Or is that really him? The British-born actor, pictured above, was working on the set


  1. Ace
    January 09, 03:19 Reply

    Damn! This market is definitely a Triple MG Yeah!!!
    *Earnestly waiting for someone to drop a hint that he is gay to give myself hope*

    • shuga chocolata
      January 09, 07:24 Reply

      @Ace he is and will always be power BTM. Even those artist on his label are, Just to name a few, KCee, harry songs, wizzy and banky. These names I wrote I will bet with my december salary on them.

      • Ace
        January 09, 07:28 Reply

        I really got to get myself inside the celeb circle to learn how they codedly run this their DL game. Wizzy and Banky? Maybe Banky but definitely not Wizkid.

      • doropaul
        January 09, 16:53 Reply

        are u sure of this gist? so they can be added to the list of dudes to be fantasized over?

    • Khristopher B!
      January 09, 07:30 Reply

      I love the waist to ass proportion. I will definitely give him my cookie if he asked nicely >shy face<. Meanwhile I heard from a grape vine that he's DL. Pinky pleaszzzzze you need to feature Papa Omosire on this blog #MCM. Dude is hotter than hell!

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 09, 07:40 Reply

        Whoever he is, if he’s your man crush, forward the pics to me

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        January 09, 13:29 Reply

        Ah. That dude… I saw his IG pics and I was in awe then I saw him and froze. Yes. I am shy like that.

  2. gad
    January 09, 03:36 Reply

    One man,s meat…

  3. Adrian
    January 09, 04:59 Reply

    Small bulge…i’ll pass pls

  4. Dennis Macauley
    January 09, 05:52 Reply

    Someone hand this akpan some mortar and piston as well as some Fufu to pound!

    As soon as I saw this on BN I knew the slut called PP will post this! LOL

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 09, 06:53 Reply

      See your mouth like small kporo! If they bring the giant one now will u stand it?

      • xpressivejboy
        January 09, 08:44 Reply

        DM, bring it on…you and I know you are blessed; you just wouldn’t want me to prove how good I’m with gaints. I do not run from pleasurable phallus…especially when they are thick, long and filling.

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 09, 10:53 Reply

        He that waketh a sleeping anaconda will have to deal with swallowing.
        Plenty pun intended!

        • xpressivejboy
          January 09, 11:16 Reply

          ShugAa, just allow it wake…I’m wellable and capable.

      • xpressivejboy
        January 09, 09:03 Reply

        Nne, yeah, you might be right; that’s with a few good users…but when I meet them BIG, I spur on the bearer to be average in it’s usage…hence, leaving both parties (or more) happy afterwards.

      • Max
        January 09, 10:13 Reply

        Bia pinky, which one do you like again, small or big? Please be specific cos I’m gerring confused …

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 09, 11:09 Reply

          As long as its not a weapon of ass destruction, Max, I’m good. 😀

      • Brian Collins
        January 09, 12:41 Reply

        I’m sorry why is Max asking PP this question o? Na so the friendship don reach? Where is Scarface?

      • Max
        January 09, 18:52 Reply

        Hahahahahahaha, take a chill pill Brian…our friendship is totally platonic.

  5. KryxxX
    January 09, 06:34 Reply

    Dayummmm! That waist nd ass is out of this world! You don’t get such ass by laying around, U SQUAT/KICK! But If only he had d height to complete d look……….. Oh well, it doesn’t matter cos he’s already tall with his money.

    *face palm* I just imagined lying on my tummy whilst he is on me nd those beards doing some serious tickling to my face nd am cupping them ass! Whoah! My ashewo don ripe 4 plucking oh! Choi!!

  6. KryxxX
    January 09, 06:39 Reply

    To whom it might concern, it is better to do an Akpan than children/teens i.e. Korede, Taylor, Zach nd Grey! Don’t you know that Child abuse/,molestation is a crime!

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 09, 07:26 Reply

      Ouch! Kryxxx that shade was dark. My goodness, someone pls turn on the lights

    • Ace
      January 09, 07:31 Reply

      Lol! And please what is this new obsession for Korede Bello? Like some Nigerian Justin Bieber craze? I am still trying to find a point of attraction. The guy looks like someone that cries while having sex.

    • Deola
      January 09, 07:32 Reply

      *flips on light switch*

      • KyrxxX
        January 09, 12:30 Reply

        *fidgets with edge of my blouse timidly* Catch me for that corner abi? Am not giving u today oh unless u bring that fine fine biscuit 4 me when coming……. U know u didn’t bring it d last time abi?

    • Mercury
      January 09, 11:28 Reply

      Jesus KryxxX…….darkness surroundeth d area.

  7. Vhar.
    January 09, 06:58 Reply

    Think that shit is small?
    Think again.

    Good morning.

    • Ace
      January 09, 07:33 Reply

      Oga Vhar… this one wey you dey talk with assurance so… * looks at you with eyes dilated hoping for some gossip*

    • Vhar.
      January 09, 07:55 Reply

      Kiss and tell?
      I’d rather break melons.

  8. Masked Man
    January 09, 07:04 Reply

    PP a slut?
    My own very PP?
    Bia DM, I know how to break balls oh.

      • Ace
        January 09, 07:35 Reply

        Hahahahhaha @ lusty gaze. Just turned on some cartoon imagery in my head. 😀

  9. Lothario
    January 09, 07:17 Reply

    Like Chi Girl says. “This makate may be big but not testy (tasty )”……DM and other Akpan hunters, your next target presents himself.

  10. JArch
    January 09, 07:57 Reply

    He has a gorgeous face
    but that about it for me with him…. the body isn’t calling my name to run my hands and tongue over

    has he released any new music recently though?

  11. tobby
    January 09, 08:44 Reply

    Of course he has to be doing “something”…LOL

    The thirst is real :v

  12. Max
    January 09, 10:10 Reply

    Can someone please hand him a dildo or something. He looks like he wants it!!!!

  13. Dennis Macauley
    January 09, 10:55 Reply

    This guy always gives me a power bottom vibe! But with all these akpan-ized body I will pass!

    ***stares lovingly @ korede’s photo***

  14. Mercury
    January 09, 11:21 Reply

    Yeah really tasty!!!!, just don’t like him that much.

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