Photos: Gay Loving At The Beach

Photos: Gay Loving At The Beach

gay1How is it fair that two gorgeous men like this can look so hot and so in love and be enjoying themselves by themselves, hmm? Oh well, the gay couple above shared pictures of themselves sharing ‘love’ time at South Beach. That light-skinned one (the madam, I’d like to think) sure looks deliriously happy. I’d be happy too, if I had a hunk like his squeezing me in his powerful arms. #sigh

More pictures below.Untitled4gay

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  1. simba
    September 18, 05:12 Reply

    U need see how our ignorant Myopic Nigerians, dissected them and hurled curses on them in Miss Petit blog.. some people are so blind to acknowledge beauty and gorgeousness

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 18, 05:27 Reply

      Bitterness, at the fact that they could possibly never have what these two have.

      • simba
        September 18, 07:20 Reply

        Don’t mind ndi ojoor lol.. the mind set of, if it ain’t me or if I don’t have this.. u can’t..

  2. daniel
    September 18, 05:17 Reply

    As far as this looks good, I’ll pass this hunk biko..

  3. September 18, 05:33 Reply

    That beard tho…tsk tsk tsk

    • Insidious Miss Meiya
      September 18, 05:43 Reply

      I’m saying. I was all “Awww…. CAKES!! Aww–*squints and flips phone sideways* What the… is that a… beard?? Ew…”

  4. Metrosexual
    September 18, 05:51 Reply

    The last picture brought back sweet memories… Been a while I’ve been carried that way…… And, this is really cute….

  5. Dennis Macauley
    September 18, 06:12 Reply

    See cakes!
    Can I bury my face in them!
    Dear Jesus!

  6. infamousdiaries
    September 18, 07:40 Reply

    Damn them cakes look yummy(and yes I mean the cakes of the nigga and his niggaress). The beard is a yes as well. I hope they stay this way. 🙂 #PostBadBeards

  7. Lothario
    September 18, 07:51 Reply

    Oh wow! Same love looking more like sane love these days….good for them!

    Meanwhile, why does everyone assume the light skinned one is the madam, just because he’s smaller? That’s not how it works everywhere o….Nigerian stereotypes don’t follow everywhere.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 18, 07:53 Reply

      Kai. But the slender one doing the muscular one? That’s just wrong nau. Lol

      • king
        September 18, 10:24 Reply

        Ahhhh well some pipo like it 2 ways luv…but I soooo luv this pic…reminds me of some fun I had with Kiki….um pinky luv…will get the story over to just as raunchy as the last one!!

  8. Khaleesi
    September 18, 10:56 Reply

    Nice!! two gorgeous black men!! that beard though …

  9. enigmous
    September 18, 11:27 Reply

    That last pic tho…did yo notice the projection of the hunk’s willy on that black pantie? Me want some tall drink of water ooo *pouts for a selfie*

    • Khaleesi
      September 18, 12:25 Reply

      My sista!! Your eyes tho! U dey see ooo! I never noticed the chunky slab of meat he’s packing till now … yum yum!!

    • enigmous
      September 18, 13:46 Reply

      Yes ooo Khaleesi, #thehungerisreal…when you are hungry, you will see so many meal options in the menu…I won’t mind being on my knees and doing my job on his willy while he raises his baby in the air

  10. john
    September 18, 12:05 Reply

    I want dis, out and in public…

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 18, 12:46 Reply

      Someone’s got a boo he wants to show off their love with… 🙂

  11. Dominic
    September 18, 12:26 Reply

    Cakes……..drooling!!!! The queen tho, see the way he did his leg in the last pic like some ballet dancer.

  12. Mr Bassey
    September 18, 14:44 Reply

    Cakes oooo, dunno about d beard tho..

  13. kendigin
    September 18, 17:29 Reply

    awww sweet
    tho in my view they look too picture perfect….and who snapped these pics btw.
    good for them tho. love is a beautiful thing

  14. JustJames
    September 18, 17:49 Reply

    A probably dumb question. Was this in Nigeria.

    • king
      September 18, 19:11 Reply

      Ofcoz not James how preposterous!!! In Nigeria??? Whaaaat at!!!! No way!..
      Eh or yes way???

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