President Mugabe Reportedly In Critical Condition After Heart Attack, Government Refuses To Respond

President Mugabe Reportedly In Critical Condition After Heart Attack, Government Refuses To Respond

Since Tuesday, media reports and online rumors have been spreading that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe suffered a heart attack. The rumors originated from a letter the Zimbabwean newspaper ZimEye received from an official in the country’s Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) which claimed the 91-year-old head of state had suffered a heart attack while on holiday.

Rumors regarding Robert Mugabe’s deteriorating health are hardly new.  Last year, the aging President was recorded falling down a flight of stairs as he attempted to exit a plane at Harare Airport.

During last Nigerian Presidential inauguration of President Buhari, SaharaTV’s Adeola Fayehun ambushed Robert Mugabe and inquired about the status of his health. The Zimbabwean President declined to answer.

The letter’s publication caused several local and international news agencies to reach out to the Zimbabwean government for comment. In response to a text message from a Reuters reporter, government spokesman George Charamba stated that any comment on Mr. Mugabe’s health was “unnecessary”.

According to the Zimbabwean media, Mr. Mugabe is fond of refuting questions about his failing health by announcing himself to be “fit as a fiddle.”

Mr. Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, since 1980 after he and the ruling party ZANU-PF wrested control of the nation from the white minority.

Since 1980, the country has been hit by several financial crises which led to one of the worst incidences of hyperinflation in world history. The aging President has also been accused of gross human rights abuses, including the massacre of as many as 30,000 Matabele in the mid-1980’s.

His rule has seen the death, imprisonment, and exile of numerous political dissenters.  Given his advanced age, many are curious as to who he will choose as his successor.  Some have speculated that his wife, Grace Mugabe, may be a leading contender to replace Mr. Mugabe after his retirement or death.

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  1. ken
    January 14, 05:38 Reply

    I hope the bastard tyrant dies a very slow and painful death. Awon oshi

  2. façade
    January 14, 06:13 Reply

    **in Sheangela’s voice** hallelu! OK, this is just like a novel I just read about a tyrant who later died a mysterious death

  3. Kenny
    January 14, 06:21 Reply

    Delle!! Your juju is working. Lol

  4. Mandy
    January 14, 06:31 Reply

    Hehehehee! Wiaris Delle? Time to prepare for your St. Peters’ Gate Guard Duty. Mugabe might be ready to answer the judgment day sooner than you anticipated.

  5. Max 2.0
    January 14, 06:57 Reply

    I hope he dies a very slow and painful death. Losing his sight would be a start and then eventually running mad. Cant believe someone has been ruling for 35 years, is it apes or monkeys that are living in Zimbabwe?

  6. Jamie
    January 14, 07:14 Reply

    I’ll mourn with plates and cups of well prepared food should he die, I’m sure!

  7. Sheldon Cooper
    January 14, 07:48 Reply

    He just has to stay in power, if not he would spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. I wish him no recovery.

  8. Henrie
    January 14, 07:48 Reply

    I can’t wait for this devil to become a part of African history. He should go and Rest in Peace already.

    • Lothario
      January 14, 08:59 Reply

      Peace? Hmmmmm! Depends on how you look at it…. A lot of people would prefer pieces.

  9. pete
    January 14, 10:04 Reply

    Does these wishes have to do with his longevity as Zimbabwe’s president or his atrocious human rights records? If it’s the former, can we extend it to all monarchial governments world over. If it’s latter, where do I hurl my own?

  10. Tobby
    January 14, 10:21 Reply

    Right. So, when does he die?

    • Pink Panther
      January 14, 11:38 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahaa! Tobby, you just asked the most important question.

  11. Khaleesi
    January 14, 11:04 Reply

    ***big yawn*** can this monumental relic to homophobia and ignorance just quietly creep out of this world already??? Its looong past overdue; the world badly needs the space and oxygen he’s been wasting for close to a century and then the future homophobes hall of eternal shame has a prominent spot reserved for this beast – he needs to go take up his well deserved spot!! **hisses and walks away***

  12. Delle
    January 14, 11:38 Reply

    Why hasn’t he died already! This man had better not survive this ailment if not I’d head straight to the shrine close 2 my school and finish him off ‘African style’!

    His death date should be turned into a public holiday for all! This is the only guy the Devil would be jealous of! Eejit!

  13. Bryannn
    January 15, 15:26 Reply

    Hian!!!!!! ohhh!!! this public nuisance is not dead already???? God why naa???………..this animal that symbolizes homophobia in Africa, anyway God knowz the best way to take you….old fuddy-duddy…

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