Random Questions IV

Random Questions IV

There is an ugly truth that exists amongst us in the gay community: the fact that some people may believe we should be allowed to live and let live, but do not think gay marriage is right. Sentiments like that have even been expressed right here on Kito Diaries.

IMG-20170511-WA0005Well, do share with us: if gay marriage becomes legal in Nigeria, would you take your man (or woman) home to see mama? 😀

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  1. Mandy
    May 15, 07:30 Reply

    Lol. This is a very tricky question. Cos the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t automatically mean you’re accepted enough to bring a guy home to see your family.
    Hmm. ???

  2. Francis
    May 15, 07:35 Reply

    Eeeerm, why not? Unless you are not the marriage kind, you’re not out to them or they don’t accept you

      • Francis
        May 15, 07:42 Reply

        Gosh! How could I have forgotten that one sef.

      • ambivalentone
        May 15, 09:15 Reply

        This part gaan. If significant other can get over the fact that he is not sinning, I sure can

  3. Wiffey
    May 15, 07:56 Reply

    The question isn’t “if” it’s “WHEN”.

    And my answer is when I am ready to marry my significant other, bitch I’m having that fucking ceremony whether it’s legal ⚖ or not. Life is to short to stay unmarried or married to the wrong gender.

    • Jerry
      May 15, 08:32 Reply

      Lovely I love this! I want get married here in Nigeria before the year runs out. Fuck the law.

  4. simba
    May 15, 08:27 Reply

    One of my dreams is to marry a man…….

  5. iAmNotAPerv
    May 15, 08:39 Reply

    If my woman wants to get married then we will. I’d reintroduce her to them as love of my life if they accept, issokay, if they don’t issokay.
    Whatever she wants is what she gets, I’m not big on marriage more on partnership but what she wants is what i would give her because she is what i need. Ya feel?

  6. Delle
    May 15, 13:19 Reply

    Personally, I have always seen marriage as overrated. All that funfare for gini? But a lowkey court marriage?

    Now because of my stance on marriage, I don’t care if it is legalized or not. They should firstly decriminalize homosexuality. That’s my priority.

  7. Khaleesi
    May 15, 13:21 Reply

    IF you think gays should be allowed to live “quietly and secretly” but shouldn’t be allowed to get married because your religious book or whatever is against it, Unkul mi, you’re homophobic, suffering from a bad case of Internalised homophobia and need to snap out of it sharply. Its akin to a white slaveowner saying, i always treat my slaves well, i feed and clothe them well and never beat them but they have to know their place and realise that they can never be equal to the white man …. you get the drift? Am rlly not sure if am the marrying kind, partnership appeals to me more than a lavish hetero-dominated ceremony actually ….

  8. Oludayo A.
    May 15, 16:56 Reply

    I am big on marriage, and I’d do it kia kia once we both agree. I might not involve family though

  9. Mitch
    May 15, 20:59 Reply

    I won’t be getting married to anyone, whether gay marriage is legalized in Nigeria or not.
    Not because I don’t want to get married, but because I’d never find anyone who’d love me.
    It;s my blessing and my curse!

    • Francis
      May 15, 21:05 Reply

      Dramatic much?! And na una dey find way before all of we overactive searchers.

      • Delle
        May 15, 21:12 Reply

        Don’t mind the penguin. At his age, how many of us knew what love is?


        • Mitch
          May 15, 21:26 Reply

          At whose age, biko?
          Eez like slap haff start to hungry you.

          Doc, sometimes you just know these things.
          I blew all my chances so I’m stuck

          • Francis
            May 15, 21:34 Reply

            Some get second and third chances in life. Chin up man ?

          • Bryce
            May 16, 01:33 Reply

            Someone’s who’s yet to utilize a fraction of the chances lined up for him is talking of blowing them.

            I hear

  10. Gad
    May 16, 05:59 Reply

    Partnership. I think that sounds cool .

  11. R.A
    May 16, 20:36 Reply

    Legalization or not, partnership it is for me. Except the person is like my ex then I’m damn as hell marrying the person.

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