‘Modern Family’ Actor Reid Ewing Comes Out On Twitter, Reveals Long Struggle With Body Dysmorphia

‘Modern Family’ Actor Reid Ewing Comes Out On Twitter, Reveals Long Struggle With Body Dysmorphia

Actor Reid Ewing, best known for playing Haley’s dumb, pretty boyfriend Dylan on Modern Family, has casually come out as gay on Twitter just after publishing a first-person account of his experience with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery.

In the essay on HuffPo on Friday, Ewing wrote, “I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt.”

“I told the doctor why I felt my face needed cosmetic surgery and told him I was an actor,” he added. “He agreed that for my career, it would be necessary to get cosmetic surgery. He quickly determined that large cheek implants would address the issues I had with my face, and a few weeks later I was on the operating table.”

Ewing says he underwent several procedures over the next few years, but ultimately realized his problem wasn’t one that could be solved by scalpels and botox injections.

“None of the doctors suggested I consult a psychologist for what was clearly a psychological issue… or warn me about the potential for addiction.”

Ewing’s essay led him to a 2011 ABC profile of Eugene Bata, who also suffers from body dysmorphia.

Ewing tweeted this message, followed by a response to someone who asked if he’d just outed himself:reid1

Below, see Reid’s Inside Edition interview about body dysmorphia:

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  1. Sinnex
    November 25, 07:17 Reply

    So I have just watched 2 episodes of this show and it was on a plane…
    Maybe I would download the rest.

    Someone asked if he just outted himself and he said he was never in…LMAO!

  2. Francis
    November 25, 07:36 Reply

    Excellent way of coming out instead of calling a press conference. This is show it should be.

  3. Absalom
    November 25, 07:41 Reply

    He’s hot and has got lovely hair. Wonder why he was busy disfiguring himself even before he is 30.

  4. ikhines
    November 25, 07:43 Reply

    He never had any chemistry with haley so…

    • Brian Collins
      November 25, 16:20 Reply

      Ehn, no chemistry ke? Even after that ‘Baby, baby I just wanna do you do you’ song he sang when he first met the whole family? Think again.

  5. Chizzie
    November 25, 07:57 Reply

    I think what’s more troubling is the fact that he has BDD, which is a very terrible mental illness. Its not being able to see what others see in you physically, not being able to believe your reflection, not quite agreeing with your reflection. Basically ppl with BDD are so convince that they are repulsive and ugly even when they aren’t.

    I watched a documentary the other day and it broke my heart to see such a beautiful woman, so beautiful, convinced she was ugly because she was told so as a child. I saw how it affected everything about her, her overall life, her relationship with ppl, her quality of life. Her beauty could take her places but she believed completely that she was ugly and couldn’t even look at her mirror.
    She was just wasting away. I cried.

    Its truly a demon of an illness and such a burden. I really hope he’s making progress

    • Peak
      November 25, 12:43 Reply

      The more reason you shouldn’t be calling people ugly or saying negative things to them.You just never know how much of a role you are playing in ruining their lives.

      • Chizzie
        November 25, 13:57 Reply

        Or more reason why ppl shouldn’t believe everything they hear

        • Pink Panther
          November 25, 14:32 Reply

          Chizzie, you know he’s right. The things people say online goes a long way to damaging other people’s psyche. Rationalize it all you want, cyber bullying has as much impact as physical bullying. I was glad to see your earlier comment. it shows you know people suffer image vulnerabilities. Hopefully, you won’t contribute anymore to those insecurities…right? *crossing fingers behind my back* 🙂

  6. #Chestnut
    November 25, 08:40 Reply

    No wonder he started looking different to me from that “Dude Ranch” episode.
    BDD IS a terrible mental illness,cos I never noticed anything wrong with his face b4.

  7. Rapum
    November 25, 09:29 Reply

    I just read his essay. Terrible experience. I’m glad he came out about it. And what a classic way to ‘come out.’

  8. Khaleesi
    November 25, 10:58 Reply

    Wow “I was never in …” … i truly envy people who live in societies where they can come out so effortlessly without shit hitting the fan …

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