Gay asylum seekers ‘could be sent home’ if homosexuality becomes legal

Gay asylum seekers ‘could be sent home’ if homosexuality becomes legal

LGBT asylum seekers who were forced to flee for their lives may be sent back to their home countries, if homosexuality is decriminalised.

People from across the world have attempted to seek asylum in the UK on the grounds of sexuality, often after fleeing vigilante violence and death threats in their home countries.

However, Home Secretary Theresa May signaled changes to the asylum system in her speech to the Conservative Party conference, revealing that under a new ‘safe return’ system, people granted asylum may be ordered to leave if circumstances have changed.

She said: “I want us to work to reduce the asylum claims made in Britain, and as we do so increase the number of people we help in the most troubled regions.

“So we’ll introduce strengthened ‘safe return reviews’ – so when a refugee’s temporary stay of protection in the UK comes to an end, or if there is a clear improvement in the conditions of their own country, we will review their need for protection.

“If their reason for asylum no longer stands and it is now safe for them to return, we will seek to return them to their home country rather than offer settlement here in Britain.”

Conservative sources told the Evening Standard that the policy could apply to “people who fled wars that have finished or people who fled intolerance towards homosexuality but whose home countries have since passed equality laws”.

The Home Secretary ordered a review of the way that LGBT cases are handled last year and accepted the case for reforms – but campaign groups say little has changed and the system is still “extremely unfair”.

Home Office minister Lord Bates insisted recently: “The Home Office has been actively working to implement the recommendations. An updated asylum instruction considering sexual identity issues in the asylum claim has been issued.

“Approved training for staff is under development. These will ensure the sensitive and effective exploration of asylum claims based on sexuality.

“The Home Office is conducting ‘second pair of eyes’ checks on all such claims to ensure the consistent recording of cases and more accurate data.”

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  1. Delle
    October 11, 10:40 Reply

    I don’t know what it is, but this post inspires me! I totally agree with you May…*smiling and stirring stew*

  2. pete
    October 11, 11:14 Reply

    Will Nigeria pass the equality law?

  3. obatala
    October 11, 11:56 Reply

    Finally pinky posted. been refreshing my browser all day.
    Now let me read the comments especially waiting for the one who doesn’t have sex and beats us over the head with it.
    Orijin please someone

  4. Chizzie
    October 11, 12:07 Reply

    Britain is made up of, arguably the most immigrant unfriendly group of countries on the planet. So I’m not surprised my this development. She even looks like Margaret Thatcher

    • #FlyOnTheWall
      October 11, 13:43 Reply

      Chizzie sometimes I wonder if you are constantly dumb or you really make an effort on some days.

      In all your “smart alec-ness” I would expect you to know the difference between Britain and the UK, but I guess I expected too much.

      In all your posturing on this blog, I really love when your keypad shows us the real you. It always shine forth!

      • Tiercel de Claron
        October 11, 14:07 Reply

        Actually,he is right.
        Britain is made up of three countries,England,Scotland and Wales.The addition of Northern Ireland makes it the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      • Chizzie
        October 11, 17:27 Reply

        Yaaay I can see someone learnt a new word from my twitter profile. Good boy.

      • ikhines
        October 11, 20:13 Reply

        Pls can you state the difference sir?

  5. ken
    October 11, 12:14 Reply

    I think thats only fair. If circumstances have changed then such persons shld give room for others who really need help to get same.

  6. Mandy
    October 11, 12:20 Reply

    Kai! Laff wan kill me here. My friend/roommate who is now staring daggers at me just opined, after reading this post, that this must be one of the reasons Bisi Alimi is getting a marriage license. #OkBye

    • Dennis Macaulay
      October 11, 13:38 Reply

      Your friend is a fool for saying something as silly as that and for the information of you and your friend (seeing as you find his folly amusing) Bisi is a British citizen.

      To think you find that funny enough to be shared here as a joke was done in poor taste!

      • Mandy
        October 11, 13:41 Reply

        Oh take your self righteous indignation and shove it up your bisexual-but-Im-really-just-a-gay-man ass please. Imagine this one coming to sharp mouth with me.

        • ken
          October 11, 14:44 Reply

          Hahaha…..Ladies, behave pls!
          Lets not fight over something that has not even been implemented

        • Jon Snow
          October 11, 16:39 Reply

          No tea no shade… @Mandy but your comment about Bisi Alimi of all people is disrespectful and your indignation is nauseating.

          • Mandy
            October 11, 18:18 Reply

            I’m sorry, Jon Snow, since when did you start knowing anything? Guy please, I didn’t seek any drama with you. Kindly find a suitable stadium seat and take. Not every tantrum has to be thrown on KD.

            • Jon Snow
              October 11, 19:09 Reply

              You are sitting here behind your computer , anonymously dissing the Bisi Alimi that is out there fighting for your right as a Nigerian gay man. Are you not worse than the naija homophobes?

              If you could lose that bitchiness and admit that your intended joke has a sour taste, honey you’ll sound less stupid than you already are.

              I don’t even know why I am responding to you. You have so much growing to do. I hope you grow a brain soon

              • Mandy
                October 11, 20:00 Reply

                Find yourself a dick, Jon Snow, climb on it and let it fix the something worrying you.
                I did not say anything in defense of my friend. I merely commented and you and mister Im-so-fly-all-the-way-from-port-harcourt dragged your thirsty selves all over my comment, looking to stir something. Well, kindly trot your hunty self back to that closet. You’re supposed to be concentrating on keeping those half-open doors shut, aren’t you?

      • cho
        October 11, 22:32 Reply

        Bros, why you vex finish like that? Folks can’t air jokes anymore? Cool it bros

  7. Max
    October 11, 19:25 Reply

    So much drama today on KD.
    Deola, a bucket of pop corn please?

    • Deola
      October 11, 21:39 Reply

      Hello max
      Today that you aren’t in the middle of the drama, you want to eat popcorn abi? Lol. You’re welcome to enjoy. 🙂

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