Sexually frustrated straight guy considers going gay. Question is if he is up to the task

Sexually frustrated straight guy considers going gay. Question is if he is up to the task

A straight-identifying man on Reddit says he’s considering becoming homosexual because he thinks he’ll get more action, but he’s having some difficulty actually following through with it.

“So I’m a straight man and I heard gay men have a lot of sex I figured well might as well join ’em,” he writes. “Thing is I’ve tried: watching gay porn and solo gay guys and, sadly, I don’t get aroused.”

That certainly is disappointing.

“Well,” he continues, “I do get aroused at straight blow job porn, so halfway there I’d say. I don’t wanna hook up with a guy and then not get aroused. That’d be embarrassing.”

He wonders: “How can I get aroused by a guy?”

And now, the responses…

“You need to bathe in the sweat of fifty righteous men, that’ll turn you gay,” one person writes. “That or lick the horn of a unicorn.”

“Definitely lick the horn of a unicorn,” another person adds, “preferably at a glory hole.”

“Download the app Grindr,” a third person suggests. “See if any sexy guys are around.”

Others just can’t seem to wrap their heads the man’s motivations:

“If you don’t get aroused by gay sex, then why do you want to do it?” one person asks.

“If you’re not into it, you’re not into it,” another concurs. “There’s nothing we can do to recruit you.”

“Try hooking up with a guy,” someone else suggests. “If you like, then great. If you don’t, there’s not much you can do about it. Being gay isn’t a choice.”

Then there are the more thoughtful replies:

“I’m pretty sure men can get aroused if their genitals are consistently stimulated from any source,” one particularly academic person writes. “Thus it is called ‘sexual behavior,’ which differs from sex, gender, and orientation. Your sexual behavior doesn’t define your orientation. There are gay-for-pay straight guys wherever you go.”

“Porn might not do it for you,” another adds, “but you may find just being in a situation where some things gonna happen is enough to get you going. Give it a try but be clear up front that you’re experimenting and not sure how far you wanna go.”

What advice would you give to this sexually-frustrated young chap? Share your pearls of wisdom in the comments section below.

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  1. .•*Sugaar.•*
    December 12, 08:28 Reply

    He should continue being straight, there’s nothing he can do. He can also practice a lot of sex with women and styles as well. Gays have a lot of sex ,,, then what exactly is his problem with that which he thinks it can’t be done with women! Ctew

    • Delle
      December 12, 11:13 Reply

      Do gay guys actually have a lot of sex? I don’t think so

  2. Mandy
    December 12, 08:39 Reply

    This oga should come and hand himself over to our Naija bottoms. They’ll get him thirsting for man-pussy so fast, he won’t know his way back to vagina again.

  3. Bain
    December 12, 08:42 Reply

    A frustrated gay man considers going straight: question is if he Is up to the task?……smh….even in reverse its still stupid and unbelievable…

  4. Delle
    December 12, 11:12 Reply

    “There’s nothing we can do to recruit you”

    He needs my address.

  5. jabajantis
    December 12, 15:38 Reply

    A cold shower. Take a cold shower! Silly twat.

  6. z
    December 12, 18:10 Reply

    … All these talk about gay guys having lots of sex and I’m like where have I been when all this sex has been happening

  7. Elvis
    December 23, 04:20 Reply

    He should come to me tho. I will make him feel at home,he won’t know his way to a vagina again. Really tho,ur sexual behaviour has nothing to do with your orientation.. If you even stay where two guys are having a deep sweet sex,you go arouse by force.

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