“To The Members of the LGBTQ Community … I’m Sorry.” Simi Apologizes For Homophobic Behaviour | The Nigerian LGBTQ Community Reacts To The Apology

“To The Members of the LGBTQ Community … I’m Sorry.” Simi Apologizes For Homophobic Behaviour | The Nigerian LGBTQ Community Reacts To The Apology

In a move no one saw coming – because, well, no one ever gives the Nigerian LGBTQ community this kind of consideration – singer Simi posted an apology on Twitter for her homophobic comments on her show, Stoopid Sessions.

In March, Simi took to an episode of her YouTube show to discuss dating among millennials along with three co-hosts, and when the topic of homosexuality came around, everyone on the show – with the exception of the lone male, Sess – had something homophobic to say, with Simi voicing her opinion about how homosexuality “just doesn’t seem natural to me.”

In the wake of the show airing, the backlash from the Nigerian LGBTQ community was swift and intense, and stayed persistently furious even when two months later, in May, Simi joined the international community to express her outrage over the act of police brutality that led to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

“It is one thing for people to be intimidated by and hate you for being different, but how do you not value someone the exact same as you?” she posted on Twitter.

Unfortunately for her, Gay Twitter was not too far behind in reminding her that she had in fact exhibited behaviour that didn’t “value people the exact same as her”.

And then, yesterday, August 3, the mother of one who gave birth to her first child with husband Adekunle Gold in June, took to Twitter to post a statement that sought to apologise for her homophobia.

In a post that had a caption that was simply the praying-hands emoji, the statement began by talking about how “nobody deserves hate like you’re often given. Nobody should have to live in fear. I carelessly and casually addressed an issue that is a matter of life and death for many. It was not my intention to hurt you, but I did and I’m sorry.”

She went on to talk about how she didn’t understand the reason for the backlash and how she thought she was “admitting to and questioning” her bias. But then, after finding out that someone was almost killed very recently for being gay, and knowing that other people around the world die and are hurt for the same reason, she was “humbled”.

“I see how the things we say, even without meaning to, can encourage prejudice,” she admitted. “Your life is bigger, by far, than my pride. So I’m really, really sorry.”

The statement ends with her confessing that she is learning, but that she is “sorry that this time, I did so at your expense.”

The post took Nigerian Twitter by the storm, with the homophobes, of course, raging through the comments with their indignation and outrage that a celebrity such as Simi would even waste her time acknowledging a community of people who are committing a sin punishable by 14 years imprisonment.

Gay Twitter was not far behind in their reactions as well, with responses mixing relief and acceptance with disbelief and cynicism. People like the activist, Pamela Adie, welcomed Simi’s apology and offered to help her – should she need it – with her journey to learning more about the LGBTQ community; whereas a majority of others were positive that there was a motive behind the apology.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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  1. Francis
    August 04, 07:27 Reply

    I loved the apology. It didn’t come immediately after the backlash from that video. This is something I hate. Forced apologies.

    Now the problem here, is that this apology coincides with a feature on a gay magazine. Makes one question the motive behind the apology. Then again maybe she has always wanted to apologize sha or the interaction with the queer magazine schooled her ??‍♂️

    • Jay Armstrong
      August 15, 13:43 Reply

      Only time will tell. For now, I see baby steps, and I encourage it.

  2. McDuke
    August 04, 07:35 Reply

    She just regained my respect. That was a bold move for a Nigerian celebrity residing in Nigeria, I think this will be the first time a Nigerian celebrity is publicly showing support and empathy for the LGBT community in Nigeria. I hope she educates herself the more and speak up more frequently, nice one Simi.

  3. RichieMichie
    August 04, 08:15 Reply

    I don’t know, this apology angered me more than the trash show. She should use that same platform in throwing us under the bus to write the wrong if she’s genuinely sorry . Till then, this is all self serving to me.

  4. Black Dynasty
    August 04, 08:42 Reply

    It takes a lot of guts to walk back and willingly admit fault to an earlier stance which in her environment is popular, legally correct but ethically wrong without being prompted.

    The apology seems heartfelt and well reasoned, admitting guilt, not explaining away the wrong behaviour or trying to excuse it and acknowledging the wrong that was done.

    She will get backlash from a vast majority of the population for doing this but still had the courage to publicly apologise, I certainly respect her for this and will get back to streaming her songs again.

  5. Dillish
    August 04, 08:58 Reply

    I wanted to let simi off the hook but I noticed some loopholes in that apology.

    She didn’t take back that “homosexuality is unnatural” nonsense. She even had the gut to tell us that we misunderstood her homophobic comment! Chai..oluwa o.

    Only for me to wake up this morning and see a magazine AG featured going round the net. Simi almost made a smart move on us but the timing was poor!

  6. Uzor
    August 04, 13:53 Reply

    I completely Stan your comment on twitter PP. it’s not even about the sincerity of the apology for me! It’s the fact that someone that has the platform has actually started the conversation and apologized for their wrongs. It’s a precedent alright! The next time a celebrity tries to slam the community I think they’d definitely think twice. There is growth.

  7. Tristan
    August 05, 22:51 Reply

    Can we now talk about homophobic Burna boy doing a collab with Sam Smith? Pinky, waiting for your post on that.

  8. Gif
    August 06, 07:47 Reply

    I’ve always loved Simi, she strikes me like the underdog that became an overcomer, always refusing to follow stereotypes. I remember she was one of the very few that condemned yahoo even though a bulk of her potential earnings might come from them while big names like Davido and Wizkid subtly endorsed them. She stuck to her guns and even sent a caveat for yahoo boys to avoid her shows! That was brave and that is what Simi stands for!
    And as for the apology, the fact that it didn’t come immediately after the backlash gives credence to it otherwise that would have seemed like a forced apology and for that i re-STAN Simi!!!
    PS for those who think she did that because of an E-magazine with less than 9,000 followers, please come off your high horses, as far as Nigerian entertainment circle is, that e-magazine is not important enough to sway a heavyweight like Simi!!

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