Some Scientist Had The Nerve To Rank Beyoncé As The Second Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Some Scientist Had The Nerve To Rank Beyoncé As The Second Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Using a formula popularized by the ancient Greeks and Leonardo Da Vinci, the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery released a list of the world’s most beautiful women.


An odd research project is making waves on social media after a group of plastic surgeons decided Beyoncé and nine white women had faces close to being “perfect.”

Dr. Julian De Silva, who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in London, used computerized facial mapping techniques to determine who had the perfect face according to The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.

The Daily Mail said The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi dates back to an equation known as the Golden Ratio that European Renaissance artists used as they created their art.

De Silva and researchers on his team took the formula and adapted it to describe what they say is the “perfect” face.

“The length and the width of someone’s face is measured and then the results are divided. According to the Golden Ratio, the ideal result is roughly 1.6. Measurements are then taken from the forehead hairline to the spot between the eyes, from the spot between the eyes and the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin,” the Daily Mail reported. “A person is considered to be more beautiful if the numbers are equal. Attention is then given to the symmetry and proportion of the face. To be deemed ‘beautiful’ according to the Golden Ratio, the length of the ear must be equal to the length of the nose and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes.”

According to the formula, Bella Hadid is the world’s most beautiful woman, scoring 94.35% accuracy to perfection. Beyoncé was not far behind with a score of 92.44%.

The rest of the list was dominated entirely by white stars, including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Katy Perry.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, De Silva said Hadid received perfect scores for her chin and “the position of her eyes.”

“Beyoncé ran her a close second, scoring the highest marks for the shape of her face (99.6%) and getting very high scores for her eyes, brow area and lips,” he told The Daily Mail. “These brand-new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients’ surgery.”

In his description of each woman, De Silva spoke about the flaws on Beyoncé’s face. “Beyoncé looks incredible as she approaches her 40s. She had a new perfect score for her face shape, but was marked down for her eyebrows and chin,” he said.

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  1. Mitch
    October 18, 07:13 Reply

    Inukwa m Beyoncé as 2nd!
    And Bella Hadid was first?
    Both the scientists, the Renaissance artists and Greeks who came up with that ratio, the computers they used and the news agencies that carried this news are MAD!!!!!

    Imagine the konkonbility of the impetus!
    And then 8 other yte women including Natalie Portman, Taylor and Kate Moss? Ike gwuru.

    Lemme return to my bed.
    Black Jesus didn’t die for nonsense like this to be happening.

    • Pink Panther
      October 18, 09:26 Reply

      Katy Perry is there but Rihanna is not. Inanukwa nonsense???

  2. Higwe
    October 18, 08:04 Reply

    Like how do you call a group of people the most beautiful women in the world ….

    Like have they seen even one percent of the all the female folks inhabiting every part of the world .

    So only celebrities made the list of the so called most beautiful women in the world … SMH

  3. Nool
    October 18, 08:07 Reply

    It’s just a long ass ad for their cosmetic surgery business. Bella has had so much face work she’ll probably lift her sock if she arched a brow.

  4. J
    October 18, 14:14 Reply

    What of Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Victoria secret models? Our Naomi Campbell is not even on the list, not to talk of myself ???

  5. Yazz
    October 18, 15:42 Reply

    Naturally it’s always someone with cheekbones that wins this list
    Miss Shania Twain was once named scientifically most perfect face.
    Another commoner that won it Ireland had suspicious cheekbones…
    And smallish eyes..

  6. trystham
    October 18, 17:59 Reply

    Wait, how is this of import to the rest of the world?
    Did they consider off make-up factors?
    Lastly, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. As such, Beyonce is just there abeg

  7. Keeva
    October 20, 13:53 Reply

    All goes to the praise of plastic faces and chin over the natural ones.*inserts rapid eyeroll*

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