Stacey Dash’s Ex Slams Her Over Her Oscars Boycott Opinion

Stacey Dash’s Ex Slams Her Over Her Oscars Boycott Opinion

Hollywood actress-turned-media personality, Stacey Dash, has been receiving some serious backlash following her opinion on the Oscars boycott, which she made known during an interview on the TV show, Fox & Friends, alongside US presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

“I think it’s ludicrous,” Dash, 49, said about the response to the Oscar nominations. “We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded it you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms, it’s a double standard,” she added before saying “there shouldn’t be a black history month. We’re Americans. Period.”

Among those putting her on blast for this, is her ex, American rapper, Ryan Prophet, who went into a long rant, questioning her views on black culture.

“@realstaceyldash your views on black culture & people of color as a whole are Fucking terrible. I wonder do you truly love yourself & this is coming from a brother that had genuine Luv for you since day1 as a fan Artist lover & creater many young sisters look up to you….Ask your self do u really Luv BLACK BABIES?! #blacklivesmatter but out of respect for your son That post was took down  make me a believer help those people in #flint oh I forgot your a Foxnewspuppet just remember bleaching your skin is poisonous. @bet#giveBETtheyCheckBack #shaderoom #TMZ #LuvBScott #allhiphopdotcom #staceydumb #doNotMakeMeTellItAll #BeautifulOutsideInUGLY #DontMakeMeTell staceyGone#.”

Dash did not take his public chastisement lightly, and texted him to remove the post, which Prophet went on to expose. The rapper screen grabbed the exchange and shared it on social media.Stacey-Dash-and-ex-Ryan-Prophet-text

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  1. Mandy
    January 23, 06:32 Reply

    Why is she telling the dude to take down the post? I thought she’d be proud of her comments. Idiot!

  2. Francis
    January 23, 07:21 Reply

    Until I see an awards show that’s tailored to and advertised as mainly for white folks, this OscarSoWhite ish get k-leg to me and I’m so with Stacey.

    Let the white folks launch their own BET like channel and watch blacks scream blue murder. Mschew

      • Francis
        January 23, 07:33 Reply

        I don’t see it as a white show as it hasn’t been clearly advertised as being so. Racism dey involved? Yep, very most likely. I don’t see white folks up in arms against BET which is clearly marked as black pipul entertainment.

        Some black folks can like to play victims 24/7.

        • Max 2.0
          January 23, 07:50 Reply

          Black’s were marginalized for a long time, so I get the point of BET. Whites seem unfazed about BET because they’re not the ones oppressed. Just like we don’t have men empowerment programs because hello!!, men have always had their way and women’s oppression and subjugation comes from the male folk. Thats what I want you to understand @Francis.
          Do we like to play the victim card? Hell yeah

          But BET and other black oriented systems came up because of a problem. The work of a government is to protect the minority. You don’t see people hosting “Straight Pride”. There’s gay pride because at some point in history, we were shamed and made to feel worthless, lost our jobs, homes and family. Gay pride is about celebrating your sexuality and not being ashamed of who you are and also its like a ” let it go- esque ceremony.

          • Francis
            January 23, 08:04 Reply

            Thanks man. I now the see the point behind it all but still it indirectly promotes segregation sha as it has its way of breeding black racists. I’m all for minorities coming together to celebrate their uniqueness and struggles but we should be ready to take it when the majority decides to do so too.

            • Pink Panther
              January 23, 08:12 Reply

              Francis, you didn’t answer my question. So, let me answer it for you and make my point. The Oscars is NOT a white awards show. It’s a Hollywood awards show. And Hollywood is an industry of blacks and whites. So comparing it to BET is way off-point. BET is a black awards show. They have never made any pretence of the objective of the show. You can’t say the Oscars is for the acting industry, and then turn around to nominate just the whites. That’s what the #OscarsSoWhite is about. Unless the Academy is now trying to shift its objective, an all-white nomination is wrong, especially when there are blacks playing Oscar-worthy roles.

              • Francis
                January 23, 08:50 Reply

                Point taken just as well as Max’s. ??

                I think I’ve “subconciously” always seen the Oscars as an awards show that was created by white folks who just threw in a few black members so as not to look too white, thus I don’t notice a thing when it’s only white folks being nominated.

          • bruno
            January 23, 08:23 Reply

            thanks for explaining this ?

  3. Max 2.0
    January 23, 07:41 Reply

    “just remember bleaching your skin is poisonous.”. ??????

  4. Magdiva
    January 23, 10:02 Reply

    I’m with Stacey on this one. Blacks have a sense of entitlement. You ask for inclusion yet you separate yourselves. We are not the only race to have been persecuted. There’s so many shades in between black and white. Because something doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean you are being discriminated against.

    As a black woman I am offended when I’m put in a box, when it’s assumed that my advancement at work is not due to my hardwork and dedication but due to the fact that I tick a few boxes on the equal opportunity list. It is offensive and downright insulting to everything I’ve worked hard for. If I’m not recognised or appreciated, I don’t sit down and moan or make demands, I work my butt off the next time to make damn sure I get it.

    Everyone is getting their knickers in a twist over the oscars, we know a lot of us folks don’t support our own by getting off our behinds, getting out there and either buying or paying to watch their movies. We would rather illegally download or wait for it to come out on tv. If you don’t support or appreciate your kind, don’t expect anyone to do it for you. I don’t hear Asians, Hispanics, Jews etc moaning they weren’t nominated – or they don’t make movies? They don’t have directors? Actors? Etc??

    Let’s stop acting like kids and attributing every failure in our lives to slavery or race. The world is not against us…. We are not the only race …. It’s not always about race ….. Maybe you just weren’t good enough …… Let’s change the record.

    Life is only as ugly or as beautiful as we make it. If all we see is hate and discrimination then that’s all we’ll keep getting. #PeaceNlove #My2penceWithChange

    • keredim
      January 23, 16:47 Reply

      @Magdiva, I don’t agree that “Blacks have a sense of entitlement” This implies that they believe they deserve certain privileges and are arrogant for asking for them.

      As a Black woman, do you think asking for pay parity between you and your male (black or white) colleagues, whom you probably work twice as hard as, is a “sense of entitlement” on your part? No it is fairness.

      In the Oscar’s context we are talking about fairness. There were black actors and movies made inside and outside Hollywood that were worthy of recognition this year. Straight Outta Compton comes to mind and Jason Mitchell’s turn as Easy E was worthy of recognition, in my opinion. (Not so much O’Shea Jackson Jr as Ice Cube. As convincing as he was, he was playing his father) Now we don’t know what the criteria are for Oscar nominations, or what work has to be done behind the scenes to get nominated, but it is increasingly looking like one has to be white to have a better chance of being nominated.

      Black people in America have been denied this fairness for centuries that is why they have created their own industries and award shows to highlight their own achievements, when the “mainstream” would not, especially as we are in 2016 not 1926.

      Like you I strongly believe in meritocracy, but not one tainted by race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

      I however agree that black people, do not do enough to support the music and film industry. Majority of us do not pay for movies or music and prefer illegal downloads. But i am sure there are a lot of socio-economic reasons for that, which again would trace its way back to racism. Perhaps, if we were seen as a sustainable revenue stream even by our own black music and movie moguls, Hollywood will begin to take us seriously and we would not be having this discussion.

      Oh by the way, Jews will never complain about not getting nominated for Oscars…THEY are Hollywood and they are the Oscars.

  5. Teflondon
    January 23, 10:09 Reply

    I’m afraid am with Stacey on this one..
    The minority are always quick to cry blue murder… People need to get a grip of themselves. The world doesn’t have to revolve around a set group of people.
    Black people need to get a grip!
    Gay people need to get a grip too!

    Just two years of no black nominees and there are wails here and there but I bet the world will be just fine if it were an all black nominee. And don’t say it’s not possible. A black man is the president of America today.

  6. Sam La' smithereens
    January 23, 10:48 Reply

    Waiting on Absalom to drop a well detailed comment on cultural appropriation (or does it even apply here?)

  7. Keredim
    January 23, 14:58 Reply

    Oh bia. Is Stacey Dash black???

  8. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    January 24, 05:36 Reply

    Even the US Justice department will tell you it’s better to have a minority racist than a white racist. Black racists do not go about burning up white neighborhoods or shooting up churches. They don’t own (much) businesses.

    Everyone knows the Jews own Hollywood, Mandy. Just as they own the banking industry.

    Asians complain too. Hispanics have the same troubles too but when it comes to racism in the US, Africans are the bottom of the food chain. Also, none of these other races were made slaves (in the beginning, there were Irish, Italian, Mexican, etc slaves though). No other race has been marginalized as much as Africans that’s why they’re always in the news.
    The recent water mishap was in a predominantly African community.
    The New Orleans town with broken down schools is a you-guessed-right city.

    And currently, BET is about Black culture. We’ve had non-African nominees and winners. We’ve had Caucasian nominees and winners. It’s about culture not color.

    Male + Caucasian + Straight + Christian = #1 US citizen.
    Female + Black + Gay + Non-Christian = Die Bitch!

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