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  1. Lopez
    January 4, 2020

    What a good way to start a day. God bless your soul Jimmy


  2. Utonwa
    January 4, 2020

    “After ignoring him for a while, I eventually responded, telling him to go to hell. Maybe, among the Devil’s minions, he would find the masc4masc guy he is looking for.”.

    Yasssssssssss!!!!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

    The energy we should all learn to exude this year. Walk out on any trashy human that feel they have a right to detect to another how they should be in things that they can’t control.
    No homophobes cares if you are feminine and as flamboyant as an Amazon rainforest bird combined or as masculine as Dwayne Johnson, you are gay, and they hate you, might even lynch/burn you even. Deal with it.

    Met an ewu like that last year on grindr. We hit off quite nicely till the are you féminine question came up. It was irritating and exhausting. Dude said that if we met that I should man up oh but I should keep my feminine ways for him in the bedroom. 😂 😂 😂. The joke. Boy bye.


    • Pink Panther
      January 4, 2020

      So he expects you to do split personality disorder for him, while he’s simply expected to be one person.
      Just negodu nonsense.


      • Utonwa
        January 4, 2020

        Assin eh. 😏😏😏😏

        Ike gwụrụ biko. 😔

        Imagine the stress of being conscious of your every move just to please another human being. Just imagine. Maka gịnị kwanu? Amụ? 😏 Nke jupụtara Everywhere? Chukwu ajụ!


      • J
        January 5, 2020

        Amu that you won’t be getting constantly being 😂😂😂


  3. Mitch
    January 4, 2020

    Your response to Olumide…

    One of the major reasons I don’t do random hookups is to not let myself get angry at people’s gross stupidity. It’s like that “aRe yOu eFfEmInAtE” question is ingrained in some people.

    Wó, I don’t have chills oh! I’d cuss you out for free. Be there doing your masc4masc but keep it fucking far away from me.


  4. Mandy
    January 4, 2020

    “Do you mind walking to the counter, so I can see how you walk?”

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This offed me. Hay God!!! Human beings dey o! What are you, auditioning for a spot in his bed? You gotta walk around as if you’re a potential pageant queen the judges are checking out to know if you’ll get a spot in the competition?

    Such arrant nonsense.


    January 4, 2020

    Shaking my head – literally.

    I would have actually stood up and left right after being asked to walk to the counter and back if I had been in your shoes. I have no patientce for insensitivity and unreasonable behaviour.

    I’m a fan of the “live and let live” principle. I believe everyone has a right to their preferences. In my books, it’s okay not to be attracted to femme guys.

    HOWEVER!,it is NOT OK when we cross that fine line that separates preference from discrimination and down right femmophobia.

    Asking someone to relegate their effeminacy to just the bedroom is outrightly ridiculous. Asking someone to prove their masculinity by taking a “test walk” is just wrong and absurd.

    I feel it takes basic common sense to let the next person know what your preference is without hurting their sensitivities.

    Sadly, common sense doesn’t seem to be so common afterall.


    January 4, 2020

    And by the way, I just took another look at the title and the picture and I could not help but burst into laughter.

    “Stand up and walk” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


    • Gaia
      January 4, 2020

      Don’t mind pinky…. he keeps doing that to us. See how I was expecting to read about a drag race….🙄🙄🙄


  7. Higwe
    January 4, 2020

    TBH , I’ve had some of the best sex of my life with effeminate guys.

    Muscly guys are considered more visually aesthetic but sex with them could be quite a dud .

    Hooked up with this instagram hunky hunk and midway into the sexperience , I thought we were going to start exchanging punches .

    * Don’t grab my ass too tight , I’m not a lady *

    * Don’t suck my nipples *

    *Don’t give me a wet kiss *

    * Your fingers are poking my hole * 🤦🏽‍♂️

    After whatever we had we called sex I was exasperated , not because of the intensity of the pleasure but because I felt like I was in kindergarten again – so many rules to adhere to.

    My satyromaniac self wasn’t helping issues , because I needed to go again and again …and for every accidental slip of finger or lips , I got an admonishment like a kid in detention .😁


    That doesn’t mean that all the sex with * masculine * men are all duds though ( some were really great ) but I’ve never had such issues with effeminate guys .

    They twerk on your dick.

    Worship you like a god .

    They’re also flexible as hell – you can bend them in whichever way or form you like ( okay , scratch that )

    Just saying sex with them can be a bang .

    People who suffer from femmemisia truly do not know what they’re missing.

    The inexplicable joy of watching an effeminate guy groak at you while you’re undressing like you’re a Zeus or Apollo ..you never get that from the muscular ones , because it’s almost like looking at a mirror .😝


    • J
      January 5, 2020

      Oh wow this is lovely. My celibate anus is getting moist because of this comment 😂😂😂


  8. Delle
    January 4, 2020

    What a sizzling fool he is!

    Perhaps you indulged him a little more than you should have. Having to explain yourself when he asked that first demeaning question was all it took to make him comfy in his bias. An idiot, he is.

    On Grindr I get asked that question and I can’t even think of an answer to give. It’s just like being asked of I’m gay on live TV. I mean, what answer are you expecting? These people are so daft, I wonder, sometimes, how they have the initiative to come up with a pseudonym.

    So you ask me if I’m feminine and you’re seated expecting an authentic answer of Yes Or No: a yes that’s either said to provoke you into oblivion or to confirm your ‘fears’ or a No that’s to massage your ego or paint a lie of myself? I don’t get it.

    If you have that much issues with feminine people, then you better not try to hook up on an anonymous app because, my dear, YOU DO NOT GET THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE! Stop putting an extra effort at being an asshole cos that’s what that question portrays you as.

    The lowest of them all are the obviously femme ones that are femmephobic and that’s when you know that there’s no limit to how one can be retarded and inherently pathetic.


  9. Rexxy
    January 4, 2020


    Flips fan and walks away


  10. Jay
    January 5, 2020

    Lord! Chills like yours is what I pray for because I know me, within nanoseconds I’d have switched to weyrey, I swear people would have had no iota of doubt about our sexuality before I leave.
    I get the avoidance of external attention which is why most men prefer masc4masc and women femme4femme, but dude, don’t be a 2faced motherfucker, that just makes you an indecisive ass. Don’t tell me to man up in public then ask me to twerk behind closed doors.
    The very exasperating part was him asking you to sate his curiosity in that objectifying manner, I see an internalised homophobe (those that join in the public condemnation of the queer folks) and a control freak.

    To the bin with thrash.


  11. Mike
    January 6, 2020

    Well the nigga daft for not asking if you were effiminate before meeting you in public.

    Hmm, your clue was to leave the first time he asked.
    I use to ask that question when I was a teenager or something, imagine asking a 30 something years old if he was effiminate, in my defense me asking was a not fear of the public but at that age I was pretty bias about who I wanted in bed, I’ve only been with like men-men n fooled around with boys, who bounce, play football and chased girls and i enjoyed it.
    I idea of being gay was like two guys being together in secret, not a guy who thinks or want to be a girl, nor one who is effiminate, I think I saw effiminacy as too normal, like it’s just there.
    so letting the conji lead,i felt like only a manly guy does it for me.
    That idea changed when I met someone I liked, and he was effiminate, I kept having second thoughts till I actually met him in person, I realized I liked everything thing about him, at that moment, it’s like when he’s around nobody else matters cause he’s really engaging.

    Maybe you should forgive the nigga, we all learn new things, we’ve all got our sexual phase, and a straight acting male is not an easy thing in Nigeria, especially from those who are invested in that identity.
    E no easy.


  12. Black Dynasty
    January 7, 2020

    🙂 i admire your patience because the walk question would be the end of the conversation and prompt me to call the servers to make my order a takeaway, pay for just my food and leave.


    • Pink Panther
      January 8, 2020



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