Straight Guy Realized He Was Gay After An Episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Straight Guy Realized He Was Gay After An Episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

It all started with an episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

24-year-old Reddit user, fly_idol, had just broken up with his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, when he flipped on the television and saw two guys going at it on the hit ABC show.

“I saw Connor and another guy making out,” he writes in a book-length Reddit thread titled ‘Straight Guy Got Curious Now Falling For Another Man.’ “That didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I started to get hard. I had no idea why at the time.”

A few days passed and fly_idol couldn’t stop thinking about those two guys kissing on TV and how turned on he got from watching it.

“So my curiosity got the best of me and I started looking up gay porn,” he confesses. “Come to find out, it really turned me on. This went on for a couple of months until finally I decided that I was going to give in to my curiosity and find out for myself if this is what I liked.”

So he turned to Grindr. That’s where he met 22-year-old “Justin.”

“Justin is two years younger than me,” fly_idol writes. “He also thought of himself as a straight guy, who was just curious. He had never dated guys, only messed around a few times. In fact, he had just got out of a relationship with a girl about the same time I did.”

The two chatted for a few weeks before finally agreeing to meet at fly_idol’s place.

“I was scared to be honest,” he writes. “This was all so new to me.”

But it didn’t take long for him to let down his guard. Justin was so kind, so gentle, and so… “hot!”

“He looked 100 times better than any of the snaps or pics he sent,” fly_idol writes. So naturally, “we started making out, and that led to other things that I won’t post on here. Let’s just say we thoroughly enjoyed each other.”

“So that was my first experience with a guy,” he says.

Since their encounter, fly_idol and Justin have chatted “every single day” and have continued to hookup on DL.

“We don’t want anyone to know about our secret,” he says. “So I’m totally a closet bi/gay. The past few weeks, I’ve developed really strong feelings for him. I truly care about him more than anyone I’ve ever been with. We’ve talked about it and he feels the same way towards me.”

The only problem? Justin says he wants to take things “slow.”

“I have NO idea what taking it slow means,” fly_idol laments. “I’m wondering if it means meeting up less often, not having sex every time we’re together, not doing sweet little things for each other.”

“Anyways,” he continues, “does anyone out there have a similar story/experience? I want to know how it turned out and all that. Advice on taking things slow after having done everything together already?”

Here’s hoping these two new love birds can figure things out.

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  1. Max
    March 16, 07:58 Reply

    Lol @ taking things slow.. Its usually caused by fear. Mostly irrational fear..

    • Peak
      March 16, 08:43 Reply

      Lol! Story of my life! Its paranoia.

      U want it so badly but scared of how it will turn out. Afraid of what u know, of what u are use to, afraid of deviating from the norm, afraid to give in completely cos u might end up loving the new u too much, fall in love or u might get broken into a million pieces. Either way, u will never be the same again.
      So u want slow! Slow gives u time to think, time to allow the honeymoon phase fever to burn out, time to clearly evaluate the other guy and see if its just sex, and if not, how does he fit into who you are as person, what u want or don’t want. How does he fit into who u want to become.
      Taking it slow can also cost u the right guy, the guy u truly dig and adore. Most gay men are impatient and ve zero tolerance. Most gay men live on the fast lane. U are either ready to jump in 4 the ride or just step aside. They don’t ve time 4 u to double check ur tyres or self reflect. Taking it slow for a newbie or relatively newbie is like play russian roulette. Some get lucky and work it through, others just do themselves in.
      “Don’t let ur fears rule u” that’s what I tell myself everyday, is it working? Lol, I don’t know. But “taking it slow” is a sure sign of fear and paranoia

      • Max
        March 16, 09:59 Reply

        I could kiss you right now @Peak… Where can I kiss you? Just give me a name or location…

        This comment is just on point..

      • Peak
        March 16, 10:27 Reply

        *clears throat, starts sing*
        I like my kisses down low
        Make me arch my back
        When u give it to me slow
        Maxy just like!

        I like that there
        Yeah right there
        A lil more to the left!
        Yeah! Right there!

      • Max
        March 16, 10:52 Reply

        **hears pleasure moans from you..
        **licks harder….

      • Absalom
        March 16, 11:03 Reply

        Huh? :O

        *dials Pinky* Aunty! They are doing in public! :O

    • Peak
      March 16, 11:34 Reply


      Lol! Chai Max! U need help I swear

  2. JustJames
    March 16, 08:02 Reply

    Welcome to the dark side *cue evil maniacal laughter*

  3. Dennis Macauley
    March 16, 08:37 Reply

    This spells disaster because after a few years he will realize it was all a mistake and he will leave you hanging there!

    • Khaleesi
      March 16, 09:05 Reply

      Gbam!!!! ***Big kiss***, just enjoy the hot sex and move on … these confused guys are a major heartache waiting to slip into your soul and do serious damage …

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 16, 09:52 Reply

        I have seen this happen many times. They are confused men, take the sex and go

      • Teflondon
        March 16, 13:20 Reply

        LMAO!! Take the sex and go… Like its some food or gift @DM

    • Peak
      March 16, 09:58 Reply

      Confused guys? Disasters? Lol! as much as I would like to argue in this guy’s defence, I will refrain from that idea, on the grounds that his curiosity was triggered from just watching a gay scene on a show as opposed to having the feelings all along and not acting on it.

      Everybody has struggled with their sexuality at one point in time or the other. Even if u started blowing flutes and Tea badding from ur mother’s womb, u must ve question urself and struggled at some point. Some just ve it easy than others. Some made peace with themselves faster and easily than others. We should always appreciate the fact that we are different. We deal and process things differently. Belittling other ppls suffering and struggle when u ve no idea of what they ve to struggle with is one of the major thing that is wrong with the gaybourhood. Taking the time, and patience to find out about “confused people’s” mind and pain would def reveal more than u know/assumed. But then again its the gaybourhood, no one has that time.

      I’m sure the guy mentioned that they both care about each other and the sex is off the chain and intense than anything they ve ever both felt. There was mention of loving the guy more than anyone EVER. The question is moving forward. So they care about each other. The main question is moving forward. Moving forward is gonna upset a lot of “Normal” and raise a lot of question that even “they” themselves can’t explain. So yes! Its only natural to take a “pause” cos being gay is fucking expensive and one must be ready and prepared for the “cost” ahead. Cos at the end of the day, the big question is “Are u ready to pay the price for total acceptance of ur sexuality”? How much are u ready to give up to be “out and proud”. These questions are harder for men who ve spent a great deal of their life “being or playing” straight. So I’m sorry if I don’t but into ur brand of shallow-myopic views about “confused gay men”

  4. Mercury
    March 16, 08:59 Reply

    Looooove these kinda stories, but I dunno about the feelings part, anyone comes out or explores their curiosity with me has my permission to try out other people, you know sow his wild oats and if you still feel the same way about me after youre welcome, I’m always open. I’ll never jump into a relationship with a straight or curious guy immediately.

  5. KryxxX
    March 16, 09:19 Reply

    Advice on taking it slow ehkwa?

    Bro just performed a substitution reaction on your ass nd discovered u r an unsaturated compound.

    Confucius like you! Pele!

    He gave u d Ideal lover flow nd mirrored ur emotions back to you. Y did he have a breakup with a gal d same period u did? Think!!

  6. McGray
    March 16, 09:32 Reply

    The truth is many gays never realise they are gay until they are exposed to same sex affection. A friend of mine whom i always wanted and as such showered with care is lately beginning to be more flexible, for e.g yesterday he came to my room in the morning ‘just to know if i slept well’ and when going he asked me jokefully ‘i hope u didn’t think abt her last night instead of me?’ and this morning he sent me a flower on WhatsApp with the note ‘Blissful morning’. I merely rolled my eyes and activated my Odu anya mood.

    • Max
      March 16, 10:05 Reply

      Hmmm..those university boys… Gave me my first heart break. After sending stuff like that and a couple of make outs later.
      U gotta be careful.

  7. Gad
    March 16, 09:34 Reply

    Better late than never

  8. sinnex
    March 16, 09:43 Reply

    Sounds funny to me. I couldn’t help but laugh. There is a guy I know who doesn’t see himself as gay, despite the fact that he was screwed by an older man for 2 years. The boy claims he is doing it because “it is fun” and he can stop whenever he feels like. The guy snaps compromising pictures with different girls, which to me, seems like he is trying to hard to prove that he is straight.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 16, 09:48 Reply

      *rolling eyes* Those deceiving themselves like so get nothing but laughing scorn from me. They should kontinu

    • handle
      March 16, 14:29 Reply

      Seen this too many times. Even my best friend. All suffering from internalized sexual stigma/homophobia. Always battling with their sexuality.

  9. Ruby
    March 16, 09:49 Reply

    Well… Enjoy your “relationship” one day at a time. If he says to take it slow, use that time to evaluate your compatibility and probability of a future together *which is highly unlikely*

  10. Absalom
    March 16, 11:29 Reply

    If anyone is conflicted here it’s the both of them, not just one person.

    I can’t say I understand how they got to be in their 20s without an inkling that they might like boys. Is it nature (i.e. do some people find out later than others)? Or is it nurture (i.e. did they repress these feelings so early in life they have no recollection of it) and now they are adults something they thought was not there all along comes rushing back up?

    I’m also curious how the Fly_Idol guy is so quick to define himself as gay. What if he’s somewhere between the ends of the sexuality scale? There’s this obsession with people being exclusively gay or straight (no “middles”), little wonder bisexuals are sometimes unacknowledged or dismissed as liars. I hope this guy is not falling into that trap.

    Oh well, I wish them all the best figuring things out. They will be fine.

  11. Teflondon
    March 16, 13:38 Reply

    Permit me to take a pessimistic view to the this…
    I just don’t beleive either is straight, maybe Justin is bisexual or bicurious. There is no way on earth I’ll ever believe fly_idol at any point in time was straight, I beleive he found out about himself in unexpected way. He has never given it a thought to know he’s sexual preference ( self denial? Maybe) but it’s just hard to beleive that someone that was straight a couple of days ago is already having emotional feelings for another guy and having arousals almost immediately. So what if a Justin says let’s take things slow.. As a striaght guys that’s just getting into the new act. Illd have expected him not to be bother about taking things slow because he is not used to the new guy to guy thing (not moaning here there about how just said he should take things slow) I won’t be surprised to find out he is even bottom (our so called “straight” fly_idol, sorry for the generalizing) there’s no way a straight guy that’s just coming to terms about his new self will give a fuck if the guy he just met tells him to slow down (my opinion)
    As for Justin, like I said earlier at best he is bisexual or bicurious. I don’t beleive he is straight either. The whole scenerio.. Meet on social network, chat, book date and fuck! *sounds familiar anybody?*
    This guys knew what they were doing or were about to get themselves into and to me I beleive all in all its just self denial.

  12. obatala
    March 16, 13:57 Reply

    its interesting this topic came up. it has really caused me to rethink the whole conversion/inborn trait theory. I have heard a story like this before where a sibling stumbled on his twin being banged by a friend and he realized he wanted to be gay. a friend of mine says its d demons of gayness hovering around d venue that entered d dude making him gay (the stupidity on that one was phenomenal, hence we are ex friends). now, seeing that there are no such things as demons, I kinda wonder why otherwise straight guys haven been exposed to gay sex find it interesting. is it that they express their inner gay, or is it a quick form of conversion. at least I am sure its nothing spiritual.

    • Teflondon
      March 16, 15:09 Reply

      Brother demons exist.. Don’t be naive! Except you don’t beleive in God or the devil (in which there will no more point explaining) demons and principalities are the agent of the devil.. He sends them around and yes it’s possible for agent of homosexuality to exist, just as there is can be agent of stealing and lieing. Some people steal and just can’t explain why. Not saying all this situations are spiritual but please do not ignore the totalty of spirit being.

      • My Chemical Romance
        March 16, 15:59 Reply

        You don’t wanna go there?
        Don’t start what you can’t finish.
        Whenever I see any post that reeks of atheism or agnosticism, I go kukuma jump and pass sharperly…no be only me waka come.

      • Max
        March 16, 16:26 Reply

        Demons, really??? Tell me where to find one.

    • Gad
      March 16, 17:53 Reply

      @ Obatala, you disowned your friend because of his views? all your friends have to share the same views with you on issues?

      • obatala
        March 17, 00:38 Reply

        not really. but u agree with me that your bible says two can’t tango except they agree right? or they put it another way? its been a while.

        • Gad
          March 17, 08:20 Reply

          The Bible was talking about the unsuitability of marrying someone from a strange religion not intolerance of opposing views

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