Straight Man Not Happy With Girlfriend For Rejecting Anal Intercourse

Straight Man Not Happy With Girlfriend For Rejecting Anal Intercourse

As more and more straight men embrace the idea of anal stimulation, some are finding their female counterparts not so into the idea. One particular Reddit user says he’s reached his wit’s end after his girlfriend, who used to love engaging in butt play, stopped going near his backend.

“My girlfriend of three years recently confessed she is only into vanilla sex,” the man writes in a Reddit thread. “Although we initially used to peg a few times a year, the frequency has turned to none whatsoever. She admitted she only did it in the first place because she wanted me to like her.”

The man says he is “genuinely sad” about this and fears he is now “destined for very vanilla sex forever.”

To make matters worse, he can’t stop comparing his current girlfriend to his ex, who pegged him every time they had sex.

“It was something that at one point we were exclusively having anal sex,” he remembers, fondly, “me penetrating her and her turning the tables on me. Amazing sex, terrible relationship.”

He says he’s tried everything to convince his new girlfriend to touch his butt, including buying expensive double-header dildos, harnesses and other fancy bedroom gadgets, but she’s just not interested.

“I’m starting to think that this Midwest simpleton girl only pegged me initially to lure me in to thinking she was slightly kinky,” he writes.

As a result, the man says, he’s becoming less attracted to her and has begun having difficulty achieving orgasm.

Oh, and just for the record, he wants everyone to know: “Just because I want something phallic in my ass doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with some rainbow pride fest stereotypical LGBT type.”

So, he wonders, “what should I do?”

As usual, the other members of the Reddit community are filled with opinions.

“You not only seem bored,” one person writes, “you seem a bit angry.”

“You’re asking her to look and behave like a man would in sex,” someone else responds. “Combined with the fact you say her feminine body isn’t really doing it for you anymore and I can see her reluctance.”

“I feel sorry for your girlfriend,” another person adds.

Others are more sympathetic to the man’s plight.

“In your shoes, I would find a new girlfriend,” one sympathizer says. “Sometimes two people are just not sexually compatible. Neither of them is wrong; they’re just not well suited for each other.”

“If this woman doesn’t ever want to peg you, you aren’t a good match,” another one adds. “Call off the wedding.”

“I would be pretty upset in your place,” a third person writes. “Bait and switch is ridiculous. Maybe you don’t need pegging all the time, but if you need at least occasional kink and she won’t provide it, break up. I mean talk to her first. Just lying there and not giving anything, even for vanilla sex, is not OK.”

What are your thoughts on this, guys? Sound off in the comments section below…

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  1. Khaleesi
    March 07, 05:32 Reply

    Is it really true what they say that more and more straight men are embracing penetrative anal sex (pardon the tautology) with their female partners and with them being on the receiving end? If u have ever experienced an orgasm simultaneously with a hard phallus pistoning in and out of u frenetically, then you’ll understand this guy’s pain … Dude, if the beesh is condemning you to sub-optimal & sub-par orgasms, Oga break up and kick the biatch to the curb, life is too short to miss out on those mind blowing, intense, full on orgasms …

    • Pink Panther
      March 07, 05:33 Reply

      I mean! Haba! They say the man’s G-spot is in his ass, and his woman doesn’t want to comply and give him the kind of orgasm he wants. Inukwa rough play.

  2. Mandy
    March 07, 06:12 Reply

    “Just because I want something phallic in my ass doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with some rainbow pride fest stereotypical LGBT type.”
    Well, he had to clarify that fast.

  3. ambivalentone
    March 07, 06:38 Reply

    ‘Midwest SIMPLETON girl’??? ‘rainbow pride fest stereotypical LGBT type’??? This is a classic example of idiot extraordinaire, potiential wife abuser and having loads of homophobia. I’ll bet HE is the cause of whatever problems they may be facing in his relationship
    Sort your issues and quit whining.

    • Pink Panther
      March 07, 06:39 Reply

      LOL. Eh, is him wanting to sort his issues that has brought him to the internet na.

      • ambivalentone
        March 07, 06:53 Reply

        Nah!!! In yoruba, we say ‘o ko n fi eleyi ke’wo ni’. He has deep rooted issues that need a shrink not Reddit readers or KD commenters. Note how he referred to his past relationship? He called it ‘terrible’. When he’s done with a psychologist, we can start his cyber commenting (treatment)

    • Max 2.1
      March 07, 08:42 Reply

      Dude is clearly an asshole. He came online to insult his girlfriend just because he wasn’t having his way in bed. He’s also homophobic. **Insert long hiss here*

  4. Francis
    March 07, 07:14 Reply

    Abeg just end the relationship biko. This is one thing that pisses me off about relationships these days. Some people fake their way into it and when they can’t keeo up with the lies, they leave the other feeling/acting like a douche.

    If only we’d just quit with the lies and be our true selves but mba we have to find trap bae by fire by force. Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

    • Pink Panther
      March 07, 07:20 Reply

      This is the advice you have for women? To be themselves at the start of a relationship? WOMEN?! Hahahaa…

  5. Max 2.1
    March 07, 08:37 Reply

    ?????.. This was so funny to read. He likes to be fucked with a strap on dildo and he likes to fuck the girl in the ass too?.

    Feminine body doesn’t do it for you anymore?? why don’t you try out a masculine body, I’m sure there are other confused men like you out there.

    The girl like being fucked and not the other way round. This is what happens when you try to follow societal rules instead of what your body truly wants.

  6. Ringlana
    March 07, 14:51 Reply

    Why Rejecting ,His one of us joor,😄😄😄😄😄

  7. z
    March 07, 19:11 Reply

    Am I the only one who noticed the ass in the picture above *shame on me*

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