Those Awkward Moments (Special) – Meet The Characters

Those Awkward Moments (Special) – Meet The Characters

Those Awkward Moments is a story that centers on the life of singer-songwriter, Kevin Achike and how he tries to balance his ambitions with love, family and career, all this in spite the tsunami of problems that keeps finding its way to him.

Of course, Kevin is not the only person in this series. There are also fan favorites like Kevin’s love, Jude, and Mother and Demoniker.

So, in a bid to get you guys to know more about the cast/characters of T.A.M, I give to you a series special, which reveals brief character bios on the hes and shes of the series. ENJOY! And let your imaginations run free!

KEVIN CHUKWUEMEKA ACHIKETAM1 Kevin Kevin is your average privileged young man, born to struggle but raised in belated affluence. He knew he was gay very early in his life. The only male child in a family with three other girls, he earlier rationalized his homosexuality as a result of him not having any male sibling to help him with his masculinity.

Like very few twenty-five-year-olds, Kevin is a diehard romantic. He’s a believer of finding true love and has little use for random sex. Little wonder he’s still a virgin. And speaking of true love, Kevin seems to believe he has found it in his best friend, Jude. But when circumstances begin to prove that Fate is not batting for him, he starts to rethink his life choices.

Kevin works in a prominent record label, Highland Records, as a junior songwriter, and has landed a client, Nigerian-born, international superstar, Demoniker Dawson, a woman who ends up becoming a huge determinant in his puzzle of a life.

JUDE TAMUNO WALTERSTAM2 Jude There is much more to Jude than meets the eye. But briefly put, he is the whole package – at least, that is what people tend to think of him at first sight. Deep down, Jude is damaged and he knows this (of course he would, he studied psychology). Part of his issues can be blamed on the fact that he witnessed his parents’ death firsthand.

Jude is your average gay guy, confused about his sexuality, although his brazenness and courage leaves much to be discussed. When he eventually comes to terms with his sexuality, he goes to the one person he’s sure would understand – Kevin. That meet begins a life-altering journey that ends up being the cause of his memory loss amongst other things.

Now Jude is left to go through the cycle of self realisation all over again, and his elder sister, Janet, is doing everything she can to make sure that never happens.

SAMUEL OLAWALEBET 106 And Park Presents CJ Hilton Samuel is that friend that acts as the comic relief and confidant at the same time. He cares deeply for his four best friends, and for some reason, he’s got a soft spot for Kevin.

Samuel has a demanding job as a staff of an oil company, but when your father owns half the company, you tend to get away with NOT doing your job. Samuel is the only one of Jude’s and Kevin’s friends currently aware of their homosexuality and relationship that appears never to be. His own sexuality however is undefined.

Samuel is much closer to Jude due to their childhood proximity, and he is a lover of cars.

MRS. CAROL ACHIKETAM4 Mrs. Achike Carol Achike is Kevin’s mother, and the number one violently-opposing force against his life as a gay man. That is, until one day when she shows up at his door step, all the way from the UK, with a small valise for luggage and the mission for her son’s forgiveness on her mind. At first, Kevin finds it hard to believe her, let alone forgive her. But she proves she’s become a better person, when she takes him to see Jude in the hospital, in spite of knowledge of Janet’s banishment of Kevin.

It is in this same hospital that she faints, indirectly exposing something she’s been keeping from Kevin – her pregnancy! Mrs. Achike is a fan of secrets, and she’s got many. Only time will tell how much of these secrets will spill over.

MONICA ‘DEMONIKER’ DAWSONTAM5 Demoniker Demoniker is not your average Nigerian-based performer. At the early age of eighteen, she got her break into the music industry as the winner of a very prominent musical reality show. Two chart-topping albums later, she achieved something not many African artistes have been able to. She broke into the US music market, successfully crossing over into a global phenomenon.

She now has a fourth album in the making, and nostalgia has brought her back to Nigeria, signing up with Highland Records to make her something for her roots. The album is aptly titled Home.

Demoniker is a fan of talent, partying and life. She doesn’t fail to appreciate her team, but like almost everyone in the series, she has something she’s hiding…something unbelievable!

JANET WALTERS-OBITAM6 Janet Janet is Jude’s only sibling, as well as his last living relative. She is in her second marriage, to a radio presenter, Charles Obi. Although she’s a good business woman, Janet lacks the ability to communicate with people without stirring up some kind of drama. She thoroughly dislikes Kevin for something she is currently presuming (his homosexuality), and so is doing everything in her power to make sure his scourge comes nowhere near her brother, even if it means she has to take advantage of Jude’s memory loss to rewrite the future.

SYLVESTER ‘SLY’ THOMASTAM7 Sly ‘Sex-crazed playboy’ and ‘straighter than a parallel line’ are the words fit to describe Sylvester aka Sly. He loves his friends, but still manages to put his sexual needs above them. Sly works as the manager for the I.S.P Service – Swift branch in Lagos.

TAYO BANKOLETAM8 Tayo Tayo is pretentious, but also a very good friend. He can’t speak without dropping multiple unknown grammars and a litany of life lessons. He is an avid churchgoer, crowd pleaser and implores his friends to be the same. He works at a research company, and part time as an assistant lecturer in a private Christian University in Ibadan.

JOSHUA BASSEYTAM9 Josh Josh is Kevin’s boss, Demoniker’s friend and your typical suit-and-tie man. As the entitled only son of a fashion designer, Theresa and Highland CEO, Ryan Bassey, Joshua is the sole heir of Bassey fortune. Even though he labours to be perceived as the professional, Joshua is hardly ever taken seriously. People however seem to love him even more for this. He allows his celebrity clients to push him around, and does the same to his workers. All in all, he is a pretty okay guy.

CHIEF RYAN BASSEYTAM10 Chief Bassey Ryan Bassey is a businessman and entrepreneur who had a dream that one day, Nigerians would see the Arts as a worthy profession. He turned this dream into a reality by creating his own sponsored reality show, art school and record company. Although he can be really impatient, crude and controlling, his heart is usually in the right place.

ISAAC ‘BEATZ’ ADEDOKUNTAM11 IsaacIsaac may be a new addition to the series, but he is definitely an old face to Kevin – an old face he’d much rather preferred to remain in the past. It is revealed in a flashback episode that the two knew each other during their pre-teens; they were in fact best friends. That is, until Isaac betrayed Kevin and falsely accused him of attempting to steal from his parents. The betrayal marked the end of their friendship. The two never see each other again, until more than ten years later, when he is introduced to Kevin as Beatz, the new producer for Demoniker’s album. Don’t you just love how potentially nasty Fate can get!

NGOZI OKOLI TAM12 NgoziNgozi is Joshua’s assistant, and a notorious office gossip. She supposedly takes her job seriously, but her reasons for that are not exactly pure. Ngozi is no big fan of Kevin. Her reasons are best known to her. There is no doubt that she’s a bitch, but beneath all that nastiness lurks a real vulnerable woman.

Yeah, I know, so much sexy in just one series. Don’t miss Those Awkward Moments every fortnightly Tuesday – only on Kito Dairies!

This message is brought to you from Reverend Hot.

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  1. Mitch
    August 27, 05:51 Reply

    Mehn! Pinky, LASITC is about to get a huge run for her money

    • Pink Panther
      August 27, 06:16 Reply

      Lol. Aswear! Rev Hot be threatening me with his ingenuity.

  2. Mandy
    August 27, 06:23 Reply

    Damn! This TAM Special just put the S on Sensational. If I wasn’t already a fan of the series and I read this, I’d dive back into KD archives to find every episode to read. Good work, Hottie-for-Christ 🙂

  3. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    August 27, 06:56 Reply

    Omo. This is a well-thought-through series…. I love the characters and the pictures that follow.

    This is certainly something that should be adapted to television …. Damn! Some people are good.

    OAN: Jude is HOT!!!!!!!!

  4. Kester
    August 27, 06:57 Reply

    So what is genevieve and her fallen boobs doing here?

    • Pink Panther
      August 27, 07:18 Reply

      DON’T YOU DARE INSULT GENEVIEVE NNAJI!!! *fuming* #ProudlyGenevievian

  5. #Chestnut
    August 27, 07:16 Reply

    Hahaha. Rev Hot well done o! U tried it,with all those pics there? OC Ukeje? Genevieve? Terrence J? Buahahaha! I hope this isn’t a lawsuit waiting to happen (u know bow wow is broke these days,lol). But I don’t like bow wow as Kevin o; I don’t like bow wow,period.I’ll stick with the Kevin I have in my head already…

  6. Absalom
    August 27, 07:30 Reply

    Lovely lineup. Your creative brain is there!

  7. Max
    August 27, 07:54 Reply

    This is a joke right? Gene–effing-vieve as demoniker? For the character described in the series, I expected you to find someone with more ooomph.. *thumbs down. From the pics I’ve seen, this is just gonna be a hoe fest today.

      • #Chestnut
        August 27, 09:36 Reply

        Anyone who knows me,knows I’m proudly #TeamGenny, but Demoniker strikes me as a hot-headed,temperamental wild-child. Genny is too calm and cool and poised…but she’s an amazing actress sha; she might pull it off (yea,because the series will actually hit TV screens soon,lol). Maybe Tonto Dike? *runs away*

        • Pink Panther
          August 27, 10:00 Reply

          Tufiakwa to you!


          Actually, you might be right. There’s a wild child in Tonto that fits the bill.

          • Max
            August 27, 12:14 Reply

            Noo. Tontoh gini?
            Have you forgotten Nse?

  8. Peak
    August 27, 08:49 Reply

    Please can we have a recast for Demoniker and Kevin biko.
    Of all ppl, its Bow washed up wow? Nah bruh, just nah!

    A big YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! To Samuel Olawale. I never cared much for that character until right now. I like Octavia Spencer for the role of Mama Kevin

    Good choice on the Ngozi girl. The selected act, looks like ur typical Ngozi (yeah, I said what I said!). She look very Ngozish…….

    A la Tiwa savage, Victoria Kimani, Seyi shey or Even Yemi Alade would fit nicely for that role of Demoniker (that is if u want to keep it very African).

    Interesting line up, great job. U just took the series to a whole new level. Bravo!!!

    • Pink Panther
      August 27, 09:57 Reply

      Who’s Victoria Kimani?
      And Yemi Alade is not hot enough to be Demoniker.

  9. Vhar.
    August 27, 09:11 Reply

    HELL NO!

    I’m with Chestnut on this one o.

    How can Bow wow be Kevin na? What happened to casting Alfred Enoch or Aldis Hodge or Chris O’Neal or Byron James or Tahj Mowry or Aml Ameen as Jude ekwa???!

    And that Jude character too? Haba.
    Ricky Whittle fits that role daadaa.

    I demand a role-casting retraction.
    And FAST!


    • Vhar.
      August 27, 09:13 Reply

      *The long line of names as Kevin’s character.

    • Pink Panther
      August 27, 09:58 Reply

      Hahahahahahaa! The outrage of fans who didn’t like Ben Affleck for Batman

  10. kacee
    August 27, 11:09 Reply

    awwww Samuel his lips omg. The things i’ll do to this guy.

  11. Arabian Princess
    August 27, 11:58 Reply

    This is gonna be fun if its adapted to television. Imagine an LGBT TV series mainstream at this time.

  12. Brian Collins
    August 27, 16:52 Reply

    Aswear Kevin reminds me of Tariq from L.A.Complex. Bow wow is ok as Kevin jor.
    Genny as Demoniker is a no-no.
    Sly is so Majid.
    For the life of me i don’t recognise the guy cast as Isaac but heck he so ‘hotly’ fits the role of the childhood betrayer turned Music producer.
    I totally can pictureWale Ojo telling Kevin that he’s fired on friday(not that it will happen)

    • Pink Panther
      August 27, 17:49 Reply

      Brian, you don’t know who the Isaac guy is? One-time Mr. Nigeria (I think)… What’s that his name again?

      Aha! Kenneth Okolie!

  13. Andrevn
    August 27, 18:24 Reply

    Jude has this aura of a mans-man – the perfect romantic, who would serve you dinner in bed with toppings of whipped cream going for him. With his looks he just won my heart already. #BlackIsBeautiful #RomanticlyHopeless

    Nice job Rev Hot. Very ‘robust’ characters you’ve developed but I love my gang of LASITC bitches better *Hello Biola*

  14. Lothario
    August 28, 00:46 Reply

    Oh wow! Good line-up…… But Genevieve? Really? Mcheeeeeww

  15. Perez
    August 29, 06:45 Reply

    I read about Demoniker’s character , and Sheyi Shay comes to mind….. And Terrence J as Samuel… ? So spot-on
    I agree with everyone on the recast for Kevin, Bow Wow isn’t it at all
    Nice one

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