Before He Wed His Wife, This Groom Cuddled Hard With His Best Man

Before He Wed His Wife, This Groom Cuddled Hard With His Best Man

Professional wedding photos are fine — the happy couple, the dressy looks, the glimmer of hope that binding yourself to another person will bring you a lifetime of happiness and stop all those existential thoughts about death you’ve been having — they’re a perfectly functional way to mark the occasion.

But for one recent groom, John, capturing the love he had for his bride-to-be just wasn’t enough. The equation would have left out someone very important — his best man.

So he organized a special photoshoot with just the two of them (he did one with his bride too, of course), and the result is one of the cutest darn bromances we’ve ever seen.

“I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package,” John said.groom n friend2groom n friend 3groom n friend 4groom n friend 5groom n friend 6groom n friend 7

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  1. ken
    December 09, 04:30 Reply

    GAY ALERT: Homos in Hetero skins spotted! #WhereThePitchForksAndStickFires@

  2. Mandy
    December 09, 04:33 Reply

    Oh this wife is doomed to be jealous for the rest of her marital life with John. If the husband was gay, e for better. at least then, he would spare her feelings by skulking around. But this kind of open unabashed bromance… lol its a wah o.

  3. Khaleesi
    December 09, 06:38 Reply

    Ahn ahn! Bromance gini? Those two men are head over heels in love with each other!! They make a gorgeous couple and their amazing chemistry is plain to see even from behind the camera lens … There’s just no way the shoot with the bride-to-be could come even close to this!!

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    December 09, 06:43 Reply

    I have had sex with a grooms the night before and served as his best man in the morning.

    He was my boyfriend at the time, I loved him but left after I became tired of adultery lol.

    This bride should open her eyes, Dem even press nyash join?

    Obara jizox

    • KingBey
      December 09, 07:27 Reply

      What have you not done? *claps hand in his face* You too do !

  5. Mitch
    December 09, 06:53 Reply

    Blood of my fathers!

    Man, this has gotta be a marriage of convenience because the kinda chemistry I’m seeing between them isn’t a best-friend thing. Them bruthas be tapping it hard and in the right spots.

  6. Colossus
    December 09, 07:07 Reply

    Where the pictures with the bride? Only then can we try to form an opinion about these two. Beautiful pictures by the way

  7. #Chestnut
    December 09, 07:20 Reply

    Hahaha. Don’t know why these pics have got me laughing hard. What makes them think that this is okay? A mess!LMAO

  8. #Chestnut
    December 09, 07:24 Reply

    @PP: “Omo G”,hafa nah? Are we going to keep ignoring the elephant in the room?I’ve been waiting for u to post abt Ronaldo’s weekly private-jet trips to morocco,to hang out with his bf -*ahem*-F… His bfF; or will u keep kwayet?

    • Masked Man
      December 09, 09:01 Reply

      Nna ehn!
      Is norray small something oh.
      I saw that thing, and ever since, I’ve been doing midnight prayers for it to be true.
      CR7? I’m here baby.

  9. Nightwing
    December 09, 07:29 Reply

    Finally someone’s not quick to judge @Colossus, I am very sure most of you E! subscribers know just how much effort is put into photography, you’re only seeing what the #Cameraman wants you to see, not saying there’s no possibility of something intimate going on between them and this is like the first time I’ve seen a groom want to have um whatever this is with his best man, but I wouldn’t finalize based on pictures. For all we know, it could be an extremely rare case of bromance and nothing more. #InnocentUntilProvenOtherwise. ?

  10. Absalom
    December 09, 08:02 Reply

    Whatever. I find this weird. Why are they going out of their way to present like they are actually fucking? It feels like gay-baiting.

  11. bruno
    December 09, 08:06 Reply

    i don’t even know what to make of this. let’s see… if i was getting married to a dude and he had this kind of pre-wedding shoot with some chick, would i be cool with it…? hmmm. guess not.

  12. Eros
    December 09, 08:21 Reply

    Abeg these guys are as gay as a bottle of air freshner. They should just accept their birthright and save the woman unecessary heart ache

  13. Max
    December 09, 08:49 Reply

    Nigga, you gay!!!!! #Boondocks

  14. Masked Man
    December 09, 09:07 Reply

    His ass in that boxers tho.
    And that position, with legs up high.
    That’s how to do it.

    These two have been fucking since ages 15.

  15. Duke
    December 09, 09:35 Reply

    Mr and Mr in the last photo. Lol! The fact that these bromance photos can also serve very well as a gay wedding photo, really makes me wonder. I hope they don’t take this bromance a notch higher to the matrimonial bed.

  16. Richard Moore
    December 09, 09:35 Reply

    Bromance indeed. Wherever you guys are… COME OUT! *pun fully intended*

  17. Stein
    December 09, 09:42 Reply

    Oh my,Dennis!, there goes another thing on my bucket list you’ve already and I haven’t. How’s about we trade lives for a while. ?

  18. Delle
    December 09, 09:44 Reply

    I really don’t support using your gay love interest as your best man. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be that ‘best man’. Do u know how it feels to see the one you love (and fuck) kissing a woman in a white dress, exchanging rings and promising to be together forever?! It’s wrong and don’t tell me we’d have a photoshoot like it’s going to heal my shattered heart!
    Anyway, it seems this open relationship thingy is becoming the order of the day in America. If the wife is aware he comes with the ‘package’, then a happy married life filled with random threesomes and hilarious sexcapades to them.

    How satisfying it would be to be sandwiched between the two guys…hmmm. That groom though…*smacks lips seductively*

    • Delle
      December 09, 14:31 Reply

      Mr Dick and Mr Fly (pun overly intended), isn’t it wonderful how my comment brought you two entities together seeing as you both were snarling and scratching at each other in a recent comment section?
      Okay back to the matter at hand; You say I’m trying so hard…to do what exactly? Impress you? An insect that prefers a wall to its natural habitat (which I think is poop and spoilt meals) or a shrivelled, disease-infested organ?! Please spare me your confused selves and handle your already increasing battalion of enemies!
      *resumes sauce frying*

  19. Kerr
    December 09, 09:53 Reply

    Lol these two have already done their own wedding.
    The mr and mr at the last photo says it all.
    John is just going to mark attendance with the bride.
    Ahn Ahn. This kain bromance tho.
    If they are not gay, I’d actually crave this kinda bromance. But with this pictures, it’s just way too close to be a bromance .

  20. Dick Advocate
    December 09, 10:00 Reply

    ‘Typical gay reasoning’ most of the comments have read so far.

    I don’t see anything in the pictures. Just two very straight men, enjoying themselves and not caring a rat shit about other people’s opinion of their friendship. I’ve seen/ met straight guys involve in even more bromance than this and it means nothing to them.

    Gay people need to wake up from this wishful thinking all the time.

    • Nightwing
      December 09, 10:20 Reply

      Finally glad to know I’m not the only one thinking that way.

    • Absalom
      December 09, 10:27 Reply

      So, in your mind, we are hearing of “bromance” for the first time, right? We’ve been waiting for you to tell us how it works.

      After having women be “fish-brained”, we now have a reasoning that is typically gay?

      All from one man who understands straight people better than zhe gays.

      Your mama must be so proud! 🙂 Please, carry on.

    • Max
      December 09, 11:12 Reply

      ??? @Dickhead, you should do a photo shoot like that with your bro friend before you get married, as you see “nothing wrong” with it. I’m sure your future wife(slave) wouldn’t mind ???.

      • Dick Advocate
        December 09, 11:58 Reply

        I do lots of bromance with my friends and it’s no big deal as I also love to fuck me some pussy.
        I know it’s hard for you gay people to comprehend but this things happen. You all just need to think out side that small box you all created for yourself.

        Not all bromance are gay-inclined.

          • Brian Collins
            December 09, 14:27 Reply

            This fucktard just wrote ‘you gay people’ because he fucks pussy. *so furious*

        • Delle
          December 09, 14:53 Reply

          You are just so foolish, it’s mesmerising! I’ve come across one of your insensitive comments (which you’re known to make) when you said this same thing about ‘we, gay people.’
          Umm…remind me again if you’re straight or bisexual (which I seriously doubt seeing as it’s so easy for me to write anything on in here and people would have no choice but to swallow). But if your pathetic, sorry self is really bi then you’re the real reason whites call blacks APES! Aren’t you tired of being ridiculously daft?! In one comment you’re sillyfully ranting about women having low IQ (an incredulously dumb claim) and in another you’re tearing uncouthly at a KDian. Even if you want cheap popularity, let people know you as one who makes, at most, one sensible comment in a month and not as a frustrated, attention-seeking, ‘dick-advocating’ misogynist!

      • Mitch
        December 09, 14:29 Reply

        Cripes! You really do realize that you irritate the fuck outta me with these half-baked, stereotypical, asinine remarks that you drop here everyday. Your idiocy is astounding Dick Advocate, and unlike asses like Chizzie and Gad, you have no redeeming point. Most of your comments are probably dug outta the same shithole Tef digs his out from. You, dear fellow, are a disgrace to the LGBT community. Please reserve your foolishness for those who care for it ’cause we, here on KD, DO NOT!

        • Brian Collins
          December 09, 14:32 Reply

          We here on KD, DO NOT!!!!
          You really do think Chizzie is redeemable?

      • kacee
        December 09, 16:43 Reply

        you just had to use the “S” word max

        • Max
          December 09, 17:08 Reply

          The dude wants a slave because he thinks they have fish brain. So he won’t be marrying a woman… He’s going to buy a slave instead and wed.. Because I don’t think any well meaning human being can stand him.

  21. Chizzie
    December 09, 10:51 Reply

    Watch for this man to come out as bisexual real soon. Some of you might have been born yst to believe this is simple bromance, but I wasn’t. And if his wife can’t see the bold writing on the wall, then I guess that’s why he’s marrying her, as she makes the perfect beard.

  22. Brian Collins
    December 09, 14:29 Reply

    Me I just can’t deal. “I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package,” John said. What does that even mean? Is it supposed to be a subtle warning or is he just a person who make sentences with unintended pun?

  23. chalant
    December 10, 12:08 Reply

    my typa guy,I so see myself doing that. # team contract marriage #team freedom of expression # team licence to fuck who da hell I wanna,married .


  24. chalant
    December 10, 12:25 Reply

    duo I think its a joke or a stunt, they both were laughing too hard, there’s this bro playfulness in there eyes and body language, hardly any sexual chemistry depleted there,down to the part where the other grabs the other ass, its kinda too straight acting, no single sexual chemistry or interest between em both.

    #even if they were bi,at least there should be a sexual interest, regardless #itsAllowed.

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