All About The Cast Of The Avengers…And Their Biceps

All About The Cast Of The Avengers…And Their Biceps

This is clearly an excuse to look at gifs of Chris Evans’ and Chris Hemsworth’s arms. Don’t act like you’re not on board.

An intrepid reporter at MTV asked the cast of Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron the most important questions in life, namely, “Who’s bicep is this?”
1 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo6_4002 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo7_400

By now we’ve all had lifetime passes to the Guns Shows of the Chrises — Hemsworth and Evans — but Robert Downey Jr’s iron arms had everyone stumped. These young guns better recognize.3 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo2_400

So in the interest of, oh, I dunno, cinema, let’s take a look at how the Avengers hunks stack up.

Chris Hemsworth: The reigning king/mythological god of biceps4 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo9_4005 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo10_400

Ruffalo had the nerve to unleash the guns6 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo9_400

And got shot in the face7 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo8_400

Chris Evans: No slouch in the arms department, Captain America is giving Thor a run for his money8 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo7_4009 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo4_40010 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo5_250

He even makes this god awful goatee look vaguely sexy.11 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo6_400

Jeremy Renner: Don’t sleep on Green Arrow12 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo3_50013 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo4_50014 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo2_500

Mark Ruffalo: Last and probably least15 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo3_400

But luckily Dr. Banner has some other, impressive qualities16 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo1_500

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  1. Chris
    May 07, 04:20 Reply

    Phuck, no comment , nothing to say till am done with this 20kg dumbells am working
    with. morning by the way Pp, slept tight?

  2. Peak
    May 07, 04:32 Reply

    Waitiing for the folks who like to throw the word “Akpan” around to show up and flood the post with their drool.

    • Chris
      May 07, 04:47 Reply

      I was thinking to look or be called akpanish, one have to possess that ‘kukere’ artist physique, short and over built, am i right?

      • pinkpanthertb
        May 07, 04:49 Reply

        I taya o. I don’t know how that characterization suddenly graduated to all men who are well built, even those who seem tall and muscled. Once you’re bulging, suddenly you’re an akpan. *side-eyeing Dennis*

      • Chris
        May 07, 05:01 Reply

        I personally think some guys are just envious of dudes that are fit.
        I like to be fit though, just that my metabolism is slowing down,
        middle age crisis things, commences from mid thirties upwards, hmm.

      • Chris
        May 07, 13:49 Reply

        @Keredim69, good advice though, noted.

      • trystham
        May 07, 19:07 Reply

        And not look like an upended hammer about to fall over

    • Peak
      May 07, 05:51 Reply

      Chris help me ask KD ppl oooo. Everything that dares to look toned is labelled Apkan these days.

      Evans and Hemsworth got some sick sick upper body, why is it that I can only dream up these kinds of abs but can’t really get my self to ve them in real life? Life is truely unfair.

      • KyrxxX
        May 07, 06:12 Reply

        Awwwwwwwwwwww! Peak darling……… I feel your pain. But u can still get that sick upper body you crave. Its all about knowing what you want nd d determination to get it. The effort being those bodies is quite painful but d fruit is sweet. Trust me, experience is speaking hear.

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 07, 06:14 Reply

          Oh but Peak looks REALLY good, upper body and all. 🙂

          Wait first o, and so do you, Kryxxx.

      • Max
        May 07, 06:48 Reply

        @kryxxx, please can we get a senak peek?
        @Pinky, don’t let the devil use you.. Don’t be the devil’s marionette

  3. Philip
    May 07, 04:50 Reply

    Sugar free coffee please; don’t forget, no milk.

    • Chris
      May 07, 05:02 Reply

      Dont get addicted to caffeinne oh 🙂

  4. Masked Man
    May 07, 05:20 Reply

    Chris Hemsworth of life. Eyes that can see through your soul.

  5. KryxxX
    May 07, 05:28 Reply

    Cuddling on my couch with Chris Evans on my right, Robert Downey in the middle nd Chris Hempsworth on my left…………….. *sigh* What a feeling………… The feel of being a baby all over again! I love me my big daddies!

    What isn’t sexy about a buff man eh? Everything is! Everything! Fit, buff(not overly) and toned is the new sexy! If you don’t like it, one of those huge gutters in PH is a good drowning place *giggles*.

    • Peak
      May 07, 05:44 Reply

      Yes oooo being toned is everything. I mean all you need to do is look in the mirror butt naked and you get u turned on 4 urself by urself, is that self or just self love.

      • KyrxxX
        May 07, 06:17 Reply

        Ah! Tell me about it! I turn me self on big time! Lol! I practically strut around d house butt naked save for those skimpy briefs! Nd lemme not even start on those mirrors self……….. Might not b where I want with my body but am not where I was yesterday.

      • Chris
        May 07, 07:46 Reply

        @Peak, that was me some few years back, quite relatable,i would stare at myself in the mirror
        and get excited,if you know what i mean. My recent ex use to do the same too . :). it is nothing
        to do with narcissism. I still ve the midas touch though 🙂

  6. Ade
    May 07, 05:42 Reply

    Morning Humour for those who have Instagram downloader. Use this link to download this video. Shit got my ribs almost cracked beyond Igbobi rehabilitation skills…
    “When your ex try to slide back in, Hit him with the…”

  7. Sasuke Uchiha
    May 07, 05:55 Reply

    *heart beating faster than normal* I think I just figured out why he was chosen to play the role of a demigod… Three words. SO. F**KING. HOT.

  8. Colossus
    May 07, 06:04 Reply

    Why do I have a feeling deola nudged you on to make this post?

  9. Masked Man
    May 07, 06:20 Reply

    Ade, you just had to do this, right?

  10. zinnat
    May 07, 06:36 Reply

    Chris Hemsworth and his ashewo eyes. Nigga is the definition of H-O-T.

    Body to die for, hair to pull when his hitting the right spot, sexy eyes that can get u an instant hard-on even after the 5th round and his orgasmic smile.Chai!

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 07, 06:43 Reply

      *fanning my flushed face* With these comment, I’m wondering if its hot in here or if its just me…

      • zinnat
        May 07, 07:14 Reply

        My dear, with those pictures above, its 45degrees Celsius in here…

  11. Masked Man
    May 07, 06:41 Reply

    Zinnat, ashewo is too modest and polite for you. Olosho is the word. Lol

    • zinnat
      May 07, 07:16 Reply

      Lmao! Olo wetin? Puhleaseeee! Am a good boi ooo.

      • Chris
        May 07, 07:57 Reply

        yes zinna, MM is right , i join the olosho, with akuna kuna and ashwell.
        Haba look at your homoerotic narrative very early in the morning, oginni!
        Na only you waka come. You better be putting your writing skills to use
        with reference to homoerotic novels, sou are millionairre in the waiting.
        Chimamanda hasnt got anything on you.

  12. Max
    May 07, 06:45 Reply

    Jeremy Renner does things to my body..

  13. Dennis Macaulay
    May 07, 07:22 Reply

    PP knows what peak looks like naked?

    **sends bulk sms to lipstick gang, meeting! Usual place! Lunch break! (Removes PP’s number before sending**

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 07, 07:23 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!! It is your tatafo-rism that will kill you.

      • Chris
        May 07, 08:03 Reply

        @Pp , confession time, with KyrXxx and Peak, how well do you know this two?
        Intimately or INTIMATELY? Awaiting reply. #Kdshiansareinterested

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 07, 08:31 Reply

          Lmao!!! KDians can wait until the next millennium. My lips will remain tightly shut, tighter than sinnex’s virgin ass. 🙂

      • Deola
        May 07, 08:05 Reply

        ***takes anoda sip of green tea***
        Let me just siddon here and wait for PPs reply.

  14. Ruby
    May 07, 08:26 Reply

    I Loooooooove me Chris Hemsworth!
    I wouldn’t mind Thor taking me on a flight to Asgard and doing naughty things to me *outta my way Jane! Go do some weather observation*
    But then again Robert Downey Jnr won’t be a bad idea at all, those strong arms could just pin you down and do all kinds of nasty to you and take to…
    *Oh Hey Bae! Where have you been? Look they are asking whose bicep is bigger*

  15. Teflondon
    May 07, 10:05 Reply

    Chris Hemsworth and Evans.. Hmm! Reminder that Muscular bodies and Cute face could be sexy at times. fan of Slim here.. (Thank you very much)

    **Dials my Nija versions of Hemsworth and Evans**
    Me; hello guys you have got work to do today.
    Hunks: Okay Boss
    Me: Good boys.

  16. tobby
    May 07, 10:21 Reply

    *looks unimpressed and bored*

    • trystham
      May 07, 19:16 Reply


      That said, I saw what they did to Dr Banner. See shade.

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