Before I Die: Pilot Entry

Before I Die: Pilot Entry

Hi, KD.

My name is not Bobby. I am a passive member of this blog community, and I have never commented on any post. But I do read them all. And I must say, y’all are a really intelligent and funny lot.

I like to be direct and plain. So I’ll just go straight to the point. No smart words. Turns out I’m HIV positive as well, and I commend the previous guy who came forward with his story. I commend your bravery, dude.

I talked to Pink Panther about a series, chronicling my life, from the moment I discovered I had the virus. PP said it’s a cool idea and asked me to write a pilot. I did and he said it was lovely. I asked him to name the series, and he called it “Before I Die.” I fell in love with the title as soon as I heard it.

The series is going to be about what I have been going through from that moment that changed my life, and how I’ve been managing everything. Expect drama, a little comedy. It’s going to be educative as well. Some people don’t really know what it’s like, so this is my way of teaching them.

I’m not much of a writer though, so don’t forget to drop your criticisms. Whether you choose to be constructive about it or not, words don’t get to me. So anything you talk, nah you get ya mouth. Lol. Enjoy sha.

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    January 25, 06:49 Reply

    ***pours a mug of coffee waiting for the first entry***

    Wait! First entry? That came out wrong! Oh dear


  2. Max
    January 25, 07:09 Reply

    Welcome.. Waiting for more to come from u.

  3. Chizzie
    January 25, 07:35 Reply

    Before I die? I think that’s in ways inappropriate and macabre. Are you assuming because you have HIV ( not AIDS) you are going to die anytime soon? I know someone who was perfectly healthy that died yst…so I don’t think its appropriate to entitle a journal penned by someone living with HIV “Before I Die” …I also don’t want to be reminded of the possibility of ones death each time I read a journal.

    Hopefully you come up with another name.

    • Ace
      January 25, 07:51 Reply

      Chizzie just beat me to this. “Before I die” is a very ominous title and very ambiguous. Not the best choice for something that is meant to give hope, If you ask me. I maybe wrong but I also can’t wait to see more. Good luck honey (hope the word “honey” is not bottom-y too).

    • Deola
      January 25, 07:59 Reply

      Oh please, we are all gonna die. It’s inescapable. Whatever kills us is the only difference. I think ‘Before I die’ is a beautiful title. Haunting but beautiful.

      Bobby (or not) i am seriously looking forward to this.

      • Dubem
        January 25, 08:07 Reply


        That’s exactly the word I was looking for. The title is quite haunting. And beautiful. Alludes to a world of possibilities we should look forward to in the series.

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 25, 08:00 Reply

      Chizzie, chillax until you read what he has to say first. The title is in itself an irony, once you start reading his chronicles.

    • Brian Collins
      January 25, 22:24 Reply

      The before i die could be in 20 years. I like the title o.#personalopinion.

  4. Peak
    January 25, 07:46 Reply

    PP! Before I Die? Really?
    I like sha! The title sounds Dark! Just the way I like it!

    Bobby (not) I’m so here for the story. My pen and note pad is set and ready for note taking. You don’t get this type of education everyday, so I will be on the look out 4 the stories.

    Finally I loveeeeeeeeeeee ur “words don’t get to me. So anything you talk, nah you get ya mouth. Lol. Enjoy sha.” Line, it shows strenght.

    Thanks 4 sharing bruh

  5. Dubem
    January 25, 08:08 Reply

    And thanks, Bobby, for the commendation. 🙂 I’m sure your story will do a better job of both inspiring and educating us all, seeing as it’s a series.

  6. Pete
    January 25, 08:33 Reply

    Looking forward to the series

  7. trystham
    January 25, 08:45 Reply

    I really do hope u r geared and ready for this *side eye*

  8. Khaleesi
    January 25, 09:26 Reply

    Bobby, am waiting breathlessly for your series to drop.
    Yes, we are all going to die someday, a part of me just cant accept the propriety of naming your series ‘before i die’ that name suggests a close link between HIV and death which isnt necessarily the case. Anyway, whats in a name? Waiting anxiously for the series …
    Remain strong and thanks for sharing your story ….

  9. victor
    January 25, 09:43 Reply

    I just can’t wait for yur first entry, I know its gonna be interesting, and I love your bravery,its so inspiring

  10. paradox
    January 25, 10:30 Reply

    Weldone ‘not Bobby’. Supa brave of yu 2 document yur evriday happenings. Wont try 2 stop yu, but I cn suggest yu kip maintaining tht low prof yu av here. Write yur stories. Let it end there. Iv watchd on d side as well & will say ths – any interactns, particularly wid pple like Chizzie mite cus yu 2regret lots (Im stil in shock @wot he said)

    Wont say I love d title, but I think its apt. HIV doesnt kill & evriday brings one closer 2 1 kind of death or anoda
    *PLEASE don’t 4gt 2 put thse horrible moments whn yu started yur ARVs. I know mine wer – lets jst say I dont care 2 relive thm

  11. Lord II
    January 25, 12:47 Reply

    Welcome “not Bobby” and yes I wished you would have signed a name at the end of your piece even if it was gonna be your pseudo but er that’s me!

    Your experience since you got the virus…hmm kewl. However could we be a little more positive with the title coz am sure with all the breakthroughs we are experiencing soon and before we know it a cure will be found and then what’s gonna happen with your series…thats just one, secondly some of us don’t believe in death we rather choose life! Now don’t get me wrong am just talking bout my beliefs here and what af come to know! I come from a land where death is defeated and is the enemy and life is given freely and is A RIGHT to have irrespective of what’s running through those precious blood vessels of yours. We have seen the deaf hear, the lame walk, the blind see and the sick healed. And ofcoz we have seen pipo that have this same virus you have turn out negative. Am serious!

    So you see why you may please understand with me why I might not find your title agreeable (not that it might change…but one can dream abi).

    Am a firm believer of the power of the WORD! And am not saying it here lightly..ave been a direct recipient of his power and love….I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and almost died some years ago and the doctor gave me just 6 months to live coz he said even dialysis wouldn’t cure me unless in 6 months I get a transplant and not here but abroad! ….oh goodness why am I revealing this now…anyway Ave started so let me finish.

    Needless to say I opened the Good book….the bible and KEPT on reading Romans 10:9 and believing it with my whole heart I just kept on. In one of my dialysis sessions one of the nurses ran in and said I couldn’t do it anymore and called the doctor out of his office to see a chart she was holding in her hands. The doctor also exclaimed and said it couldn’t be and ordered her to do the test again.

    Anyway that was the last time I did dialysis! The SAME doctor who diagnosed me did a turn around and asked me what I did and I told him…Romans 10:9 was all I did!

    Till date I am and have been fully recovered of ALL that wicked disease called failed kidneys and I even had to travel abroad to confirm all the “healings” that took place in my body and the Indian consultant who read my file exclaimed and said no one he knows as yet had been cured from what I had and he would have to document my story in his journal!

    So…a mouthful yes but that’s what I have and NO one can take THIS FAITH of mine away…I know the Word works or else I wouldn’t be writing in KD NOW…I would have been…u guessed it!

    So I hope your story will be full of faith and not fear, full of positivity and not negativity (well except for your status) and full of life and NOT of death coz where I stand it has been defeated!

    Just me!

  12. Gad
    January 25, 16:35 Reply

    while I look forward to your articles I wish to align with those who has expressed reservations on the proposed title. Death no doubt is an inevitable end and even a gateway to eternal life but considering the fact that all are not as strong psychologically,I suggest a reconsideration of the title.@ Lord,we bless God for the miracle of life. May God grant you more fruithful and happy years

    • Lord II
      January 25, 18:05 Reply

      Amen! And that’s why I know that the same God who healed me with HIS “Opium”…first grade I might add, can also do the same for anybody that DARES to believe!!!

  13. enigmous
    January 25, 18:05 Reply

    Please o, I haven’t been able to see the Kevin terry video. Anyone with a link?

      • A-non
        January 25, 22:41 Reply

        Why you dey harass enigmous??!!

      • enigmous
        January 25, 22:57 Reply

        Yaaaaaaaaaay…A-non is back.

        Welcome back hun. I missed your virtual prescence.

  14. A-non
    January 25, 22:48 Reply

    For everyone who has a series or some journal going on here, they have my respect.

    The sheer act of writing and also the willingness and courage to allow us a peek into a part of their lives cannot be taken for granted.

    Pinky, James, Dennis and now Bobby (or not) – more power to your elbow and may your ink never dry.

    Y’all have a splendid Week 5 2015!

  15. Julian
    January 25, 23:32 Reply

    I agree that the title chosen is not the appropriate one. Due to breakthrough in medical science HIV is no longer the death sentence that it used to be. I’ve been living with the virus since 2004 (10 years this month) and I look healthier than those without the condition.

  16. DazzlingHeart
    January 25, 23:50 Reply

    Hello everyone !! Am nt new here ….buh dis my first time commenting …great humour and stories u guys post here …wenever am down …i run to KD for a laff …if ders no recent post ,i search for previous one and av a good laff wivout commenting since 2014…Aniwais …(not BOBBY)Its a great innovative and good start for d write ups and journals to roll in … ya back …
    Dubem was d first …to send in his story …and u are here again with urs …ok ” before i die” already for u all to kno am also +and living d good life….it take alot of courage to cme out …and boldness….do av a lovely day ahead

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