THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Men Are Looking For Partners For Marriage

THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Men Are Looking For Partners For Marriage

Hi, my name is Sunday and I’m 36 Years old, a food caterer and an entrepreneur. I am Christian, Bisexual and HIV+ Undetectable.

I am searching for a Femme Lesbian who is interested in getting married.

She could be Christian or Muslim (I’m not really particular about the religion), Yoruba or Igbo, between the ages of 24 – 32 years, kind, accommodating and understanding.

I would want us to start from friends then to partners and live our private lives that won’t affect the family we will have.

Any interested lady may reach me on

Submitted by Sunday


Hello, my name is Emeka from Imo state, a 33-year-old, HIV+ Undetectable Bisexual man living and working in southwestern Nigeria. I have been undetectable for over six years with good lab results.

I would love to connect with a femme bisexual/lesbian working class woman below 30 years of age, preferably Igbo (but any tribe is okay), who is ready for a relationship that can lead to marriage. I would prefer a lady who is down to earth, hardworking with great foresight.

Kindly contact me via my email:

Submitted by Emeka


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