TV Preacher Pat Robertson Is At It Again

TV Preacher Pat Robertson Is At It Again

o-PAT-ROBERTSON-TRANSGENDER-facebookPat Robertson has all the answers.

“I found a gay magazine in my son’s room. What should I do?” a concerned father recently asked the walking corpse/TV host. To which the 84-year-old replied in barely coherent terms: “Talk to him about sexuality. The chances are your son is not gay, but somebody gave him a, um, a book about it.”

But it gets better. Robertson continues: “You know, a lot of these so-called, um, gay people are, ugh, have been either attacked by, molested by some, ugh, authority figure. Or else, ugh, ugh, a magazine or something has, has confused them.”

Robertson’s advice?

“You need to talk to him about what things are, who is is, what he is,” he says. “Let him grow up and, and find out. But don’t let him be exposed to a bunch of pornographic magazines.”

Then comes the real kicker:

“Gay magazines are filled with naked pictures of naked men doing sex with each other! That’s what’s in there!”

Check out the video of such ‘sagely’ advice below.

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  1. simba
    February 13, 04:42 Reply

    Who is deceiving who, de father thts asking a senile man for advice or a senile man tht does not know tht de young man saw hetero magazine but chose homoerotic I ll rather ask Google lol… anyways finding a gay magazine doesn’t mean ur son is gay, but wht u need is to have a friendly adult chat with ur son,help him on his path to self identification, and save him from teenage mistakes.

    • Ace
      February 13, 12:55 Reply

      “Gay magazines are filled with naked pictures of naked men doing sex with each other! That’s what’s in there!”… Errrm Obviously! I found this totally funny .

  2. kendigin
    February 13, 04:54 Reply

    why cant this moron just die already. its so unfair having to share breathing space with pple like this

    • MacArdry
      February 13, 11:33 Reply

      That’s not right,wishing the man death.I’m of the belief you’re better than this.
      Morons do have their uses,you know.

      • kendigin
        March 03, 11:50 Reply

        Lol, well maybe not death death. More like he just shut up in silence and play dead till his time actually comes. Hows that sound?

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    February 13, 04:59 Reply

    In this austere times I will not waste my precious data on this clown. A moron at his age has no hope. I was not molested by anybody, i grew up liking boys you dumb pr**k.

    I am waiting for the day this man’s skeletons will be exposed. Mstchew

    • Colossus
      February 13, 08:49 Reply

      C’mon, you can say it. Now repeat after me. P-R-I-C-K, PRICK!

      • A-non
        February 13, 09:27 Reply

        And now I know Colossus did well at Spelling Bee in elementary school!

        *runs off*

      • Colossus
        February 13, 09:56 Reply

        Come back here. Now repeat after me. F-E-L-L-A-T-I-O, FELLATIO!

        *sigh* Memories of primary school

        • pinkpanthertb
          February 13, 09:58 Reply

          You were spelling prick and fellatio in primary school?! :O

      • A-non
        February 13, 10:14 Reply

        Pinky, biko juo ya!

        Nwa anakpo Colossus mebiri osiso…negodu ihe si ya n’onu na aputasi.

        Colossus, ikwesiri egbanwe ndu gi!

  4. Pete
    February 13, 05:36 Reply

    Are we still on this dinosaur?

  5. Max
    February 13, 05:55 Reply

    I’m a serial streamer, but I’m not gonna waste it on this frail dude.
    Big joker

  6. chestnut
    February 13, 06:16 Reply

    “Walking corpse”? Muahahaha! *falls from agbalumo tree*
    So, gay magazines are filled with pictures of naked men DOING SEX TO (abi nah “with”?)each other,ehn? I wonder what gay blogs are filled with…
    Why was he stuttering and stammering so much? He can’t say “gay”? Hian.

  7. Khaleesi
    February 13, 07:41 Reply

    I was going to burn some of my precious data watching this, then i decided to follow Dennis’ lead, we are in austere times and every last penny matters so I wont waste precious time & data watching this grave – bound dinosaur!!! ‘Wiggles booty in his face, smacks gum loudly and saunters off****

  8. MacArdry
    February 13, 08:17 Reply

    “You need to talk to him about what things are,
    who is is, what he is,” he says. “Let him grow
    up and, and find out…..”
    That’s not a bad advice at all,from where I sit.
    But Pinky,”walking corpse”?.Smh

    • Gad
      February 13, 09:08 Reply

      Kindly explain your absence unofficially before a query hits your desk.

      • A-non
        February 13, 09:29 Reply

        Did I miss a story?

        Haven’t sat with my grape vibes in a while.

        By the way, where is enigmous?

      • MacArdry
        February 13, 10:06 Reply

        Hian Gad,I can’t take time off KD again?.
        Was celebrating my birthday best way I know to,in a quiet place.
        Btw,read your Islam hypocrisy post.Not bad at all.

        • Gad
          February 13, 10:55 Reply

          Welcome back. Happy birthday in arears but why are you hoarding your cakes?

      • MacArdry
        February 13, 10:10 Reply

        @A-non,no story here.Kindly move on

      • A-non
        February 13, 10:16 Reply

        @McArdy, if you say so…I will mind my business then.

        *goes back to doing house chores*

      • MacArdry
        February 13, 10:31 Reply

        And ’tis MacArdry,ye ken

      • enigmous
        February 14, 01:18 Reply


        Am here hun. Welcome back. You missed a lot of stories but I can help you catch up if the need be. I missed you too. How is our grape vine doing?

        MacArdry and Gad,

        Now you both should go and take over the chores from A-non, we have some catching up to do.

    • MacArdry
      February 13, 11:19 Reply

      @Gad,boy ke?.I’m older than you,you know.
      As for “cake”,that belongs to me n me alone.I don’t share

      • Gad
        February 13, 12:04 Reply

        Lier. Ok. Send your pin through Pinky let’s find out who is older. Mind you bigness of one’s dick is not a criteria before you start saying that your dick is bigger than mine.

        • pinkpanthertb
          February 13, 13:50 Reply

          Hahshahshahahahahahaaa!!! Gad ooo! What an epic shade.

          • Gad
            February 13, 16:40 Reply

            I’m innocent ooo

      • MacArdry
        February 13, 12:52 Reply

        Sancta Dei Genetrix!
        Who’s talking “bigger” here?.I said older.
        Just say you wanna know me.Send that mail,anyways,I’ll reply.

        • Gad
          February 13, 13:36 Reply

          Hmmm. Eyen ibibio

        • Gad
          February 13, 16:38 Reply

          Correction noted

  9. Chizzie
    February 13, 09:41 Reply

    loooool. Why does this man remind me of lord?

  10. King Mufasa
    February 13, 09:47 Reply

    For some weird reason, This guy cracks me up.

    Hello Max….

    • Dennis Macaulay
      February 13, 12:04 Reply

      Mufasa are we still on this max matter?

      There is a long line. Pls go to the back

      • King Mufasa
        February 13, 15:55 Reply

        Master Macaulay, Respect me…. There is “King” behind my name.

    • Lord II
      February 13, 19:18 Reply

      Ok I have…did someone else call me? Oh ok tot I heared a bleached voice somewhere…!

  11. enigmous
    February 14, 01:13 Reply

    The day “Lord and Chizzie” will tie the knot eh, we will never hesperrit. But come to think of it, has Lord ever heard Chizzie’s voice before? Is there something you two are not telling us?

    • A-non
      February 15, 06:15 Reply

      @enigmous, I already have my aso ebi money saved in a special savings account.

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