“Stop Calling My Man Gay!” Ultimate Love’s Cherry Osigwe comes out in defense of her beau, Michael Ngene

“Stop Calling My Man Gay!” Ultimate Love’s Cherry Osigwe comes out in defense of her beau, Michael Ngene

Former beauty queen and Ultimate Love reality show contender, Cherry Osigwe, is coming after the trolls and all those who would dare to call her beau and fellow Love contender, Michael Ngene, gay.

Months after the ending of the reality show, a couple who didn’t win is making the news. Cherry and Michael make up one of the earliest couples who were voted out the show, and in the time since then, they have signed endorsement deals and have had enough good sex to make Cherry fired up enough to address whatever gay rumours that are swirling about regarding Michael.

“If you know you (if you’re a man), your father, your brother, your son and your grandfather have NEVER fucked my Man’s ass, neither has he ever fucked their ass…then you better STOP calling my Man ‘Gay’,” she fired on Instagram as part of a caption for a post that showed a short clip of her canoodling with Michael.

She went on to threaten anyone disrespecting her relationship in such a manner with generations of gay offspring. “If after this warning, your mannerless self continue calling him ‘gay’, then be rest assured that you and all your generations will surely birth gays and shall be punished in both earth and in hell,” she warned.

She also clarified that their “sex life lacks nothing as we both are very vibrant”, encouraging trolls to “keep imagining but stay off my Man.”

The first season of the love match reality show, Ultimate Love, ended in April with fan favourites, Rosie Afuwape and Kachi Ucheagwu (jointly known as Roksie) emerging from the house as the winning couple.

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  1. Taena of Myr
    June 24, 07:48 Reply

    Ah ọdẹ they are saving you from future tears you are insulting them.
    Well it’s not my palaver.

  2. Taena of Myr
    June 24, 07:52 Reply

    Tho I must comment he radiates long dick bisexual energy.
    I can feel it in his aura.
    Though God has remove penis problem from your life sha.
    You will have to share him.

  3. Delle
    June 24, 08:16 Reply

    Okay love. He’s not gay but BISEXUAL! There now, hope you’re assuaged?

    And as for that ‘curse’, a big AMEN to that!

  4. Dee
    June 24, 09:12 Reply

    Hit dog hollers, details at 8.
    Who asked her what their sex life is lacking? And who uses “vibrant” to sincerely describe themselves sexually? I can bet these two “lovers” have never done it and are together purely for publicity. Eventually, the messy tale will come tumbling out, especially now that she has activated the Streisand effect. I’d feel bad for her, but her ugly village girl homophobia is a major turn off for me. Hope he gives her herpes from one of their strictly on-camera kisses.

    • Mandy
      June 24, 09:21 Reply

      The Streisand effect… That’s what I thought too. Until she made this post, I didn’t even know who they were let alone know anything about Michael being gay. And If Michael truly is downlow, then this her post basically brought down scrutiny on him and elevated him to the gay community’s consciousness. I don’t know who told her this was a good idea.

  5. Jinchuriki
    June 24, 09:19 Reply

    No surprise she didn’t win, especially with that closed minded brain.

  6. Mandy
    June 24, 09:25 Reply

    Lol. Nigeria’s ignorance when it comes to homosexuality is just amusing sometimes. So basically, for Michael to be gay, he must have had anal sex and his sex life with you, a woman, must not be vibrant.

    Lol. Aunty, for your sake, I hope your man truly is straight. Cos all you did with this village girl homophobia is set yourself up for a big fall.

    And who, in God’s name, lets his girlfriend defend his sexuality for him? Couldn’t Michael have spoken for himself, if it so bothered him?

  7. Icandy
    June 25, 11:13 Reply

    Huh *checks his picture again and gives ? look.

  8. Epic
    June 28, 08:56 Reply

    Her man is pretty-looking, though.

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