Months After Defending Him Against Gay Rumours, Ultimate Love’s Cherry Osigwe Is Now Implying That She’s Broken Up With Michael Ngene

Months After Defending Him Against Gay Rumours, Ultimate Love’s Cherry Osigwe Is Now Implying That She’s Broken Up With Michael Ngene

Ultimate Love reality show contender, Cherry Osigwe, is speaking out again about her relationship with fellow housemate, Michael Ngene.

And this time, she appears to be insinuating that she is no longer together with Michael amid claims that she was mentally abused.

If you would recall, the ex-beauty queen came out in June to defend her relationship and her man against gay rumours, saying in a now-deleted post that “…if you know you (if you’re a man), your father, your brother, your son and your grandfather have NEVER fucked my Man’s ass, neither has he ever fucked their ass…then you better STOP calling my Man ‘Gay’.”

She went on to say that their sex life “lacks nothing” and that they are both “very vibrant”, and warning trolls to “stay off my Man.”

However, yesterday, she appeared to no longer be in a good place with her beau, as she took to Instagram to talk about how “not every relationship ends in marriage.”

“I love and appreciate All Micherry Shippers enough not to keep U’all in the dark for too long with unanswered questions,” she began the caption of her post with. “As most of you are aware, I went in search of love and a possible forever partner @ultimateloveng show, but unfortunately as long as it’s a mundane thingy, deceitful, untrustworthy, lying, heartless creatures will still be found there, so crash crash goes my true intent…”

She goes on to talk about how “physical abuse ain’t the only type of abuse in relationships”, adding that “there is the most dangerous one i.e ‘Mental Abuse’ and trust me, you don’t want to experience that.”

She also beseeched fans of her coupling from the Ultimate Love show to understand that “not all that glitters are gold”, “not every relationship ends in marriage” and “most importantly, ones sanity and inner peace is non-negotiable.”

While she didn’t explicitly say anything about breaking up with Michael, in the comments section, amid all the encouragement she was getting from fans, when someone expressed support for her by saying, “…in as much as I love seeing both of you together, but your happiness matters the most here”, Cherry responded with, “Thanks, dear.”

One can only wonder what sort of mental abuse Michael Ngene put her through to make her speak out like this.

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    Mental abuse?

    Where have I heard that line before? 🤔🤔
    Oh, I know! From people who found their boos were actually gay😂😂😂😂

  2. Chubbz
    October 07, 14:12 Reply

    She’ll be alright

  3. Delle
    October 08, 12:02 Reply

    Mtcheww. Love and light to her

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