Waka Pass Diaries (The Bottom Treat)

Waka Pass Diaries (The Bottom Treat)

November 7

A few days ago, I had a brand-new experience: I was given a blowjob by a Bottom.

And by God! It was so good, I think I envy Tops this privilege they have when it comes to sex. I don’t know if this is how Bottoms do it – heck! I don’t even know if this is how I do it, or if this is peculiar to this guy. But damn! Bottoms give the best head.

The guy is a friend I made on twitter. We’d started flirting with each other, a flirtation that died a natural death when we realized we both play the same role. The day he came to my house, I had a booty call lined up. But the guy called to say he was coming down with a fever and we couldn’t see. So, when the twitter guy (let’s call him TG) called, wanting to know if he could come around, I said sure.

He came. We hung out. He’s a really attractive guy and we vibed on gist and common interests like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor Swift (yea, we both hate her) and a bunch of other celebrity gossip.

I was feeling restless though. The konji I’d been hoping to offload with my booty call had been building up for quite some time, so I was not pleased that it’d been cancelled. I mentioned my disappointment to TG, and cool as you please, he said, “Well, let me get you off then.”

And I was like, what! He repeated himself. “But you’re bottom,” I stated stupidly.

He laughed and said yes. With a shrug, he added, “I don’t want to fuck you. I just want to blow you.”

“May I kiss you first?” I asked. Back in our flirtation days, I’d been dying to kiss him. He has the most sensuous lips ever. Full and startlingly red for his dark complexion.

He said sure. So, we came together for some pretty intense making-out. Nothing mind-blowing. Oh no. That part came later, when he slithered down to my crotch and enveloped my dick in the warmest, moistest, most feel-good embrace of his mouth and tongue.

Then he began to suck. Dear God of Jesus, Abraham and Nebuchadnezzar! I was catapulted straight past Cloud 9 to Cloud 18. There was something he was doing with his tongue and the insides of his mouth that sent feverish sensations out all over my body, the heat burning up my nerve endings. I started asking myself stupid little questions like: Am I this good? Is this what I do? If it’s not, do I need to take lessons from him? Why haven’t I been sucked like this by a Top? Is this skill borne into the gene of Bottoms or is it learnt? Is there a school for it? What’s the name of the school? Who’s the HOD?

I was shaking. Flesh, muscles, bones and blood. I was getting attacked by sensation after pleasurable sensation. As for that thing guys do where they try to hold back their ejaculation, delay it, so they can last longer… In TG’s mouth, you can forget it. His mouth made me forget how to hold on to my self-control. By the time the cum started climbing, it was a headlong rush to the climax.

“I’m coming… I’m coming…” I began panting, warning this guy.

But he kept at it. Suck, suck, suck. Until I was exploding inside his mouth. By the time he finally withdrew from my dick, I was lying there on the bed, breathless, defenseless, incapable of full mobility.

With a breathless little laugh, I finally asked him jokingly, “Who are you?”

He was wiping his mouth as he said cheekily, “A Bottom.”

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Mandy
    November 09, 07:03 Reply

    I think this is part of what the advocates of a kindr Grindr are saying: for gay men not to be so fixated on their preferences, that they probably miss out on pleasures they could get from unexpected places.
    Of course a bottom will generally give a better blow job than a top. It’s like cooking for men and women. Both genders do it. But because cooking is this gender role seen as the responsibility of women, you generally find better cooks in women than in men.

    • Delle
      November 09, 07:31 Reply

      Umm I beg to differ both on the conclusion and premise.

      Men are better cooks. I think because cooking is seen as a chore for the females (especially in this part of the world), when a man takes interest in it, it’s a challenge to him to make himself distinguished. Just like hairdressing.

      People would give their all, and excel outstandingly, in a field that’s not usually their scene just so they get a recognition.

      The best chefs are men, Mandy ?.

      • Malik
        November 10, 03:58 Reply

        The last line… I feel you Delle!

    • Ade
      November 18, 10:40 Reply

      I disagree with you on this.

  2. Delle
    November 09, 07:33 Reply

    Funny how the top two blowjob experiences I’ve had were done to me by Tops.

  3. Keredim
    November 09, 09:01 Reply

    I am amused by the fact that there are parts of the world where apparently Tops don’t give blow jobs or when they do don’t give good ones.

    Though not as funny as Mandy’s comment translating bedroom roles into outside the boudoir.

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