Waka Pass Diaries (No Kiss But Tell)

Waka Pass Diaries (No Kiss But Tell)

November 21

There is something odd about my sexuality that I’ve just had time to ponder on.

As someone who places a great deal on intimacy and sex, there is nothing I find more off-putting in a guy than when he claims he doesn’t kiss. That is the greatest offense you can ever commit toward me sexually, especially if you’re someone I’ve considered hooking up with. One time, I actually walked away from a hookup that had started, simply because the dude said he doesn’t kiss. I place a high value on that part of intimacy. Anyone who has a sexual history with me will easily tell whoever’s asking that I have a weakness for lips. Whether thin and sensual or full and pouty, there is just something about lips that I see I can kiss that holds great appeal to me. The lips of a man are actually the first place on his face that my eyes drop to when I behold him. Sure, a well built man or a nice baritone may make me do a double-take, but the sensuousness of his lips is what keeps my attention.

Allow me to digress a little. During the Farafina Workshop that I attended some years ago, there was this guy in my class named Michael. Michael had the most kissable lips I’d ever seen then – full, pouty, with a very red lower lip that inspired the looks of my Love and Sex in the City character, Kizito. Whenever Michael spoke in class, I never seemed to be able to listen to him; I was always busy getting lost in the way his lips moved, rolling over his Os and wrapping around his Rs. I wasn’t then as sexually brazen as I am now, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d have seduced him; God knows we had individual hotel rooms that’d have enabled that mission, should I have embarked on it.

So yea, I’m a sucker for kissable lips.

Which is why my attachment to this fuck buddy I have bewilders me. Let’s call him Kevin. He’s a guy I met several months ago, and the second we set eyes on each other, we knew were sexually compatible. I knew I wanted to fuck him and his body language seemed to agree with me. It wasn’t very long after that meeting before we first shagged. And we’ve been occasionally shagging since then. As a fuck buddy, he is convenient, dependable, steady and places no demands.

And we’ve also never once kissed.

In fact, that first time with him, I had a sore in my mouth that made kissing unthinkable let alone doable – and after that day, during subsequent trysts, kissing just refused to assume any relevance. It’s a very uncomplicated relationship. I don’t go to his house. He only comes to mine. He buzzes me when he’s horny. I buzz him when I’m horny. It’s not regular but whenever contact is made and we’re both available, we both always want it. He’d come over, the foreplay would be brief – mostly him setting me over the edge with his tongue on my nipples and me encouraging him further with my mouth on his cock. And then he’s diving in and giving me the D.

In all this time, I’ve never paused to ponder at this oddity, this need I still have for him in spite of a lack of a kissing factor in our sex – until last night when he came over to my place with some young thang with nwa mummy looks, an ajebo attitude and a voluptuous backside. The three of us conversed a bit – actually, they both talked and I contributed sporadically because I was online and busy.

Then without any warning, the young thang fell into Kevin’s arms and they were making out. Curiously, this didn’t bother me one whit. I watched them with a sense of detachment, the only thought going through my mind being the startling realization that I didn’t know what it felt like to kiss Kevin. All this time and here he was, kissing. I watched the way his lips moved against the other boy’s with some wonder, somewhat intrigued by how their lips meshed and how their tongues dueled.

When Kevin’s eyes caught mine on them, he signaled for me to join then, no doubt thinking I wanted to. But I shook my head at him. I wasn’t interested. I don’t do sex in numbers, especially orgies that go in odd numbers – you know, threesomes, fivesomes, sevensomes. In those, someone is always left momentarily hanging, with nothing to do and no attention given.

Anyway, all they did was make out because the boy didn’t want sex. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that they were in an environment that wasn’t his or Kevin’s. After some minutes of kissing, they stopped, readjusted everything that was ruffled by their moment of passion, and Kevin left with him. I actually thought the two of them were leaving altogether, and was surprised when minutes later, Kevin returned.

“Let’s fuck,” he growled.

Nothing else needed to be said. I slipped off my boxers. He slipped out of his clothes. And we tumbled naked into my bed. A brief sucking of nipples, a brief fellatio, and then a glorious dicking.

And no kissing.

When we were done, he got dressed. As he stepped out, I was headed back to my laptop to continue with the work he interrupted. There was no lingering intimacy, no affectionate goodbyes. We were done and he was gone, with the understanding that we’d do this again sometime.

And I’m left wondering: How come I don’t want to kiss him and yet I still desire him?

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Lorde
    November 22, 05:10 Reply

    It’s the D honey….. it’s magical…

  2. Victor Ukpa
    November 22, 08:35 Reply

    He probably sniffed something funny when you talk. You could have mouth odour you know?

    • Delle
      November 22, 10:32 Reply

      Would never be as putrid as the stench your personality is oozing over this mobile transmission.

      • Mandy
        November 22, 11:22 Reply

        Of course Foxy loved it. After you will come and be lamenting that PP isn’t showing you love. Tsk tsk.

    • Mandy
      November 22, 11:23 Reply

      This Victor Ukpa, you’re a very sad person sha. Every day you come here, it’s to find somebody to take down. O ga o.

  3. Zilayefa
    November 22, 08:45 Reply

    Dear pinky…. I must say to you, that this is the Advent of an unfamiliar spirit. What my people call Ogbanje. You must please cast that spirit away and gravitate towards the facial dichotomy….. simple

  4. Mandy
    November 22, 11:25 Reply

    Don’t ruin your fuck-buddy relationship by over thinking this. Looks like it’s been defined as fuck-and-go, instinctively by both you and him. Kissing has a way of introducing feelings that you two may not be capable of handling. So let it go.

  5. WhoIsUgo
    November 22, 11:41 Reply

    Pinky, let me just say you’re living the life. God I need a fuck buddy like this in my life ???

  6. Ken George
    November 22, 14:16 Reply

    Good for u gurl. I could never undetstand having sex with someone with no strings attached, let alone not kissing. Am amazed at how people can fuck one minute and just go back to being strangers the next. Guess am old fashioned like that.

    But, good for u gurl.

  7. flame
    November 22, 17:30 Reply

    The worst sex I’ve had has been with an ‘I don’t like kissing’ human being. I am a romantic in every sense of the word (literary, sexual, everything). I just can’t deal. Somebody define ‘love making!’

  8. quinn
    November 22, 22:43 Reply

    Quiet a conundrum, why not playfully ask him?

  9. Jide
    November 23, 22:06 Reply

    Lmaoo I just love the “no kiss but tell” subheading. So clever.

  10. YCJ
    December 31, 01:32 Reply

    See lemme tell you, You aren’t in love with him, you’re in love with his D. Period

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