We Are Rainbows. We Are Beautiful

We Are Rainbows. We Are Beautiful

There’s a world out there

One which we desperately weave ourselves to be part of

A world blinded to our difference

Rocking ourselves hard to be its missing puzzles

Beating our desires into dark rooms

A little less me, a little less you

So we can be a part of who they are


We forget that they cloth us with shame

Telling our stories under the gloom of an abomination

Never spinning plots with us as the heroes

Eager for moments to cast shadows on our multicoloured brightness

We forget how they hover, an overhanging threat

Causing us to stay looking back and over our shoulders

A reaction to the fear of being caught out in our moments of vulnerability

Our celebration of love, those shows of affection, banished behind closed doors


Why can’t home be home for everyone?


The pain that eats away at us

The need we carry to be understood

The approval we seek from they that surround us

The crystals breaking tear ducts at night

Pooling upon our pillows

Choking through our throats

No comfort in sight, recrimination all around

Be normal! They cry out in high pitched voices.

Beating at us with their religious texts of the creation of man and woman

Eschewing the reality of how normal we are outside their closed minds


How normal yet how so different

A beauty we shall own like no-man’s-goddamn-fucking-business

We are rainbows

A radiance of diverse colours

We are the future

One those who live in it will come to reckon with

We are blessed

Branching out from the plenty nourishing within us

We are the Phoenix

Burnt by pain, yet rising from the ashes of our predicaments to bloom with love

We are beautiful

Made whole and flawed, but just right – exactly the way we are.

Written by Sauce Button

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  1. Patrick
    September 06, 23:32 Reply

    …We are blessed
    We are beautiful….

    And might I add that the ‘G’ in GAY stands for Genius.
    So my friends, lets work to realize our geniuses!

    Well done Sauce Button!

  2. Dbs
    September 24, 01:36 Reply

    Beautiful words

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