We Now Have Social Media Accounts Dedicated To Publishing Just Kito Alerts For Easier Access

Whilst we are still working on an app for kito alerts, and due to some feedback from community members about the ease regarding searching kito alerts on Twitter and (especially) Instagram, we have opened two new social media accounts dedicated to just the updating of the kito alerts.

The two accounts are on Twitter and on Instagram, and they both go with the same handle: @kitoalerts

@kitoalerts Instagram

@kitoalerts Twitter

And in the past couple of days, we have been updating them with ALL of the kito alerts we have posted since Kito Diaries started, with the information that we were working with. This means that the personal information of these perpetrators may have changed, such as phone numbers and locations. But the faces are still the same.

For each post, we have also attached hashtags to make a search – especially on Instagram – much easier. (Apparently, a hashtag has to trend on Twitter for it to work.) So, by this, we mean for instance that any kito scum who has been identified as operating in Lagos has the hashtags #KitoLagos and #KitoAlertLagos attached to his post. If he was specifically identified as operating in Ojo and its environs – such as Iyana Oba, Iyana School, Satellite Town, Igando etc – then an additional hashtag #KitoOjo is added.

If the scum was identified as based in Port Harcourt, the hashtags will #KitoPH and #KitoAlertPH. If it’s Owerri, then it’d be #KitoOwerri and #KitoAlertOwerri. If it’s Aba, then it’s #KitoAba and #KitoAlertAba. And so on, you get the drift.

Also, if the scum is based in any of the Northern or North Central areas, like Abuja, Kaduna and Kano, in addition to the hashtags bearing these specific locations, there’s also the hashtag #KitoNorth.

These hashtags are important to help the search (like I said, especially on Instagram, because it has to be trending on Twitter for it to work) because all you have to do is search with the hashtag for the location you are looking for, and the results attached to that post will pop up. In the past, we used to rely on just the hashtag #KitoAlert, but Instagram has been overrun with other posts that have mostly to do with keto diet who for some reason also have the #KitoAlert hashtag attached to them.

This is all an effort to help make the community have easier access to information that could make all the difference in their safety during hookups. So please, do share this information with other people and encourage them to share with others. The handle, on Twitter and Instagram both, is @kitoalerts (with the s).

There is an app in the works. It is taking time, but we are getting there. And until it has been developed, this is an alternative that we hope will work for us.

Thank you, guys. And be safe out there.

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  1. Kobe
    August 06, 08:39 Reply

    Thank you very much for all your help

  2. Houston Scholar
    August 06, 17:18 Reply

    Thank you, PP, for your selfless service. I can’t wait for the launch of the app.

  3. Rock
    August 07, 04:57 Reply

    How can someone donate money to your cause?
    You are really trying and need all the encouragement

  4. Pezaro
    August 07, 05:51 Reply

    Thanks very much PP for everything you do for us queer people.

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