Photo: Where is Korede Bello during all this Headies drama?

Photo: Where is Korede Bello during all this Headies drama?

IMG_20160102_042511LOL! This I spotted on instablog9ja’s IG page, the comments section of one of its Headies updates. Kai! Nigerians sha. In this person’s mind, he has given Korede Bello the ultimate insult o.

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  1. ken
    January 03, 05:50 Reply

    Biko this headies issh is sooooo last season! It should be quickly forgotten and relegated to the vehicles of historical oblivion!

    But I know some pipo will look for any excuse to mention korede…especially the horny ones! smh

    • Brian Collins
      January 03, 05:59 Reply

      Oga, is it Premier League? Last season ko…. The gist is very much this season, after all, there’s still harmattan in the air. Give Pinky a ‘this season’ story, maybe he’ll post it.

      • ken
        January 03, 06:12 Reply

        Em, wetin concern harmattan with all of this???
        Btw did pinky tell u she lacks stories ni?

    • Brian Collins
      January 03, 06:00 Reply

      I was just about to call you sef. Uncle, will you be unlooking when someone is abusing your baby calling him ‘gayish’?

      • ken
        January 03, 06:11 Reply

        Why should “gayish” be an insult?? Is “straightishl an insult too???

        • Pink Panther
          January 03, 06:15 Reply

          ken, look at it from the commenter’s point of view. By calling a celebrity ‘gayish’, and knowing the gay clime in Nigeria, it’s intended to sub the celebrity. If Korede were to see this and was the kind of person to react to internet gossip, chances are he’d flare up. And isn’t that how people respond to insults?

          • Brian Collins
            January 03, 06:25 Reply

            Abuse now don turn insult? Sumborri wee no kamdan now.
            This was totally an attempt to jest o. If Korede Bello were to be Dennis’ bae, that would make Korede Bello gay and calling him gayish would be understating it, no? Like calling a full grown man – manish

          • ken
            January 03, 06:30 Reply

            Why will he flare up? Isnt he infact gay?? I mean just looking at him, my gayometer spirals out of control! Its time we stop giving into to anger when people say gay. Why focus on the negative intent of the poster when you know better. If someone calls u straight and you dont get angry, then why should you fume at being tagged gay. People really need to work on riding that internalised homophobia

            • Pink Panther
              January 03, 06:31 Reply

              *sigh* You’re totally not getting my point. Oh well…

              • ken
                January 03, 06:41 Reply

                No pp I get your point. I just dont agree with it. There simply shouldnt be any reason to get angry at being called gay. Shikena

                  • ken
                    January 03, 06:51 Reply

                    Yea but does that make it right? Why then are we wasting time pretending to be fighting for equal rights when deep down we still believe being called gay is an insult.

                    • Pink Panther
                      January 03, 06:58

                      Jeeezuz! ken, you really are missing the humour in my original comment. Nawa o. What you’re doing here is preaching to the choir (me), but essentially missing my humorous point. Relax abeg. Life isn’t always that serious.

                    • ken
                      January 03, 07:17

                      oh dear, but it really is that serious. Its all a matter of perspective and its our job to preach to the entire country (or at least on anonymous blogs).

                      Imagine if korede, uti and co actually publicly supports the idea that being gay is not “evil” or “an insult”. That will go a long way in this fight for equality. That young chap in school thats being bullied needs to know there is nothing wrong with being gay, likewise those of us still laboring under the thot that we are less than human just cos of our sexuality.

                    • #Chestnut
                      January 03, 07:52

                      @Ken: let my try to explain it dis way: for a gay man (who has fully accepted himself) to be called “gay”, shouldn’t be an insult; it’s just like saying a tall person is tall, or a dark-skinned person is dark-skinned. However,sometimes,it’s d intent behind the description that gets offensive. For example (apologies to all Mbaise ppl here…I think that shit was common in d older generation), most people from other igbo-speaking tribes know that there is (was) some sort of “reputation”/stereotype assigned to Mbaise ppl. To refer to an Mbaise girl, as an Mbaise girl,(like “hey meet my friend Linda,she’s from Mbaise and she’s a doctor”) shouldn’t be offensive, but when d description is made in a derogatory fashion (like “hmm, run from that girl o; she’s from Mbaise), in dat context, it becomes offensive,because of d intent behind d description.

                    • ken
                      January 03, 07:58

                      So how does your anger @ being called “gay” make the situation better. What purpose will you have fulfilled??

                      If gay people cant rise above derogatory remarks then the equality struggle is dead on arrival. If you sink to the level of shit eaters, then be prepared to eat shit.

                    • Delle
                      January 03, 09:35

                      You peepo should let Ken be o. His finger pads are so in the mood to type. Type on, mister *smiles and walks on*

                    • Max 2.0
                      January 03, 11:53

                      @Ken, I think you need to get off the keypad and read the entire comment thread again.. If you don’t understand it after that, then I’m afraid there’s nothing more anyone can do for you.

                    • ken
                      January 03, 12:07

                      @max This coming from the person who “sees the sexual undertone of that award ceremony name @”Headies” ??”. My friend just keep quiet!

                      @Delle you simply are not worth responding to. #gives d finger and walks away#

                    • Delle
                      January 03, 13:53

                      I wonder if there’s another name for what you just did since it’s not called ‘responding’. Nigguh, pls camdan, your disposition has no effect on even a pimple on my face.

                    • ken
                      January 03, 14:18


                    • Max 2.0
                      January 03, 17:09

                      There’s simply no hope for you. *sigh*

  2. Kenny
    January 03, 07:50 Reply

    While the commenter was calling him gayish, KB was with HRH Sanusi and giving a performance in Kano. DM, first it was a selfie and now they’re meeting again. Will you keep unlooking?

    • ambivalentone
      January 03, 08:33 Reply

      I am reading that ‘…giving a performance…’ all wrong, right?

      • Kenny
        January 03, 08:48 Reply

        Yes you are! Get your mind out of you know where.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 03, 08:43 Reply

      I don’t know who Korede Bello is, or care if he went to kano with that white shirt that hung on his frame like art or those his pink lips.

      I don’t know who he is and so I am unlooking!

      Tell me when you see Tekno

  3. Timi LEO
    January 03, 08:01 Reply

    Actually Korede Bello was with HRH Derenle Edun backstage… Na me hold torch but I no come know who dey Top

  4. Mr. Fingers
    January 03, 08:19 Reply

    Smh. Even gay people are still struggling to deal with stereotypes.

    I don’t know what yall mean by gayish. And that gaydar or gayometer thing has gotten enough tbs into trouble.

    Am not in the business of speculating other people’s sexuality. It’s either u are gay or u are not, there is nothing like gayish as far as am concerned.

    • Max 2.0
      January 03, 11:57 Reply

      Ghetto/uncouth words like gayism, homosexualism, TB etc.. Are all abominable words here in case you didn’t know.

  5. Delle
    January 03, 09:31 Reply

    Lol…how foolish can Nigerians get?
    ‘He’s gayish sef’ How’s that insulting, I wanna know? I’ve come 2 realise that someone calling me gay is so not an insult! Faggot, maybe, but gay? Nehh…
    Mr. Zacksman? Is that a name or an alien’s nomenclature? The individual is even as horrible as his name sounds…*looks away*

    How would you guys look for Korede in all of that? My baby was right were he belongs, on my chest, the whole time! We were really having good laughs with all the drama going on…oh Korede, what a funny being. I later let him go that night though after Reekado won, at least for the after party, but not before he showered me with kisses for 6 months!
    *looks into the skies with pent up love*

  6. simba
    January 03, 10:07 Reply

    Why are u guys certain he is gay? Yeah he may have some awesome smile and super sexy body with feminine touch/voice. But that doesn’t mean he is gay. Afterall don’t we have dirty ugly scarry males who are gays.

  7. keredim
    January 03, 10:34 Reply

    @Ken, @Delle, I think in this context, being called “gay” (or gayish) is meant to be derogatory.

    @Ken I don’t know if you are out and proud or not, but there is a way someone would call you “gay”, (even in the west where homosexuals are protected) you will know they don’t mean it in a nice way.

    The subject is Nigerian. He lives in Nigeria, he makes his living in Nigeria. It is not a place to be called gay and you own it, especially if you are not out, not an LGBT activist and there is 14 year jail sentence hanging over your head.

    In this case It is not about fighting for equality, rather its fighting for survival.

    • Delle
      January 03, 11:33 Reply

      Whatever happened to seeing the positive side of all things? *smirks*

      • keredim
        January 03, 12:14 Reply

        @Delle that can be delusional sometimes. Especially when walk down the street and police stop you and shake you down for money.

        Or worst still, when you turn the corner and a baying mob is waiting to beat the rainbow colours out of you

    • ken
      January 03, 12:12 Reply

      @keredim I get your point. I am not saying its not sometimes upsetting to be tagged gay (since we dont live in a perfect world). What I am saying is showing your anger just cos u called gay. We must be able to rise above such derogatory remarks.

      Remember when uti used to continously be bashed that he’s gay. Guess what? As soon as he stopped responding to each an every comment, nigerians simply lost interest and moved on to other more interesting topics

      • Pink Panther
        January 03, 12:16 Reply

        And that is what Kito Diaries is about. To let people know that it’s okay to be you. That it’s okay to be gay. Which is how your indignation at me was amusing. Imagine the regional pastor telling the general overseer that God is good. 😀

      • keredim
        January 03, 12:55 Reply

        @Ken, i get you too, but i don’t think we should walk away as gay people when the word “gay” is used in a derogatory fashion.

        If we don’t educate people on the proper usage of the word, “gay” will always be seen as being inferior and sub-human. Just like being “black” was seen as sub-human less than a century ago.

        I don’t know this Uti guy, but I imagine he is not gay (at least officially). So its easy for him to rise above the name calling.

        • ken
          January 03, 14:17 Reply

          Yea but u dont get to educate anybody by flaring up in anger…..notice how korede didnt respond? Notice how the issue seems to have evaporated? If u make an issue of being gay, ur just giving your haters bullets to fire u

          • keredim
            January 03, 14:28 Reply

            but Korede is not GAY!!! He can walk away because it doesn’t affect him.

            As I said as GAY People it is up to us to educate (or correct) others when the gay word is used in the derogative.

  8. posh6666
    January 03, 11:33 Reply

    Even if this guy is gay I think life must be hard sometimes for the gay celebrities just here wondering how do they get their hookups do they have like pimps or something?cos body no be wood and everyone needs sex.

    The image they try so hard to maintain in order to appeal to the female fans and getting so much admiration from them which they try as much as possible to respond to and entertain must be really exhausting when all they wanna do is just to be smothered by a male hunk and make sweet love all through the night.

    Just saw an article about Korede on nairaland and the hate is getting real and I believe people are begining to see through him.All I keep reading is gay!gay!gay! Yet some ladies are still seriously crushing on him,Alex and Uti.Sometimes I read love tweets to them from their female fans and am just like lol if only you knew..I give it to Alex tho he’s very good at egging them on and making them feel special yet no lady has ever been seen with him in public.

    • Delle
      January 03, 11:35 Reply

      But yet, there’s still a tinny-winny possibility these three are not gay, maybe we should focus on that. What do u think?

      • Pink Panther
        January 03, 11:38 Reply

        I taya o. posh’s staunch assertion that Korede is gay baffles me. Like he’s been into his bed and ridden his dick.

  9. Ringlana
    January 03, 11:46 Reply

    Dis not an Issue ,A pic of 2 leopard smashing themselves,It was Tag ..Denrele smashing korede bello..denrele liked the pix .Even Korede visiting Emir of Kano was Tag Gayish in instagram but he didn’t react …Korede knws who he is no qualms

  10. Max 2.0
    January 03, 11:49 Reply

    Am I the only one who sees the sexual undertone of that award ceremony name @”Headies” ??

  11. Atrocious
    January 03, 12:51 Reply

    He z somewhere backstage riding Denrele’s cock..

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