Who Is Mr. J? The Story About Sex With A Nollywood Actor

Who Is Mr. J? The Story About Sex With A Nollywood Actor

If you are on twitter and are familiar with twitter “scandals”, then you’d probably know the one fostered by Alex Sensima Asiwaju Russo (@Seanell) when he alleged that he had sex with a homophobic twitter celeb, an act which he video-recorded. So that story managed to get Nigeria Twitter’s attention, and then died a natural death when no receipts were dished to back up his claims.

Alex is however back with another story, this time of a hookup with a Nollywood actor – who he calls Mr. J – during the AMVCA (not sure which year’s AMVCA this is).

But here are his tweets. Check on them. And maybe we can talk about who Mr. J is.

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  1. KryxxX
    March 07, 08:31 Reply

    So you kissing a total stranger in an elevator in 2015 is now the ticket to trusting them with your whole hotel room and stuff?

    To even think you are a celebrity too.

    Okoto akalia!

    And was the douching done with the idea that sex with Mr J was gonna happen or is douching now a daily routine? Asking for my peace of mind and cortisol level(douching is work ?).

    Plantain nke a ẹ lela ọkụ Oh! Tụgharịa ya biko! ?

    ?Dodo leleyi……

    • Pink Panther
      March 07, 09:34 Reply

      I see I’m not the only one skeptical over this story.

    • trystham
      March 07, 22:06 Reply

      Probably an Okafor’s law come to play. He had heard the name before he left his house. he knew sex would go down

    • Uzor
      March 08, 08:34 Reply

      I’m starting to live for your comments ???? the part about your cortisol lvl….. Deeeeed

  2. Ay
    March 07, 08:41 Reply

    At this point, anything Alex says is to be taken with a pinch of salt. He lost all credibility imo after the Mr. K story

  3. Mitch
    March 07, 09:10 Reply

    *rolls eyes from KD to Kafanchan*

    Thank u, Next!

  4. Jay
    March 07, 09:43 Reply

    It’s too good to be true. Celebrities don’t shoot their shots anyhow.

    • Higwe
      March 07, 10:22 Reply

      They actually do, especially Nollywood yeyebrities.
      But something about this story doesn’t add up sha. ?

  5. Keeva
    March 07, 10:08 Reply

    Thank you KryxxX,
    I was about to ask the exact same thing,cuz douching for an unknown sized ‘D’ is a Lotta work,but then again… Well-done to the story teller!!!

  6. Black Dynasty
    March 07, 10:14 Reply

    Lol sounds like fiction and a ploy for more internet fame.

  7. Higwe
    March 07, 10:29 Reply

    Funnily enough, if this story (however unlikely) turns out to be true; the possibility of who it could be, is so largesse.

    Nollywood is filled with closeted guys and most of the culprits are downright shocking ?.

  8. N.A
    March 07, 14:23 Reply

    Nice try sweetheart.

  9. King Solomon
    March 07, 14:53 Reply

    He kissed you in an elevator
    And left you in his hotel room


  10. Delle
    March 08, 09:49 Reply

    Okay, let’s get some things straightened out:

    – An (awkward) event that happened 4 years ago is the sole reason he felt comfortable enough to leave you in his hotel room (you that will probably be looking like something 5k can fix for a month?).

    – So you already knew sex will go down once he returns, hence the douching. Oshey, Indian Seer!

    Let’s even agree this badly told story is true, why the need to tell the world? Cheap popularity? For someone who’s still hustling his way through life and opportune to mingle with celebrities, shouldn’t that be a plausible reason to keep the hole on your mouth shut so you keep getting these kind of experiences (that will amount to connections and in extension, money?) I mean, who will want to have anything to do with such a blabbermouth, celebrity or not?

    Abeg, flippant people disgust me. Then lying flippant people? Ugh!

      • Delle
        March 08, 11:13 Reply

        This is the calmest I’ve ever been.

  11. Rex
    March 08, 14:18 Reply

    I love the feeling I get when I know someone is lying to me but just go with it because today issa public holiday and uncle isn’t around so I’m bored AF…..

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