Have you ever imagined grabbing your barber’s dick while having a haircut? As unrealistic as that may sound, I have done worse. I am one freakish regular guy with lots of wild thoughts sweeping furiously about in my head and I ensure that I give whatever it takes to see my imaginations become a reality.

I remember, sometime ago, fantasizing about my dad’s manual workers. I pretended to be searching for something at one of the sites when they were having their baths after working, just so I could turn my fantasy to reality.

“My goodness!” I swear I was almost drooling when I saw the cock of a peanut-skinned god. His dick head was purplish red in colour with a fleshy chocolate shaft and a base clustered with thick, black glistening hair that curled roughly. His dick dangled here and there to the rhythm of his arm movements as he washed himself up with soapy water. It was as erotic as watching the making of porn.

I also remember my escapade at the boarding school, how I patiently walked to the end of the bathroom, my eyes eagerly scanning all manner of joysticks during bath time. No doubt, one could accurately say that I enthusiastically took my bath time seriously for I am a freaking dick lover. And I’d recently taken to fantasizing about my barber, Sunny. Sunny is in his late 20s, really muscular and about my height. His groundnut-coloured skin colour coupled with his powerful physique undoubtedly gave me a boner whenever I visited for a haircut. I got an erection because of the way he frequently danced around my chair while working on my hair, an imprint of his endowment obviously plastered against his jersey shorts.

I got uncontrollably excited one fateful day. Oga Sunny, as he is popularly called, was generously showcasing his banana imprint in his Chelsea jersey shorts and I was silently dying of the desire to grab hold and ride it. It was so tempting that I rooted my gaze on it. My ‘machine gun’ was already cocking,

“Oh boy! Wetin be this?” I muttered to myself, licking my lips, my gaze glued to the huge lump of flesh that curved downwardly in his shorts and bouncily swayed at every move of his body.

I tried suppressing my erection by sitting with my legs crossed and my cock in between but to no avail. Then my unease became obviously disturbing when I started making frequent adjustments.

“Guy, abeg sit down one place na. Abi pesin dey give you B.J?” Oga Sunny grinned as he said in his coarse voice, the type peculiar to those who smoke and drink.

After many attempts, I could no longer tame my hunger to feel his member. So, I boldly reached out for his dick, my face etched with an expression that combined careless amusement and obvious anxiety. I grabbed his cock, that fleshy member. It was fat, slightly hefty and really felt good in my fingers as I fiddled with it a little. My gaze shifted to Oga Sunny to see him staring at me with astonishment, his mouth agape and the clipper gently slipping from his hand.

And then, he reacted. An unexpected slap, painfully deafening, was shot at my face with such force, I was almost propelled out of the chair I was sitting on. My hand released his crotch to clutch at my burning cheek.

“Guy, you don menta?” he barked, puffs of air mixed with saliva shot across me.

“Bros, calm down abeg… No vex…” I pleaded, my cheek still burning with the sting of the slap.

“No try am again o! No try am attore!” he warned, narrowing his eyes at me and hissing repeatedly.

After the heat had subsided, I exhaled in satisfaction because I’d had my way.

But then, I learned a lesson that there are some thoughts that are best kept put in the head and not given life.

Written by Limitless

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  1. Mandy
    October 29, 08:20 Reply

    ?????? So the slap finally gave you a limit, oh Limitless One.

  2. J
    October 29, 08:40 Reply

    You violated him, you could be charged in some countries. But we are Nigeria and that slap serves you well, I know you’ll change barber too ?

    • Limitless
      October 29, 16:03 Reply

      Lolz…it was the price for feeling his member

  3. Vina
    October 29, 11:35 Reply

    Lmao!! You are definitely one of the wild ones. I can’t stop laughing.

  4. Bhawscity
    October 29, 13:10 Reply

    You felt entitled to touch him. Why? Bcos you are gay? You are lucky didn’t call the whole street on you.

    • Seventh Unicorn
      December 20, 14:59 Reply

      Hihihi! You read my mind honestly, hoha! Actually he served more than a slap, oni iranu, oni isekuise. ?

  5. Tristan
    October 29, 13:18 Reply

    I don’t know why some barbers are just like that, rubbing their schlongs on your arms while cutting your hair. Mine does the same almost all the time and he is cute af. Right now, I’m thinking of inviting him over for a home service???

  6. Richiemichie
    October 29, 18:36 Reply

    Jesu!!! That slap also affected me.

    I wonder where u guys get ur courage from, I can’t even try it with someone I’m very close with.

    • Malik
      October 29, 19:38 Reply

      I swear I felt the slap too.
      We are all turned on by our barbers but

      Even though you never, even though you want to
      Abegi no bother, he go wound you…

  7. Margarita
    October 30, 09:20 Reply

    And I was waiting to read about how he responded in kind and you guys had an orgy in the shop. ???. But damn! I felt that slap. Your writing skills are just ?

  8. baddest
    October 30, 10:59 Reply

    I have done a lot lol,dem never born that person wet slap me,before u do such thing to someone,make sure that they respect you enough,put them in a position where they see you as Baba lol. I once invited my one of my barbers to massage me,he did it well and then wanked me off,too sad that he told me he was married sha and he never came through again..Being adventurous is Dangerous but fun for some of us,I have done stuffs with all most everyone,from my mechanic to car part sellers,to tiler,barber,Hot sales guy in Zara London while testing clothes in the cubicle,he gave me a blow job,he looked like a Greek god,uncountable waiters,Security guards,my friend’s uber driver,my gym instructor, Djs,I have lost counts sha .

    • Limitless
      October 30, 15:27 Reply

      “Wildest”….lolz…I need to learn from you ooo…show me the way

    • Ola
      October 30, 18:22 Reply

      Write a short story of one for us playing.

    • Eli
      October 30, 18:35 Reply

      You mean take advantage of them because you have money !?

      • Black Dynasty
        October 30, 20:36 Reply

        You read my mind.

        There is a line between being adventurous with willing participants vs using money/power/position to get them to sexually please you by taking advantage of them.. this is sexual assault/harrassment. What do you think Harvey weinstein and co are facing wahala for? Smh

        • ROCK
          October 30, 21:07 Reply

          So what’s the thin line bro?Men buy drinks and gifts to get women’s attention from the old testament days.
          Sexual harassment by using your authority is a different ball game.
          But asking a guy out(by being VERY nice at first,then inviting him out),the way he responds will tip you on whether he may be receptive or not….to me is just being adventurous.
          You still have to do it respectfully and discreetly

          • Black Dynasty
            October 31, 17:02 Reply

            I agree @ respectfully and discretely. The thin line is the “willing participant”… i.e. consent. People can be intimidated by money and power etc. Those wielding it can take advantage of it against the consent of the other party. It’s evident when someone is sexually interested vs just playing along to get it over with.

    • ROCK
      October 30, 21:11 Reply

      Yeah.The key lies in earning their respect and likeness first.Even if the person is not interested,he will turn you down nicely and it will be between the two of u.I knew a dude that was so good at converting dudes(I didn’t think it was possible until I met him)that he did stuff with almost all the young men in his area.

  9. Black Dynasty
    October 30, 20:31 Reply

    I still don’t understand why some folks think it’s alright to sexually harrass or sexually assault a fellow man because you desire him, especially if he’s gay/bi or you think he is. It is really not ok.

    I have and will punch or slap sense into the folks who randomly grope me especially @ gay spots were folks seem to be extra bold.

  10. ROCK
    October 30, 20:57 Reply

    Wait o.Is this a reallife story?
    I hope it’s not o.
    But If it is..one needs to learn how to curb these ‘urges’ that can lead you to destruction o.Even if the guy is gay,the way you approached him can trigger a defence in him,based on he doesn’t know whether you were sent to test him.As being your barber,I’m guessing he lives in your neighbourhood?see as your own done cast?especially in this crazy country called Nigeria?You really messed up
    We all have to learn to ‘hold ourselves’.Konji no dey kill o.If you must try your luck,then you have to observe,test,isolate and strike.You have to be coldblooded about it.Contact me for further details…

  11. Sworld
    October 31, 10:28 Reply

    you got Guts!
    I rather lure him with gifts and hangouts

  12. Jaya Anand Kumar
    November 01, 00:15 Reply

    See why I don’t like most gay men.
    The sheer entitlement and lack of self discipline displayed here was mind boggling.
    And his defence is “I’m a dick lover”, just gross.
    Seriously you need to get help, people like you are the ones giving us a bad name with your crazy antics.
    One day you’ll encounter what you’re looking for and hopefully I’ll be here to remind you of how much you were asking for it.

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