YouTube Blogger Intends To Take Action Over Homophobic Tweets

YouTube Blogger Intends To Take Action Over Homophobic Tweets

YouTube blogger Moshe Ndiki has accused an employee at a Johannesburg web design company of hate speech, following a series of homophobic tweets.

Edwin Mbugua took to social media yesterday to condemn MTV’s choice to hire Ndiki as a continuity presenter on the music channel. Mbugua publicly stated that the appearance of gays and lesbians on television serves as “a bad example for children”.160119EdwinMoshe1-jpg160119EdwinMoshe2-jpg

Ndiki says he has arranged for a few of the company’s clients to boycott Mbugua’s company, which hired him as the head of cooperate affairs, saying that his statements are “horrendous and inhumane”.

“I quote this from one of his tweets, something about homosexuals running wild, as if we are some kind of animal. Something needs to be done to take action against him.”

In a statement sent to Eyewitness News, Mbugua apologised: “Please accept my sincere apology for the remarks. I should not have shared them publicly. I take full and complete responsibility. It was wrong of me to offer such viewpoints as publicly as I did.”160119Homophobia-jpg

He continues, saying, “I think this is an opportune moment for South Africans and Africans, in general, to open up a dialogue about this mater. Nonetheless, all South Africans and Africans are welcome to practice homosexuality but that doesn’t make it right.”

Ndiki has rejected the apology and says he will continue his plans to protest at Mbugua’s firm.

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  1. shuga chocolata
    January 21, 06:28 Reply

    word’s can be forgiven but never can it be forgotten.
    like I always tell my peeps here, choose your words correctly.

    Ndiki shouldn’t accept those apologies because it’s reasons was to fulfil all righteousness.
    Nonsense laces with condiments.

    • King Mufasa
      January 21, 07:31 Reply

      Uncle … where did you read the apology?
      The original statement he made pales in comparison to that highly offensive thing he claims is an apology ?.

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    January 21, 07:15 Reply

    How do you malign, denigrate and apologise all in one statement? Are you under a spell?

    • Dunder
      March 15, 22:02 Reply

      Exactly! I was just laughing and in shock at the same time, wondering which was worse- the initial homophobic garbage or the “apology” borrowed from the philosophy of the Third Reich. Won ti get e.

  3. Peak
    January 21, 07:15 Reply

    I told my self that this is no apology when I read phrase like “IF they were offended by my remark/ I SHOULD NOT have shared them PUBLICKLY”. What kind of backhand apology is this, that is dripping with arrogance? By the time I got to the 5th paragraph, it became evident that this is no apology at all, it is just more wood to the fire, to keep the controversy burning.

    Is it me or do TV presenters show up on TV and tell the whole world about their sexuality everytime they are in front of the camera? Or do “children” automatically know someone is gay by just looking at them? Africans like to blame everything on the world than take responsibility. A gay presenter is on MTV and u are not happy with MTV, then then don’t watch MTV or pull a Jada pinkett and pray the rest of the world follow is with you on ur stance. Stop waiting for the world to raise ur children for you. U brought them to the world, try and be more hands on with their development and stop waiting for the rest of the world to do it for you.

    I’d say they hit him where it hurts. This is SA where being gay is not against the law. Sue him back and forth till his feet can hold him up no more. Blacklist his running mouth and whatever service he provides. He should ve stopped with his rant and not bothered with his horrendous excuse of an apology.

  4. Max 2.0
    January 21, 07:42 Reply

    Negodu, just negodu onye ala!!. An insult and hate infested apology after posting nonsensical tweets. “Gays are anti- procreation”- Is that what humans are here to do? To breed like pigs and take up all the space in the world? You know people keep presenting this stupid analogy in a lame attempt to prove how and why homosexuality is bad.

    ” I can understand how hurt and frustrated the gay community is”, yet you keep saying stupid stuff..

    “practice of homosexuality”– please homosexuality is not a caeerer and thus isn’t something that is ” practiced “, but you would’ve known that if you paid attention to your studies instead of looking for ways to deprive people of their basic human right. Dude can’t even make a correct sentence to save his life.

    ” It does not offer stability of a traditional family”– By family, you mean; a man and a woman with children, right? And who do you think created that tradition? Humans created it. Humans have always loved uniformity since the begining of time, so they formed the marriage system and made having sex with just anyone unattractive by labeling the products of such encounter “bastards” and stripped them of the right to inherit any property owned by their forbearer. So oga, your point is baseless because that “traditional family” you talk of was created by humans(straight), gay people were never given a chance to define their own life.

    Well, this is 21st century and things are changing. I’m glad this happened in south Africa whose laws don’t tolerate any form of homophobia. I hope he loses his job over this.
    I’m glad that in many parts of the world, gay people can finally be who they are, make their own rules, create their own traditions and live by their own terms.

    • Peak
      January 21, 08:03 Reply

      “practice of homosexuality”– please homosexuality is not a caeerer ” hahahahahaha na real career. Biko level what are you in this ur flourishing career in case the homophobes want to know?

      • Max 2.0
        January 21, 08:09 Reply

        Can’t you see my monicker, I’m on level 2.0 ??

        • Mandy
          January 21, 08:26 Reply

          Max be climbing up the Homosexual corporate ladder like kilode. 🙂

  5. Eggsy
    January 21, 07:54 Reply

    Something is bugging me about this article, whatever could it be… Oh, wait! “YouTube blogger”.


  6. sensei
    January 21, 08:08 Reply

    Beliefs can be a crippling thing. See how it showed itself so prominently in the so called apology. Lol!

  7. Delle
    January 21, 09:30 Reply

    Seriously, for how long will such hypocrisy continue in this continent? You say hurtful, horrible things about a sect and when reprimanded and ridiculed, you tender an apology? Why should we pay attention to such individuals? I think it’s about time we took actions against them, apology or not!
    It’s becoming a norm…offend and apologise. Like we are supposed to always absorb gibberish just because in few weeks you’d come crawling? That Mbugua guy (more like Mugabe refined) should be dealt with abeg. It’s one thing for someone to have animosity for a particular thing, it’s another to voice it out.
    That apology did nothing for me. We keep showing mercy, no more!
    Silly rabbit!

    That Ndiki guy ‘reads’…*giggling away*

    • pete
      January 21, 09:44 Reply

      While I’m not holding brief for him, at least, he pretended to apologise. Go through your earlier comments on this blog especially on the last edition of Kizito speaks & read again what you wrote about bisexuals.

        • Pink Panther
          January 21, 12:28 Reply

          Any reason why he shouldn’t be? He’s bisexual and the power of pursuing change is to seize every opportunity you can to show those who malign your lot that they can’t say one thing and say another thing when it concerns you.

    • Delle
      January 21, 14:05 Reply

      Now Pete, I know you are a bisexual man, a confident one at that and as such u feel obliged to always stand up and fight for what you stand for, but this isn’t about you. My anger (not spite like you would think, maybe I come off that way though) isn’t for a specific person or individual, it’s for that charade that comes with bisexuality in this country (especially).
      The fact that most bisexuals, MOST, feel they can use that ‘straight’ part of them to their advantage, not hesitating to smear it in the faces of the ‘unfortunate’ gay ones that can’t snag up a girl and cuddle her in public, pisses me to no end. Maybe it’s a thing with the bisexuals of this country (the ones I’ve come across anyway) or maybe it’s really them riding on the high shoulders of having a part of them that craves pussy since the country is so anti-gay. Don’t make it like I’m against you, or your sexuality, I’m not…I just do not like the fact that many of them tend to disregard their gay parts and leave it for the nights and explore the straight part of themselves for the day, only.
      Wanting to be seen as a straight man, so to speak, in this country is important, I get that…but don’t do it to belittle the gay folks, when u constantly diss us by your actions (not u, Pete, generalising), you leave me no choice but to vent.
      It doesn’t even help that I fall for many of them, making me a huge box of heartbreaks cos no bisexual wants to commit to that gay part of them.

      Sorry Pete if u felt offended. It isn’t about you, or anyone in particular, it’s more or less the ‘bisexual privilege’ being exploited anyhow.

      • pete
        January 21, 17:21 Reply

        Delle, I have nothing against you, just trying to correct an impression. Always bear this in mind, ‘nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent’. I promised PP that I’ll write a bi column but haven’t gotten around to it. Guess I’ll do it.

        • Delle
          January 21, 18:20 Reply

          I’d be looking forward to it! Bye now

  8. Mitch
    January 21, 10:17 Reply

    Was that an apology or an invitation for Amadioha to strike him dead where he is? See me see nonsense this morning oh!

  9. Sheldon Cooper
    January 21, 10:28 Reply

    The clueless one that doesn’t know he’s clueless just wrote the word “apologise” and continue with his stupid rant. I’m so furious right now.

  10. Khaleesi
    January 21, 10:43 Reply

    Mtchwwww … what a dumb fuck!! pretending to apologise while spewing bile from the corner of his mouth … dumbed down piece of crap!!

  11. ikhines
    January 21, 12:21 Reply

    All I care about is how this ndiki guy is doing me one kind!

  12. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    January 22, 02:32 Reply

    If only all this immoral outrage was targeted at straight men who have 8 kids from 6 women and still have side chicks on the side. We can have a coke snorting rapper sing about raping women on the tv and groove to that, but a gay man is a sign the world is ending. It’s so funny when they say we don’t want children to think it’s ok. Were we that are gay now ever told that being gay is alright? Did we become gay from watching Anne Boleyns on tv? Nope. We are GAY AS FUCK despite being bullied, spat on and cursed at. But as usual, homophobes in all their myopic wonder cannot see that.

  13. KingBey
    January 24, 16:40 Reply

    Ndiki my love. Cute as fuck ! ???

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