Zachary Quinto Stopped Going To Church When He Realized He Was Gay

Zachary Quinto Stopped Going To Church When He Realized He Was Gay

“I never went to Church again after graduating high school. I value a lot of aspects of my Catholic education and up bringing but also recognize the deep-seated, hypocritical nature of the teachings and the political and internal machinations of the institution. I do think it engendered a spirituality in me that I have cultivated and developed in different ways… I think the path is still revealing itself to me in lots of ways but I would say the most profound spiritual experiences I have had have been shamanic in nature and have opened me up to a kind of earth spirit, and plant spirits that have taught me a lot.”

— Zachary Quinto telling Attitude magazine that he never went to church again after coming out privately after finishing high schoolZachary Quinto 03

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  1. ken
    November 22, 05:29 Reply

    “Earth spirits”???
    Just great ehn! Just when I start crushing on someone, he decides to go have a MELTDOWN!

    *slams door*

      • ken
        November 22, 05:54 Reply

        Honeyboo, you call it shamania, I call it few steps from wandering through Fresno, Calif., calling yourself Celestia and rambling about being God who has come to take everyone back to heaven in a spaceship!

  2. Tiercel de Claron.
    November 22, 07:08 Reply

    I do think it engendered a spirituality in me that I have cultivated and developed in different ways….

    Quoted for emphasis

  3. #Chestnut
    November 22, 08:13 Reply

    Well,to each his own; everybody has their own realities and experiences that make them take certain decisions in life. However, I still find it hard to understand why one’s sexuality should stop them from going to church. Are they “turning away” from God,because they’re gay, or just turning away from the other (judgemental) people that go to church? Personally,I go to church for God,not for the other people sitting in d pews, so I don’t see why their opinions on certain things should stop me from going to church. Most gay guys will say “how can u still identify with a religion that clearly calls ur intrinsic nature a sin?”, but I still maintain that the “Word” was interpreted by mere MEN,millenia ago; and men are not infallible or immune to unintentional misintepretations…let me leave this at that,b4 I’m accused of blasphemy…
    Point is,why should I stop going to church because of what is said in some parts of the Bible, when those ppl who I’m avoiding still sit there in there mixed fabrics (which I’m sure they also read was a”sin”,while they were reading abt homosexuality being a sin- but it never stopped them from being proud of their “mixed fabric” in church,becos they probably tell themselves “oh,surely that mixed fabric thing isn’t being accurately interpreted;there’s no way THAT can be a sin,as the Bible would have us believe”.
    If the 300 level student and his girlfriend whom he LIVES with in his off-campus apartment can wake up early on sunday morning and proudly wear their best clothes and go to church (with the knowledge that they will still come back and continue fucking -aka fornicating), without feeling any form of guilt, then why should I feel bad abt being a gay man who goes to church? They should even be d ones to avoid church more than I do because their’s is a premeditated choice,which they can decide to (but blatantly refuse to) give up, while me…well #iWoKeUpLikeThis.

    • Chuck
      November 22, 08:17 Reply

      But basically your interpretation of the Bible is not the same as everyone else’s in your church. Isn’t the answer to start your own church or find a Pastor that agrees with your interpretation?

      • #Chestnut
        November 22, 08:45 Reply

        @chuck:So,since I have no interest in starting my own church,nor have I found a pastor that interprets the Bible that way,I can’t go to church anymore? What makes me different from all the other heterosexual church-goers who interpret various portions of the Bible, as is more convenient for them? Why are they allowed to go to church, and I’m not? Because my own “misinterpretation” is based on homosexuality, while their own “misinterpretations” don’t interfere with their heterosexuality ,and that makes them more worthy than I am?

        • Chuck
          November 22, 08:52 Reply

          I’m pretty sure the adulterers and thieves acknowledge that they are sinners. The difference is that you don’t accept that homosexuality is wrong.

          • Vhar.
            November 22, 09:03 Reply

            Oh thieves and adulterers do? They really acknowledge their sin? How did I not know that? I’ve been under some rock.

            What I admire about the modern atheist is not at all his logic, but rather his gift of imagination. There will always be the cartoon versions of Christianity further perpetuated by the extremist atheists who do not possess the humility to ask real scholars and theologians its difficult questions (and I must say, I’m no scholar or theologian).

            There is little doubt that the atheist has the bigger imagination: the first reason is due to his persistent caricatures of what constitutes a Christian; the second because of his belief that most of his questions are actually rhetorical.

            From this I can infer that, instead of laughing at one another (the Christian at modern atheist immaturity and the modern atheist at Christian stupidity), we would have a better chance at productivity laughing with one another as we all dumb down what we don’t understand.

            • Chuck
              November 23, 14:34 Reply

              You didn’t know that Christians believe stealing and adultery are sins? You’re really under a rock.

              I believe religions are social phenomena. If I say I’m a Christian leader or prophet, do I become one even if everyone else doesn’t think I am?

              You’re going down the line of prioritizing individual decisions about social relations, which will end up being unworkable.

      • Max
        November 23, 16:04 Reply

        I’m with you Chuck

    • Tiercel de Claron.
      November 22, 09:24 Reply

      Oh Chestnut,you forgot the “don’t carve your head,trim your beard nor tattoo your body” ordinance.Those were accounted sins in the OT too.
      @Chuck,do defaulters see those ones as the sins they are too?.

    • keredim
      November 23, 12:45 Reply

      Chesnut, I love you for your comment. It is exactly how I feel about Me, God and the church.

      As for the inane question about you starting your own church, well you don’t really need to go to church every Sunday to connect with Him. You can connect anytime anywhere via prayer. If you need to hear a sermon, there are countless podcasts out there.

      @Chuck, I think you can argue better than that.

      • Chuck
        November 23, 14:37 Reply

        I believe the church community is one of the fundamentals of Christian religion. If you don’t, then it’s a radical departure from the 2000 years of practice

  4. Danish
    November 22, 08:57 Reply

    in support of chestnut. there are a lot of teachings in the old testament that Christians disregard “because it is old”.

    Also looking at the new testament Paul who spoke against same-sex relationship also said women must never speak in a church and must always cover their hair. Do you realise modern Christians have also done away with this teaching?

    So for those who claim the bible is clearly a dagger against gay people, I think you should realise that Christianity as actually evolved contrary to popular belief.

  5. Chizzie
    November 22, 10:05 Reply

    Here’s the thing. I feel if you are a Christian or adhere to whatever religion, at least be honest with yourself. Most religions condemn homosexuality. Do you feel as a Christian (for example) and gay, you can honestly have a relationship with God?One where He’d be proud of you and your life style? Where after sucking cock and eating ass you can boldly face Him if He were to appear in human form ? If you were to die whilst still practicing your lifestyle, do you feel Jesus would walk you into the gates of heaven with a smirk on his face while patting your back and saying good boy?

    The same Bible cautions us to not be deceived and that God isn’t mocked, and one can’t serve two masters. The only person you are deceiving and mocking is yourself, if you feel you can continue to participate in what your religion classifies as sin.
    And this applies to the adulterers ,fornicators et al.

    You either do one of two things.

    – Stop sinning cold turkey.
    – or delve into a religion or practice that doesn’t condemn your lifestyle as sin. Eg Satanism,atheism or like our Quinto brother here, Shamanism

    If there’s one thing this so-called Christian God hates, it’s lukewarmness and double mindedness. He has more honor for a self professed satanist than someone who kids himself into thinking he can serve God on his own terms and conditions

    Stop deceiving yourselves.

    • Keredim
      November 23, 12:50 Reply

      “Do you feel as a Christian (for example) and gay, you can honestly have a relationship with God?” – YES!!!

      One where He’d be proud of you and your life style? – HELL YES!!!

      Its happening Bro, and It will continue to happen. I will see you in heaven.

      • Chuck
        November 23, 14:38 Reply

        Just to clarify, this God is cool with homosexuality and Escorting? Thats interesting

        • Keredim
          November 23, 16:00 Reply

          Hell to the fucking yes!!!???

          He is also cool with guys who use escorting services, so you are safe too.??

          (But i think He frowns at bare backers. I can’t be sure )

    • Max
      November 23, 16:03 Reply

      Bless you for that comment @Chizzie

  6. tarter
    November 22, 10:13 Reply

    some people here live in illusion,, the Bible condems homosexuality, deal with it and stop finding flimsy ways to pacify and console yourself,both the old and new testaments did.same Bible even condemned effeminate guys,religion doesn’t support homosexuality, does that mean you shouldn’t go to church and serve God? its a personal decision.reasons i don’t go to church has nothing to do with homosexuality

  7. JustJames
    November 23, 12:23 Reply

    Christianity is not about doing what is right or wrong. It is much deeper than that. It is about love. And not just any love but the love Christ (God) has for human beings. Everything you see in the bible is pointing to that. The old testament laws are there to show how difficult it is to please God by our own works that’s why he sent his son to save us.

    Now because of that sacrifice we can stand before God in all holiness as long as we accept that sacrifice as atonement for our sins. Jesus Christ said “it is finished”. He didn’t say “I have done my part now it’s time to do yours”. To think that our works will take us to heaven is to belittle the sacrifice Christ made on the cross and to say that maybe God isn’t all powerful to cleanse my sins.

    The real reason you will go to hell is because you didn’t accept Jesus Christ. It’s like knowing a helicopter close-by can get you out of a pit but you refuse their help. Definitely not their fault if you fall in.

    Does this mean we should sin because Christ has taken care of it all? No! But where Christians get it wrong is their reason for not sinning. When you understand the immensity of what Christ has done for you how could you not love him and want to please him! You don’t stop sinning cause you want to make heaven but because it’s what Jesus would want. When you love a person you want to make them happy.

    This is the true basis of Christianity that people should follow.. Not the price and reward system that seems to be flying around.

    I’m not sure if this entirely relates to the topic here.. I just felt the urge to share what I feel it means to be saved in Christiandom.

    Back to the bible experts.. Hello TDC

    • Chuck
      November 23, 14:44 Reply

      So you believe that Jesus does not forbid homosexuality, right?

      • JustJames
        November 23, 16:09 Reply

        Please read my comment again.. Maybe carefully this time and stop asking questions that doesn’t relate to anything I’ve said.

    • Max
      November 23, 16:17 Reply

      James, please stop having random sex with people(boys). Jesus doesn’t like it. He wants you to get married and have sex in his glory to a woman.. You know all these things and you’re still sinning?? Stop sinning James!!!

  8. Max
    November 23, 16:12 Reply

    Who are we kidding? You can be gay and christian? Why don’t you try coming out to your pastor and see what happens. Or maybe wedd another dude in church.

    When the church starts wedding gay couples, only then will I believe you can be christian (Thats if you know what christianity actually means) and gay.

    The bible condemns fornication, so basically all the man thirsting and the daily leg spreading you’re doing is condemned. Heck you can’t even marry someone you love in a place you’ve chosen to worship to make your sex legal or right in the eyes of God.

    Let’s just say that if the mythical trumpet sounds today, all those “gay Christians” will go to hell, all of you>> From Gad to Sinnex, to TDC, fire will burn out all your fake weaves off your scalp and all the pubes will be burnt off your asshole for eternity.

    Stop deluding yourselves, christianity like most other religions in the world is AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY.

    • Tiercel de Claron.
      November 23, 21:44 Reply

      Would’ve been best to ignore your attention-seeking rant,but………

      Where in the Bible was it said a marriage has to be conducted in a place of worship for it to be valid and legal?.

      Btw,leave the judging of those to make heaven or not to God,will you?.
      He’d already stated His ways are not our ways,so…………

      • Max
        November 24, 11:24 Reply

        Oh please, you know you won’t make heaven if the trumpet sounds any day. Stop trying to claim to know the bible @”his ways are not our ways”

        • Tiercel de Claron.
          November 24, 13:09 Reply

          Thought as much.
          No valid argument,just being all over the place.As is your wont.

  9. Dick Advocate
    November 23, 21:20 Reply

    When I stumbled upon this blog, I never for once thought that we would get to these stage of everyone chorusing ‘God doesn’t exist’
    God gave a us a gift called freedom and will.. Let’s not abuse the privilege. What happened to live and let live. If you don’t understand Christainity, God and his word- the bible. Why not let it be!
    This is a LGBT blog not a satanist blog though it’s getting harder by the day to know the difference.


    • Max
      November 24, 11:27 Reply

      Take the first word of your monicker and shove in down wherever you’ll be comfortable enough to accommodate it.☺☺.
      @PP, I think our satanist mission is finally working, we’ll need expansion real soon.

      • Pink Panther
        November 24, 12:52 Reply

        Hahahahahahahaa! Max, don’t let Angel Gad-riel to remember us and come swooping back.

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