“Forget My Sin. What Is Bad Is Bad.” The Irony of a Kito Guy’s Response to a Lecture

I love it when gay men in our community are astute enough to catch on to the shenanigans of kito scum on hookup apps like Grindr. Because at the end of the day, their M.O.s almost never changes. And if you are not so consumed by konji, you may actually see the very clear signs of their inauthenticity. However, while

Would You Mind It If Your Child Was Gay?

I recently came across an online conversation on Nigerian Gay Twitter where the topic of parenting a gay child was being discussed. A netizen with the handle @Grizz_nomad retweet-commented on a tweet where someone expressed their fear of having their future child grow up to be gay. @Grizz_nomad went on to make a thread where he expressed his own reservations

Nigeria Tops The List Of The Most Dangerous Countries For LGBTQ People

A new study produced by travel website, Asher & Lyric, has created the LGBTQ Danger Index; a ranking of the 150 countries with the most international tourists based on their safety for LGBTQ people. The study looked at eight factors including same-sex marriage rights, worker protections, discrimination protections, criminalization of violence, adoption recognition, illegal same-sex relationships and propaganda/morality laws. It


An artist friend of mine had gifted me with a penciled portraiture of myself, which he sent to me through a friend of his traveling to Nigeria. It was a stunning likeness of me, and I was very pleased to have something like this hanging on my wall. Thing is, it wasn’t framed yet. And I didn’t know where to

My First Love

He is big boned, tender and full of life, jiggling away in the rain He smiles, plump cheeks, full lips His smile showing teeth as brilliant as the snow in the Arctic He is innocent – nothing matters to him but fun, a full belly and his mother.   My First Love is a snack He smells like freshly-baked cookies,

Porn Star Rhyheim Shabazz’s Twitter Account Pulled Down Due To False DMCA Claims Filed Against Him

While filing a false DMCA against someone is considered perjury and can lead to civil penalties, that didn’t stop one deranged Twitter user from filing multiple false DMCAs against gay porn star Rhyheim Shabazz. Shabazz—a newcomer and wildly popular fan favorite who rose to superstar status this year as he interacted daily with over 300,000 followers—had his Twitter account pulled


We waved at Babajide as he got into his car, and watched him drive off before going into the house. It was just some minutes past 12am. A few hours ago, Babajide had invited Teddy for some drinks after work and he had wanted to meet with me too. I got to Teddy’s place by 7pm and we waited for