Celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week with these tweets about the ‘bi culture’

We are in the Bisexual Awareness Week, which started on September 17 and ends on the 24th, as recognised by GLAAD. The 23rd of September also marks Bi Visibility Day. Twitter often tries to define what gay culture is. And so to celebrate #BiWeek, we take a look at what ‘bi culture’ is. Drop your comments on what you think


Scars tell a story, mine tell stories of my love pain His lips touch my scars, kissing them, licking them He cradles me, makes love to me And when he says “I love you” I arch my back in pleasure, the cuffs a reminder of who I belong to There is darkness in his beauty, darkness that swallows me whole

Kito Diaries And The Stories We Are Careful To Tell

Good morning, KDians. So, a couple of days ago, a post had to be taken down from this site because it was discovered that the person who presented the story (a fictional piece) as his own actually plagiarized it, passing off a flash fiction piece – titled “America, America” and originally penned by an Emmanuel Tochukwu Okafor – as his

About Angelina Jolie And The Movie ‘First They Killed My Father’ Through The Eyes of a Nigerian

The following is an incredibly moving piece written by Nigerian writer and filmmaker, Jude Idada on his Facebook timeline. It is not LGBT-related – or perhaps it is – but it is very pertinent especially with regards to the recent times that we, as Nigerians, have found ourselves in. Read and share. Don’t just keep this truth to yourselves. *


My nuclear family and some of my extended family know I’m gay, thanks to mother. I didn’t mind that she told my dad and brothers. It was inevitable. But then I found out she told her sisters and I was pissed and scared. Then she went on to tell my uncle about it and I was just pissed. Why is

Kenyan gay inmates in need of condoms to curb HIV infections

Despite the subject of homosexuality being taboo in Kenya, as it is in most African countries, but practice of men sleeping with men is rife in the country, especially in the correctional facilities where men engage in sexual intercourse with fellow men, fueling the spread of HIV. Kenya has in the recent past made strides in the fight against HIV,