Sam Smith’s Non-Conformation And The Unwitting Prejudice Of LGBT People

Sam Smith revealing that he is non-binary as regards gender norms caused some ripples both here and on the social media. With both LGBT individuals and heterosexual people abounding with their derision and scorn. Amidst wisecracks such as “Does he have a new album on the pipeline?” and “He’s coming out…AGAIN?!”, I saw something on my Facebook TL that demonstrated


The past two years have been a real test on my individuality. There were two failed suicide attempts because I was fighting who I am. I had all these questions about my sexuality that I had no answers to. And in all this darkness, I didn’t really have anyone I could talk to. my best friend, DJ, was of course

Will Gay Sex Ever Stop Being A Crime In Nigeria?

I remember sometime in 2013, when my learned friend and I were exchanging ideas on the possible legal defences open to people who face criminal charges in court for same-sex sexual offences. My colleague’s position back then was that apart from anal sex, all other sexual contacts between persons of the same-sex was no longer illegal in Lagos State. Therefore,

Apparently, Blackface called Tuface “gay” in his diss track as an insult

Blackface seems forever doomed to only achieve relevance from riding Tuface’s coattails. For years, the former Plantashun Boiz singer has only ever made the news, not with his music, but with this unrelenting grudge he appears to be nursing for his more famous former bandmate, Tuface. Ever since the breakup of their group, the two singers have been engaged in


I look back on my life since this year started. I can’t say I do not find the view so unreal. It’s like a dream. You know it’s a dream and that dream itself is wringing its hands, waiting for that inevitable ‘pop’ that signals that the bubble has been pricked. After penning my Dear KD entry and viewing all the

Harry Potter Fans mock JK Rowling’s latest insistence that Dumbledore is gay

The Harry Potter fandom has turned on Fantastic Beasts writer J.K. Rowling, however temporarily, after her latest comments on the sexual relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. It doesn’t seem to be a torches-and-pitchforks kind of backlash, more of an eyeroll “here she goes again” kind of frustration from fans tired of the author adding extra details on characters outside of

Opinion: Why Do We Feel the Need to Transgender the Dead?

Earlier this month, a list of vaudeville-era “non-binary and transgender public heroes” compiled by actor Jeffrey Marsh was circulated widely on social media. The accompanying photos are fascinating, which helps explain why the list has been re-Tweeted more than 7,000 times. But notwithstanding the above-quoted title, only one of the listed entertainers are actually transgender. Nor did any of them