Woman Makes Her Boyfriend Take A Beyoncé Exam And Now They’re Married – In A Beyoncé-Themed Wedding

Every relationship needs love, trust and a little Beyoncé. You may or may not have heard the story of Allie Davis, the woman who made her boyfriend take a Beyoncé exam “to make sure [they] could stay together.” Allie Davis, known on Twitter as @Fergyonce, is as legit a Beyoncé superfan as they come. And in 2015, the then-21-year-old posted

Olympic champion Kerron Clement comes out on National Coming Out Day

Two-time Olympic champion Kerron Clement came out publicly yesterday at a Nike event celebrating a new rainbow-inspired track and field at Los Angeles City College. “I was tired of loving in the dark and being in the dark by myself,” he told Outsports. He said that he’s coming out now because, in his 30s, he simply cares less what other


As streams of hot water flowed from the large shower head onto his skin, Xavier was still trying to wrap his head around how a simple plan of going out alone to get a few drinks turned into a date with a hot young man and then, very arguably, the best sex he had ever had. How long has it

US Senator Elizabeth Warren gives an excellent response to same-sex marriage question

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren ignited the internet Thursday night with her quip on how she would respond to a person who thinks marriage is just between a man and a woman. “Well I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that and I’m gonna say, ‘Then just marry one woman,’” Warren said with a shrug. “I’m cool with


A few weeks ago, I traveled to the East from Lagos. I was actually headed to Owerri for a personal matter, but stopped over in Port Harcourt first to attend the child dedication of a friend. I was supposed to stay in the house of another friend, Ceejay. (You would recognise him from this episode of Suits & Ties.) However,

Lesbian turns the tables on Straight Man who slid into her DM for Sex

So, a KDian sent me the most hilarious exchange she had with someone who slid into her DM with the intention of getting her to have sex with him. “You don’t want to fuck me?” was his way to expressing his entitlement to her vagina. And when she turned him down by admitting that she is a lesbian, he followed