I was your typical born-again teenager. Pious looking. Academic. I didn’t speak to girls if I could help it. I simply loved the Lord! I went to a Christian secondary school, and in SS1, I was already a follow-up leader—one of those senior students who had to guide new students through their new-found faith. Every other day, I would check


One of the easiest decisions I made when I was getting married was in my choice of a best man. Emma had always been a close family friend and an easy person to hang out with. He was also aware of my pro-LGBT views and never questioned or harangued me over them. Whether he was aware I’m a member of

Woman Goes on Homophobic Rant Against Man Getting a Pedicure

Can’t a guy enjoy a spa day in peace? A woman at a spa just outside of Seattle, Washington was recorded spewing a bizarre homophobic rant at another customer. Christopher Brown was getting a pedicure at Casabella Spa & Nails when he says another customer started having a loud conversation with her daughter over FaceTime. “At this point, the staff

Lady Gaga releases statement on R. Kelly, will remove duet from streaming services | Matthew Knowles speaks out on protecting Destiny’s Child from R. Kelly

Lady Gaga has released a statement on R. Kelly’s allegations, and will remove their duet from streaming platforms. A new documentary on Lifetime, titled Surviving R Kelly, aired this month and has brought renewed attention to the singer’s history and allegations that he has sexually abused women and girls. Gaga recorded a duet with Kelly, Do What U Want (With

Dear KD: I Desperately Need Help With My Bottoming

Hello guys. I just want to pour my heart out about stuff I’ve been going through. First, I struggled with accepting the fact that I’m gay. I am also effeminate and super attracted to guys. Like, I’d see a hot guy and my body would start shaking like I’m having a seizure. Bottoming has been hard for me, to be


It was 2016 and I was browsing through Badoo (Badoo was my choice app for hookups because of the demographic I am attracted to. I like older men and I’d noticed that they mostly prefer Badoo to Grindr). I was swiping right for cute men, and for once, I didn’t find any attractive enough or interesting enough. I was contemplating

Facebook Reportedly Shuts Down R. Kelly Fan Page ‘Surviving Lies’ For Shaming And ‘Bullying’ Accusers

It’s only been a few days since the debut of Lifetime’s docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ that has swept the country and sparked a huge debate online about sexual misconduct, pedophilia and abuse at large. Though R. Kelly maintains that all allegations against him are untrue, the evidence presented in the docuseries definitely has sparked serious questions and overall outrage of