Dear KD: What Do I Do About My Boyfriend’s Cheating Girlfriend?

I have been dating my younger brother’s friend, who is bisexual, for about 5 months now. Before we started dating, he told me about his girlfriend, saying that they’d been together for three years without sex. I was okay with this other relationship at first, seeing as he spent more time with me than with her. And we did more

Zambia In A Gay Rights Row With The US Government | 47 Plead Not Guilty To Homosexuality Charge In Nigeria

In an escalating row over LGBT+ rights, the US ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote, has said he’s been threatened over his comments on the sentencing of a gay couple in Zambia. This comes on the heels of the Zambian president criticizing the United States after the senior US diplomat condemned the southern African country for sentencing two men to 15

Opinion: Radical Trans Activists Are Tearing The LGBT Community Apart

Originally published on   Rachel McKinnon, a biological male, won the women’s 200-meter sprint at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships for the second year in a row last weekend. While many LGBT advocates are celebrating this as a triumph, I, a lesbian healthcare professional, find myself deeply worried. When I watch the course the contemporary transgender movement has

Random Questions: About Grindr Hookups

After chatting with someone on Grindr for hours, you’re horned up as hell and ready to go. Then he gets to your place and you open the door to see that he looks nothing like his picture. Not that he’s physically hideous. He just isn’t the person in the picture he sent to you. Or he sent you a picture


One hand is resting on the arm of the chair, the other droops loosely over the side, trailing on the ground. Eyes shut, head tilted back, tie loosened haphazardly around the neck, three buttons popped open. The quiet of the room punctuated at intervals by the soft hiss of breath, depicted by the rise and fall of his chest. One

The Zikoko Story Of The Nigerian Man Who Realized He Was Bisexual At Age 27

(Originally published on Zikoko)   Zikoko’s Sex Life column reveals the 27-year-old man who had only ever had sex with women until last month. After unexpectedly making out with a guy at a party, he had his bisexual awakening, and now he feels like he just hit reset on his life. If you’ve not already read this story, check on

Public Notice: Request For Accommodation / Flat-mate

I am looking for an apartment in Lagos, possibly a brother in the community seeking a roomie. My budget is 250/300 thousand naira, and what I want is a brother staying in a 2-bedroom apartment and seeking to lease a room. I work on the Island but would prefer to stay on the Mainland, so any location with easy access