Dust we are and onto dust we shall return. The words are reverberating in my mind as I watch the busy shovels dumping soil on the casket that had Odiola in it. *** I met him on a lazy Saturday. I’d gone out to buy bread and I couldn’t help noticing his extremely wide shoulders. He turned around and our

The re-imagining your favourite Disney characters as trans

An artist in America has taken to reinventing famous Disney characters as their transgender counterparts. Classic characters including Achilles, Pinocchio, Ariel, Jasmine and Tiana have all been given the trans treatment by the New York based art director. I have desires too, you know? And my desire is to be who I want to be. A post shared by Trans

Tweet Of The Day XVII

Here’s a great example of the stark difference between the current American presidency and the last: in the wake of Trump’s horrific response to the Charlottesville tragedy, where he condemned “both sides” as responsible for the violence that occurred at a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Barack Obama tweeted a three-part quote from Nelson Mandela, the first tweet of

He And I

Being queer was not something I became one with until late in my teen year. There had always been tiny random feelings for other boys but not enough to make me sit down and ponder about. After secondary school, I didn’t make it with my post-UTME aspirations, so i decided to take on a pre-degree course in a federal university.

Random Questions X

It would seem as though our legacy, especially as Nigerian gay men, is to cheat and ruin relationships. Well, let us explore that. Let us have it. What are those reasons you imagine make gay men cheat?

The inspiring tweet of a HIV Positive Gay Man on his 50th birthday goes viral

A London-based HIV campaigner’s tweet about reaching his 50th birthday has prompted a big response on Twitter. The reason? When Matthew Hodson was first diagnosed positive almost 20 years ago, in the early days of anti-retroviral medication, he wasn’t sure he would live this long. ‘Thanks for all the birthday wishes. When I was diagnosed w/ #HIV, almost 20 years

About Straight People And All The Congratulations They Deserve For Being Accepting

So previously on Facebook, the post below was made: *** Straight friend: Can you not go a day talking without involving your sexuality? Everything isn’t about who you are attracted to. Okay. I look away. Me, feeling embarrassed, changes the channel to CNN. Anderson Cooper pops up on the screen, looking like the silver fox that he is. Me: Yassss zaddy 🙋 yasssss 🙌.