Pamela Adie’s Documentary, ‘Under The Rainbow’, Finally Gets A Release Date

The Equality Hub’s Under The Rainbow is going to premiere on Friday, June 28, 2019, thanks to support from the British Deputy High Commission. And in time for Pride Month too! The documentary, whose teaser was released in August last year, is a film that explores the story of Pamela Adie. As a feature documentary, Under The Rainbow provides a


I am not an attention seeker but I tend to start liking someone when they give me attention. From a distance, though; I hate in-your-face kind of attention. This particular attention I suffered through my years in the university was the kind I never expected. My first year in the university was a big stroke of bad luck (I don’t

Dear KD: Is There A Cis-Woman Who Wishes To Have A Child?

My name is Sim, a Nigerian from the eastern part. I am 5’6 feet, muscular or stocky, depending on your taste, dark hair and brown eyes. My genotype is AS, rhesus positive RH+, and I am HIV negative. I am a gay man, 35 years old, a Doctor (MD), HIV Clinical Trial Manager and Infectious Disease Specialist. I currently live


The Faculty of Arts building was a beehive of activity. I found myself having to shoulder my way through the crowd of people in the building as I made my way to the Faculty ICT staff office to register my courses. I was in a queue when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and as we said


I got the text on a Saturday, by midnight. It read: Please, I’m in Pedro Station, Shomolu, in a case related to queer. Please help. The sender identified himself as someone I know in the community, but the number was unknown. I had to be sure this was real. I had to be certain I wasn’t being pranked or prepped

Christians Are Outraged Following Taylor Swift’s Portrayal Of Anti-LGBT Protesters As Ignorant Hicks

Christians are angry after Taylor Swift mocks anti-LGBT activists for being ignorant hicks in her new and quite controversial music video for her latest single, You Need To Calm Down. In the music video, Swift advocates for LGBT people, while mocking the ignorance and hatred of the anti-LGBT movement. The video is a light and joyous romp with a not-so-subtle

Bruno, The Ghost Of Kito Diaries

Hello. I am Bruno, a subscriber of Kito Diaries. And I’m a ghost. At least, that’s what the wind says. I know I’m not alive; it’s not a feeling or an intuition. It’s more like knowledge germinating from reality. A comparison of who I am now and who I was. There are things I can do that humans can only