Lil Nas X never planned to come out, says he wants to represent the LGBT community

Lil Nas X says he initially had no intention of coming out. “The honest truth is, I planned to die with the secret,” the Old Town Road hitmaker says in an interview with The Guardian. Before he hit fame with his record-breaking hit, Nas wrote his first song, titled Shame, which saw him leaning into the rough-edged, macho qualities of


Previously on TO BE DELIVERED IN THE NAME OF GOD… * After a few days, my mother had them all ready, and we returned to the church. Not long after we arrived, the prophetess and her minions did a little prayer and then proceeded to make a concoction with the milk from the coconuts my mother brought, some olive oil and


In 2014, my older sister, Karen, asked me to give my phone to her friend, Yomi. You see, I had two phones, a BlackBerry and a Nokia E3. Before I had the Blackberry, I used the Nokia phone for everything, even WhatsApp. When I got the Blackberry, I switched all my online activities to it, and kept the Nokia as

To All The Boys I’ve Loved

Dear X, For whatever reason I haven’t been able to comprehend yet, I decided to write you first. I mean, I don’t miss you – at least not anymore. I do not. Remember how we met? That evening when you met me up at Sharon’s place for a hookup, a moment of intimacy which you decided to extend into something

Basketball coach comes out as gay after coronavirus pandemic made him realise he didn’t want to ‘die with the lie’

Basketball coach Matt Lynch has come out publicly as gay, saying he was afraid he could end up dying “with the lie” due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a wide-ranging personal article for Outsports, Lynch revealed that he has spent the last few years gradually coming out to people in his personal and professional circles. However, he had not yet


Musa was a security guard who had been cooking beans on his stove in the gate house where he lived, when he noticed that the flames of the stove were dying out. With the stove still on and with the boiling pot atop it, he shook the stove slightly to help confirm his suspicion. The bare swish of liquid inside

Ugandan LGBT Community Raided Over Social Distancing Violation Claims

A gay rights leader in Uganda reportedly says that 20 members of the local LGBT community have been detained after the police raided their shelter and accused them of violating coronavirus-related social distancing measures. “It is evident that they were arrested because of their homosexuality,” Frank Mugisha said on Wednesday, while expressing concern for detainees’ safety as “some of them