New study confirms that Grindr makes everyone miserable

A new survey reveals some surprising and not-so-surprising truths about the apps we use and the impact they have on our mental wellbeing. Time Well Spent asked 200,000 iPhone users about the different kinds of apps they use and whether those apps make them happy or unhappy. Not surprisingly, meditation apps like Headspace ranked pretty well, with 99% percent of

Rape Is Not Only When There’s Blood And A Crying Girl

I can’t say I remember exactly how it started but on the night I just got home, slightly tipsy from alcohol, my brothers and I got into an argument about consent that left me going “What the fuck?” You are on twitter and you see random people saying these outrageous things about rape and molestation, and you wonder how people

Dismantling Those Myths About Gay Sex

I find it weird that straight people cannot get their minds out of our asses. They’re obsessed with how we have sex, what happens before and after. It’s even weirder when they’re homophobic. Like you hate it, so why are you always thinking about it? I met this lady a few weeks ago, claiming to be an LGBT ally and

Sitcom ‘Friends’ comes to Netflix and viewers are shocked at the show’s homophobia, transphobia and misogyny

Friends is probably one of the most known series, and that is the reasons that millions of fans were thrilled when it was announced that it would be coming to Netflix. However, excitement quickly died down when people began to binge watch the show and found that it was more problematic than they remembered from previous sporadic watching. Viewers took

A Quick Note on HIV Confidentiality (Disclosure of HIV Status)

Sometime in December 2014, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan signed into law Nigeria’s HIV and AIDS Anti-Discrimination Act. Amongst many other things, the act clearly stipulates the rights and responsibilities of HIV affected and infected individuals and the obligations of institutions to these people. You can access the entire act here and the summarized version here. Amongst the many sections treated

A court orders these 16 countries to make same-sex marriage legal

A number of Latin American countries do not allow same-sex marriage. However, that trend is changing. A Latin American human rights court said Tuesday that countries in the region should legalize same-sex unions, endorsing a growing push for marriage equality. This order, by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, is being considered the ‘biggest same-sex marriage court order in history’.

Time Changes Yesterday

Six years ago, I was in the university. And Ben was still trying to get an admission. We were classmates in secondary school, but we didn’t have much of a relationship then. So I was more than a little surprised when he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and after I accepted, he chatted me up in my inbox.