It was the first day of the show. The Orientation Day. The day everyone would get to meet everyone else and gauge the actual competition for themselves. Nonso was the first of the contestants to arrive at the venue. He came so early, he walked in on the bustle of the show’s execs and crew setting up for the first

Tweet of the Day: Stupid Questions Straight Women Ask

A straight woman on Twitter who goes by the handle @SimplyJANETIC decided to weigh in on the topic of gay men loving gay men when she posted a picture of two men kissing, along with the tweet: “What will make a guy to be sexually attracted to another guy when there are fine girls all over the world looking for


It’s written in all the texts we exchange every time we chat. The emojis you send. The emotions in every line. Even the way your voices diffuses into my ears when you send voice notes. It’s never hidden. Always present in all the lines, woven to form the fabric that is our communication.   And when we talk on the


Chase Brown smiled as he excitedly climbed out of his Ford Mustang and hurried into his townhouse. The reason why he was so excited was because he’d finally met someone who not only understood him but thought exactly like him. At a midtown bar, he met a sexy guy named Max who was a Trump supporter that believed the Democratic

Photo: Infinix Nigeria and its homophobia

This foolishness is happening in 2018. By an internationally-recognised brand. In 2018!!! Shame on you, Infinix Nigeria! Shame on you for promoting an unhealthy environment for those who make up your customer base!


Prologue One said he was straight. The other knew he was gay. Yet, somehow, they were in bed together. They lay together, bodies entwined, wondering what had just happened. How it had happened. They had their gazes glued to the canvas above them, neither of them chancing a look at the other, or daring to ask the other what he

Ex BBN Housemate, Tobi Bakre says he’ll act nude scenes in film

Former BBNaija housemate, Tobi Bakre has said he’d do nude scenes in film. However, he’d only play such roles if the offer comes from Hollywood, not Nollywood. In a recent interview, Tobi had this to say: “What I love about acting is the fact that you have the power to be anything. If you are given a script, whether you