Pete Buttigieg and Rachel Maddow talk about coming out during moving interview

MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow sat down with 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg for a live interview Monday night that covered a wide range of topics, including being closeted and coming out. In the interview, Maddow who, like Buttigieg, was also a Rhodes Scholar, said she couldn’t imagine staying in the closet for as long as he did. “I think it would

Singer Aveon claims affair with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter, following reports Wendy is divorcing her husband

Singer Aveon Falstar, real name Aveon Williams, has gone public with an explosive secret, saying he carried on a sexual affair with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter in 2018. Speaking to YouTuber Tasha K. on her show “unWineWithTashaK,” Falstar explained how his singing talents brought him to the attention of producers for the Wendy Williams Show. After he wowed the


Finding Love. That’s one idea I’ve tried not to think about since my last relationship ended. Sometimes I get really horny and go into occasional flings with a friend who has become my go-to for casual sex. Well, that was until January when we returned to our different schools. So, when I found myself scouring Grindr, I happened on a


I stay in Kano, and earlier this year, I fell prey to a guy named Mahmud Hamisu Galadima here in Kano. We met on Grindr a few months back and chatted for a week. Then he was in Sokoto but said he would be in Kano in two weeks’ time. When he eventually came to Kano, he asked me to


He has told me to stop communicating with him, especially via text messages and phone calls. This I respect and have kept to, without any grudge. I met Nonso on Facebook in 2010. In fact, he sent me a friend request and was the first to engage me in a chat. I wasn’t seeing anyone at that time, and I


I don’t know what I can really say about myself, but the major question that comes to my mind at the moment is that which plagues me about the essence of my existence. I oftentimes wonder if I am cursed. I wonder why the principle of law against double or triple jeopardy has not stepped in to rescue me from

Opinion: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Supporting Their Son Zion at Pride Is The Example We All Need

There was an unmistakable sense of joy on the face of 11-year-old Zion Wade, the son of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, last weekend at the 11th annual Miami Beach Pride parade. His expression was the kind you see on someone who is completely surrounded by unwavering love. In this case, a smiling Zion was joined by his stepmom, actress