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The Proposal: Three Queer Men Are Looking For Partners

Hi, my name is Charles. I am in my late 30’s and a bisexual man from the East, Anambra precisely. I work and reside in Enugu. I am financially stable

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THE PROPOSAL: Three Queer Men Are Looking For Honest Connections In Their Future Partners

Hello, so I have done this before, in the last The Proposal post. However, I lost access to the email address I provided. So, here I am again, in case

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THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Women And Three Queer Men Are Interested In Marital Partnerships

Hello, my name is Chinedu, I’m Igbo and in my early 40s. I am a career-driven person with side interests in arts and entertainment. I need a partner for a

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THE PROPOSAL: Three Queer Men (One Of Them An Arab) And Two Queer Women Are Seeking Partnerships

My name is Adam, I am 29 years old, Arab, Muslim and I live in the UK. I know my nationality is not one you’d expect to read about in

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The Proposal: PLEASE BEWARE OF MARRIAGE SCAMMERS!!! | Four Gay Men And A Woman Are Looking For Partners

It has recently come to my attention that there’s a queer woman whose post I have put up here before, who has been exploiting the interests of the gay men

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The Proposal: A Queer Women And Queer Man Are Looking For Serious Commitments

I am Stella (not my real name of course), and I am in my mid-30s, ready to settle down with a gay/bisexual guy and also build a family together. I

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The Proposal: Two Queer Men Are Looking For Marriage Prospects

Hello, my name is Jojo, and I am a gainfully-employed gay man in my late 30s. I am from the Southern part of Nigeria, resident in Lagos, and I am

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THE PROPOSAL: A Queer Man Is Looking For A Partner For Marriage

Hello, my name is Emeka from Imo state, a 33-year-old, HIV+ Undetectable Bisexual man living and working in southwestern Nigeria. I have been undetectable for over six years with good

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The Proposal: A Lesbian and Three Queer Men Are Looking For Connections For Marriage

Hello, I’m Shade (not my real name of course), a 26-year-old Nigerian Lesbian living in Lagos, Nigeria. I am an undergraduate and also self employed. I am under pressure from

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Dear KD: I Really Need Your Help

Hello guys, after much communication with Pink Panther, I feel compelled to bring my plea here for your consideration. My name is Shode and I am a corper, currently serving