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I noticed him in church when we made eye contact. He was the saxophonist and before that Sunday, he’d always been just another church worker to me. But that morning,

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I Dove Deep Into The Darkness To Find The Release I Needed

I feel like everyone has that one ex, a former love that holds some kind of overwhelming power over you. It makes almost everything they do around you at once

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God’s Children Are Truly Little Broken Things

Some months ago, I met this guy on Tinder. I’d just joined the app following a dare from a friend, and after a few matches, two days later, here was

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My cousin texted me on WhatsApp. The text had pictures of a good-looking man. My cousin wanted to know if I knew him. He was home for the Christmas holiday

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We’d been seeing each other for about a year; Sagir and I met in October 2021, and the relationship was particularly based on sex. No commitment other than whenever any

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The Trauma Of Being Dike

I had a dream this morning. A very weird dream that woke me up. I am back in Enugu, at the home of some of my family’s friends — the

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What Wilfred Wills (Part 2)

Previously on What Wilfred Wills… * I smiled to myself as the events of the previous night began to unfurl in my head; I could remember being spooned against Wilfred’s

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“I like you.” I stood there, staring at his face, shocked so much that I could not speak. There was something earnest about the expression on his face, something rather

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What Wilfred Wills

We’ve since moved to a bigger house, but back then, when my family lived in a three-bedroom apartment, I shared a room with my elder brother. He is seven years

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Earlier this year, I was casually dating someone – let’s call him X. It ended up not going anywhere, primarily because of the baggage he appeared to be carrying from