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The KGB Boy Origins (Part 3)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today’s is Mitch’s birthday. And so, of course, it is only fitting for his day to be commemorated by the final chapter of his brilliant origin story of

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 24)

I pull shut the zipper of my sandals just as the door squeaks open. Still in that bent position, I watch as Iliana silently shuts the door behind her; her

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The KGB Boy Origins (Part 2)

Previously on THE KGB BOY ORIGINS… * 6 years later… You were lying sprawled out on your bed. In the darkness of your room, the lilting strains of Johann Pachelbel’s

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The KGB Boy Origins

Following the great reception of his story, The KGB Boy, Mitch has returned with an origin story for the main character in the story. Check on it: * You walked

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 23)

Ife is sitting on the chair that I had spent the last two hours reminiscing on; her shoulders are slumped and her face is to the ground, but I know

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 22)

Previously on WHORE OF BABYLON… * I open my eyes and it is dark, impenetrably dark. There is a hand draped over my belly and the more I awaken, I

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Previously on LIVING GAY IN UNILAG… * For a fleeting moment, I stood, frozen in shock. How did Sharon know? Had she noticed something? I had to stifle an urge

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Reverend, of Those Awkward Moments fame, has returned with a continuation of the series he debuted in 2016 (HERE and HERE). The character is Funke Brown –

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My biggest fear in life is being different. And so, even though I’d always known I was gay, I kept that identity tucked away under the cover of what I

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 21)

“Mark, you sent me this address twenty minutes ago. Are you going to let me get there or do I have to cancel this meet?” I say into my phone,