My name is Noah. I have always been a man of caution, threading carefully wherever I go, keeping my professional life separate from my personal life. I have being visiting Nigeria at least once or twice a year for work since the early 1980s. And in the course of my trips, I have amassed a handful of friends and acquaintances, both for business and pleasure. And both my business engagements and pleasure trysts had never given me any cause for concern, worry or disconcertion.

That is, until a trip I made to Nigeria in 2013.

I am a forty-nine-year-old bisexual British man, married with a lovely wife and son. Whenever I am back at home in the UK, I focus all my time and energy on my family. However when I am away for work, I try to indulge in a bit of fun with guys.

So it was on a trip to Lagos, I logged on to my gayromeo account and set my location to Lagos; that way I would be able to arrange a meet with a guy in my hotel when I was free.

And I did meet someone.

His profile name is Pedrocock, aged 26 (at the time). He was nice and the conversation between both of us flowed easily, and there were no tale-tale sign of anything untoward. Eventually, we moved our acquaintanceship from the hookup site to Whatsapp. Below is an extract of some of the Whatsapp conversations we had.

17:16, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

17:16, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Tony for planetromeo

17:17, 23 Apr – Noah: hi tony

17:17, 23 Apr – Noah: Noah here

17:20, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Yeah

17:21, 23 Apr – Noah: pics please

17:21, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

17:41, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: That me

17:41, 23 Apr – Noah: nothing received

17:46, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Is coming u we see it

17:49, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: IMG-20130423-WA0012.jpg (file attached)

17:54, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: IMG-20130424-WA0000.jpg (file attached)

19:08, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

08:36, 24 Apr – Noah: good morning

08:36, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Morning dr how was ur nite

08:51, 24 Apr – Noah: it was good tks

08:51, 24 Apr – Noah: how was yours?

08:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Cool on my wey too work

08:53, 24 Apr – Noah: what do you do?

08:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: I work with lg

09:08, 24 Apr – Noah: what is lg

09:11, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Where day sell tv

09:13, 24 Apr – Noah: what area of Lagos do you live

09:15, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: 10004 and u

09:39, 24 Apr – Noah: i am staying in Sheraton

09:58, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

09:58, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: I was there too day back

10:47, 24 Apr – Noah: ok so u know the place

10:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: How you out work na

10:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Yes dr

10:53, 24 Apr – Noah: yes at work now

10:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Good

10:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: What can of work do u do

11:04, 24 Apr – Noah: i’m a dr and moving here to work

11:09, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: K

21:13, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

21:18, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u there

08:42, 25 Apr – Noah: sorry i was with some friends last night

10:01, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

10:01, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Good morning

10:04, 25 Apr – Noah: good morning

10:04, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: How was ur nite

10:05, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u working today

10:06, 25 Apr – Noah: i have something to do this morning but should be finished this afternoon

10:06, 25 Apr – Noah: what about you?

10:08, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Am free just out home no work today

10:08, 25 Apr – Noah: cool

10:10, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: So if u are free in box me

10:11, 25 Apr – Noah: ok will do

10:11, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

16:20, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hi

16:40, 28 Apr – Noah: hi there

16:44, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: U have not be chating with me hop u are good

16:46, 28 Apr – Noah: yes all good

16:46, 28 Apr – Noah: have been very busy

16:47, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Thank god

16:47, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u out work na

16:49, 28 Apr – Noah: i am yes

16:49, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Same

Eventually, I could make out time from my grinding schedule to see him. And I invited him over to my hotel.

He came over and after some moments of chit-chat, we started making out. He did not seem very responsive. I should have suspected something was amiss then, but I quickly dismissed such thoughts and carried on as one would when you’re really horny. He sucked me a little and then jerked me off until I came.

What happened immediately afterward was a total shocker. Once I came, he jumped off the bed and began dressing quickly and demanding for $1,000 for sex. I stared nonplussed, wondering at this instant graduation from hookup to hooker. And then I blinked in astonishment as he focused his phone camera on me, naked in bed, and began snapping photos of me.

At this point, I knew the situation was no longer a joke. This guy meant business and he was dangerous. I tried to negotiate and reason with him. I did not have much naira on me (or any other currency for that matter), and so I could only offer N10, 000. He proceeded to go through all my stuff, filching some brand new pieces of clothing a particular client had specifically requested I bring for him, as well as a brand new Nokia Lumia phone I had purchased recently. He also made off with my iPad, saying he would bring it back when I was ready to pay more.

The next few days were hellish, as I tried to negotiate with him to return the iPad in exchange for cash. I was immensely worried about the embarrassment if this escalated, especially while I was still on Nigerian soil. He eventually agreed and said he would come back with the iPad, this after I promised him N50, 000.

I was exhausted emotionally and mentally. And I came to the realization that I could not handle this on my own and decided to seek help. I knew the hotel owner personally and reached out to him, telling him everything that had happened. He understood my predicament and began to plan the next line of action in preparation for when this hooligan would come back.

The hotel’s securities were instructed to grab him the minute he set foot into the hotel, and they did. However he was clever enough to bring a female accomplice with him for the meet. She was the one in possession of the iPad and slipped back out unnoticed, when she observed that he had being detained. The furor that was kicked up in the hotel lobby as he was being forcefully detained was quite embarrassing for me; he was yelling and fuming quite loudly, creating a scene, and some of the startled faces of those witnessing the incident also bore a hint of comprehension, like they knew exactly what was going on.

We began to negotiate him, and he eventually called back the girl, after extracting my word that he would get paid N20, 000 and that no charges of theft would be pressed against him.

To say I was left distraught from the whole experience would be putting it mildly. At this point, my entire perception of the Nigerian gay scene changed, and my trust in any Nigerian male acquaintance took a nosedive. I proceeded to delete my gayromeo account and avoided meeting guys for the rest of my stay.

However, I have a good friend of mine, JArch, to thank for my journey back to sanity. Without him, I might never have come out of that funk I was in. Despite my consistent and fountaining aversion for all the pleasures Nigeria promised in both friendship and sex, he persevered and kept in touch with me via email, talking to me and bolstering my courage until gradually, I was able to put that whole mess in the past where it belonged.

Fast forward to 2015, I am coming to Lagos again in a few weeks. I’d created a new profile on gayromeo, and was hoping to indulge. And guess who came knocking online… It was none other than my infamous blackmailer from 2013. Nothing had changed on his online persona, and from the way he chatted me up, it quickly became apparent to me that he didn’t recognize me.

My instant reaction was to block him off as the memories of the old nightmare threatened to swamp me, but I took a moment to reach out to JArch first, to inform him of the development. He was the only one who was intimately knowledgeable of what I went through in 2013. So, sharing in my outrage, he put me in touch with Pink Panther, who graciously has agreed to expose this piece of scum to the public for who he really is.

He has being itching for a meet, but that will happen when it’s a cold day in hell.

Written by Noah


I have always said it. I have no respect for gay men who prey on others, seizing opportunities to blackmail or assault them. I believe this scheme is this guy’s MO, and below is his picture. And he goes by the names Ghanaboy Ebinum and Ghanaboy Jackson on Facebook. So that anyone who knows him or is yet to should understand that he doesn’t mean well for the LGBT community.Pictures1


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  1. Philip
    May 07, 05:00 Reply

    Such a hottie misbehaving. I have never been on gayromeo. Grindr is the safest.

    I will need Noah’s contact. I got a thing for vintage wines.

    • Philip
      May 07, 05:04 Reply

      I got my own kito story; very terrible experience. I have locked it in an iron box, buried and disposed the key into the sea.

      • Philip
        May 07, 05:06 Reply

        For the umpteenth time, panther organize “singles and mingles” post. This might be the safest place for meets

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 07, 05:08 Reply

          And for the umpteenth time, Kito Diaries won’t serve as a hookup avenue.

      • Philip
        May 07, 05:10 Reply

        Might be an exception to the rule. He is vintage

      • Chris
        May 07, 12:20 Reply

        @Keredim69, didnt i see what you just did there?
        i didnt know you’re that bad 🙂

    • Peak
      May 07, 05:14 Reply

      Honey please don’t tell me you just refered to the guy above as “hottie” ? No! I’m not hating cos he is a scum, but hottie? Mba nu.

  2. Ace
    May 07, 05:10 Reply

    Sorry, I quickly had to scroll down to comment on how nauseating I found the guy’s (I haven’t gotten to the part of his name) conversation. The use of grammar… Lord Jesus have a truckload of mercy.

    • Peak
      May 07, 05:21 Reply

      I literally rolled my eyes at the grammar and said to myself there is no way I would ve moved forward with this dude kito or not. Then I realised that noah is a foreigner and can’t easily pick up certain give away signs that we ve conditioned ourselves to notice. “I work in LG, I live In 10004″lol abeg is it 1004 or 10004 again? Smh.

    • D-boy
      May 07, 08:38 Reply

      i would have been turned off immediately.

    • Lothario
      May 08, 17:40 Reply

      I swear…..the migraine that came on as a result was no joke

  3. Ace
    May 07, 05:20 Reply

    This is just so sad! Got me feeling some kind of way. I still don’t understand why anybody would take the lowlife train without considering that their rail line will end at a cliff. When some young people die, we are quick to send heartfelt condolences only because we don’t know the evil they did to others while they were alive. Noah let this be just one bad experience. Move on buddy, move on.

  4. Philip
    May 07, 05:23 Reply

    Noah, you made a terrible mistake.
    In a secure environment like Sheraton, you would have called the manager( who you said is a friend) immediately.
    The guy will be apprehended and the pictures deleted before he leaves the hotel.

  5. Peak
    May 07, 05:26 Reply

    Sorry for what you had to go through noah, launching into a “Nigerians are not like that” speech, is just going to sound like a rehearsed-tired speech. You will be fine. We have FAITH in JArch to rcorrect any wrong impression.

  6. JArch
    May 07, 05:29 Reply

    Lol JSU I live in Abuja not Lagos and all of this went down in Lagos.

    Lil hoe tho? If I catch you eh

    • JArch
      May 07, 07:11 Reply

      JSU your head there ooo.

      You’ve forgotten that Nigerian airlines can make 3 hour plans go kaput. That kind of quickie is bound to fail one way or another. If the flight is on time, Lagos traffic will show you shege

  7. Peak
    May 07, 05:31 Reply

    And the blackmailer would ve just sat back,propped his feet on a cofee table, sip on a glass of juice and allow him to do all that? Your life is practically at risk In such situations and I doubt most people have the mental capacity to think logically in such situations.

  8. Ace
    May 07, 05:31 Reply

    One freaking annoying thing is that most of these kito guys are gay! Why the fuck would they do this kind of fuckery? Joblessness is really a problem. I don’t blame some guys for only hanging out with people from a particular social status. Low lives and NFAs have nothing to lose! Just browsed his page now. Looks like one of those guys that pose with other people’s property.

    And I believe we have some of such guys on this blog. The epic case of whose mother flies at night if all our mothers are good.

    • Teflondon
      May 07, 07:33 Reply

      ‘Low lifes’
      I was torn to shreds for using those same words in my kito story. I bet Yall now see how it felt.

      • Mandy
        May 07, 07:38 Reply

        Ah, Tef, I was wondering when you’d make an appearance. Another kito story brought you out of hibernation huh? And judging from your comment, the order of the day will be to harp about how your kito story was unfairly treated and how KDians are more empathetic with Noah than with you, huh?

      • xavier
        May 07, 10:36 Reply

        Your story was more like a “karma” story and not a kito story.

      • Chris
        May 07, 12:27 Reply

        @Mandy , not so funny a comment and it
        came at the inappropriate time. Seem
        personal to me. I could be wrong.

  9. darnell
    May 07, 05:34 Reply

    How do you hookup with such trash? I dunno maybe my standards are too high

  10. Chris
    May 07, 05:38 Reply

    “graduation from hookup to hooker”, Hmm, i dont know whether to laugh or cry, as there are so many decent young twentysomething gay/bi dudes about, am so weary of this age bracket because of the above incident.
    The criminality of same sex intimacy in 9ja has compounded the problem and hence a breeding ground for blackmailers.

    It is a hard hellish life for DL guys caught up in such precarious sticky situation. Sincerly i can emphatise Mr Noah. Personally if you are not in your mid thirties, for me i will regard and treat you as a potential kito or blackmailer( Only in 9ja though) until proven otherwise. I have heard many kito stories, they make me feel sick , angry and makes me wish am carrying a different cross.

    One of the kito stories i heard, the dude was set up, beaten, stripped naked, recorded while being beaten , stripped of all belongings and further threats until experienced friends came to his aid.
    Noah, i respect your guts, your liver, to be able to go on planet romeo or any site for that matter again, anyway the goodness out of this is that the lowlife scum has been revealed to all and sundry.

    No shame in 9ja anymore oo, imagine the fool still had clout and be causing pandemonium upon been apprehended, that is why i always warn guys when visiting 9ja to be very very careful, boys are not smiling.

  11. Dennis Macaulay
    May 07, 05:41 Reply

    The guy is quite popular around lagos, he preys on expats mostly. I know another person he tried to scam, his embassy even got involved.

    This is why foreigners are very uneasy about Nigerian gay men and its really sad. Stories like this circulate around them “becareful with Nigerian boys, they are mostly thieves”.

    Anyway Noah, put this behind you and enjoy your time in lagos, it is a fun town!

  12. techie
    May 07, 05:53 Reply

    oh boy. reading that chat gave me a headache. please don’t hook up someone who can barely string together a sentence in english.

    it’s also helpful that this story included photos and personal details of your blackmailer. sorry about your experience.

  13. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    May 07, 05:53 Reply

    But…you’ve been visiting Nigeria since the 80’s (and I’ll assume shagging guys) and all was good but a single experience in 2013 made you label Nigerians as (whatever label you used)?? Isn’t that very wrong of you?? Even with the help you got from Nigerians at the time of said trouble.

    You applied the same wrong judgment you used on the guy to the whole of Nigerians.

    Works in LG (definitely as a sales assistant) and lives in 1004
    Reads “1004” One hundred and Four and thus uses “10004”
    Can’t get a single sentence right
    Quickly gives you “10004” as the area of Lagos they live in

    I would’ve known this scum was claiming to be what he’s not. Being a regular visitor to Nigeria from the 80’s and interacting with Nigerians could’ve taught you, but maybe you didn’t socialize much.

    I’m not blaming you for what happened, I’m ‘bitching’ bout the vote of no confidence on the other 100 million good people.

    Do be careful next time. BTW, na style I take drop pointers for you.

    • Chris
      May 07, 06:05 Reply

      Sometimes, hmm, somtimes it is one apple that always spoil the
      whole bunch. Despite the millions of Nigerians that are honest,
      and hard working all over the world, our reputation is in tatters,

  14. Masked Man
    May 07, 05:56 Reply

    Piece of shit.
    First of all, he’s very very ugly. I won’t even move a muscle for him and his borrowed benz.

    Secondly, he’s very dull. Am olodo. A very big itiboribo. After those conversations, no way in the world I’ve have gone on to meet him.

    Thank God that I don’t even know what gayromeo is. All of you that swim through hookup sites.

    Am sorry Noah, for what you had to go through.

  15. Mitch
    May 07, 05:57 Reply

    Look at the fucking ape! That thing ought to have been drowned as soon as it was born. Beast!

    And Noah, I believe that knowing JArch ought to count for something. He resides in Nigeria and understands the gay clime here. Asking him to hook you up would not only be better, but safer for you. That said, I’m glad you’re back to normal now.

    • JustJames
      May 07, 08:03 Reply

      Drowned as soon as he was born..? Really Mitch?

  16. KryxxX
    May 07, 05:57 Reply

    *In a shaky old voice*…….and so children, that was how grandpa deleted his acc nd uninstalled those gay apps yesterday. I just couldnt deal with d drama!

    Reading this was quite nauseating! The convo alone self had me @ puke nd faint! Ppl like this r the ones giving this community bad name nd making sincere guys develop a phobia for hooking up!

    And sorry oh, did u call that thing hot? I thought I was ugly/badlooking till I saw him nd knew I had hope! Huge hopes!

  17. Chris
    May 07, 05:58 Reply

    ….and @JArch, thanks for been there for your friend.

  18. zinnat
    May 07, 06:04 Reply

    “What can of work do u do” “Are you out work”……… *sigh*

    Upon all d money he stole, he couldnt get himself an English teacher.

    This dude is a disgrace to human race. Nemesis will surely catch up with him one day.

    His pix tho, i just lost my appetite.

      • zinnat
        May 07, 06:17 Reply

        For both oooo, dis kinda pix can make one anorexic and impotent.

        I will surely pass a gay test (in flying colours) using this guy as the subject.

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 07, 06:21 Reply

          Hahahahahahahahaa!!! I love this zinnat. Your sense of humour can kill.

    • JArch
      May 07, 06:32 Reply

      Kritzmortiz don’t even dare hehehe. I can already tell what’s going on at the back of your mind

  19. JArch
    May 07, 06:10 Reply

    Quite frankly nothing would be more delightful than to see this wanker roughed up. The nerve to show up again a second time!!!

    So if anyone has some ideas, suggestions or contacts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with pinky.

    • Chris
      May 07, 06:39 Reply

      Trust me , if i could ve my way he will be disabled,
      yes physically, i will make sure he will never ever
      do this or scam again in his miserable life, oh yes.
      His waterloo await him soon. I hope he is reading
      this too, dumbfuck

  20. Masked Man
    May 07, 06:17 Reply

    Quite simple.
    When he comes, two of you should grab him, tie him up to a chair and break all his joint with a baseball bat, and dump him on third mainland.
    Less stress, less time.
    He deserves more and even worse.
    No mercy.

  21. Chris
    May 07, 06:18 Reply

    About time we have a gay mafia in Nigeria, i mean for justice purpose.
    Report your kito case and let them handle it free of charge as to serve
    as a deterrent to potential blackmailers. Fuck them up the same way
    they fuck you up. Enough apathy and self pity.

  22. Sinnex
    May 07, 06:21 Reply

    Now this is the definition of ‘ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’….what kind of ponmo lips is that….nyama….I was even expecting someone hot.

    Anytime I meet someone online and the guy starts calling me ‘dear’ and ‘babe’, the first things I’d do is to run.

    Mr. Noah, as you have shared your story here, why don’t you take it a notch further by sharing this link with him on Facebook or that romeo stuff, let him know we are on to him.

    Now I am happy that ‘The Warri’ did not come and he just made away with my 5k, it could have been worse.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 07, 06:22 Reply

      Yes, sinnex. I actually believe you dodged a bullet with that Warri guy. It indeed could have being worse.

    • Mirage
      May 08, 05:20 Reply

      As in ehm that calling someone you don’t know dear annoys me and I would literally attach several exclamation marks to buttress my point!*wraps hair into bun,listening to beyonce if I were a boy*oh fuck ph traffic!

  23. Max
    May 07, 06:28 Reply

    See his kpomo Mouth. Dude can’t even type a correct freaking sentence with all the “spell check” in phones these days, smh. It’s good you shared this story and his pic too.
    But wait oh, did he surrender you with a knife? Because I can’t understand why you couldn’t take him. Lock him in that room with you, snatch the phone from him and break it. It’ll be his word against yours.
    Anyway, lesson learnt.

    • Chris
      May 07, 06:49 Reply

      @Max, there are many ways to skin a cat. I would not ve advise
      physical altercation at this point, bear in mind that one is not
      thinking sraight( lol, straight) during this predicament. The guy
      might be physically stronger than Noah and harm Noah self.

  24. zinnat
    May 07, 07:02 Reply

    Nice 1 dear. I love the letter D. *lol*

  25. zinnat
    May 07, 07:21 Reply

    Awww! Sorry hun, am licensed to have only Bae’s D for now.

  26. Diablo
    May 07, 07:45 Reply

    Not to sound judgemental or anything, but this one was a given. Telling someone who you barely know so early into a conversation that you are a Dr in a fancy hotel is a kito waiting to happen. And thats not even including the fact that the dude could barely hold a conversation. Hopefully you know better now.

    • Chris
      May 07, 12:42 Reply

      Sheraton and Dr shouldnt be in the same sentence when you are to arrange a hook up with
      a stranger in a clime such as ours, otherwise one is just making oneself a sitting duck as a
      target. This is a situation that calls for minimal impression, are you with me?

  27. Ruby
    May 07, 07:49 Reply

    This is appaling and downright annoying!
    If you don’t have a gainful means of employment, go join a mechanic workshop or better still find someone you can hawk gala and lacasera for.
    Just stop being a nuisance to the LGBT community simply because the “Law” is against us in this country.
    See his puff-puff face with duck lips, not even attractive. The English kukuma noo comot road sef
    *flips weave and storms off in an animal print DVF wrap dress n Guiseppe Zannotti Leather Boots*

    • Chris
      May 07, 12:47 Reply

      Ruby you sabi diss, the guy deserve it and more though,
      Guiseppe Zannotti leather boots ko, Salvatore ferragamo
      moccassins slip on ni, loool

  28. IVANKO
    May 07, 07:51 Reply

    Lmao @ I knw that bitch will!! All for PP

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 07, 07:55 Reply

      That is eh. I had no idea I had a reputation for being a reputable pimp

  29. Teflondon
    May 07, 08:02 Reply

    I mean I love low lifes but I mean.. Even this guy isn’t upto taste with my said-lowlife hook ups. The way he chats kinda turned me on.. That’s how lowlifes chat.. Lol
    Everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages. Including hook up with low life’s.. What happened above to Noah sadly is one of the disadvantage, but they fuck Good. #Advantage
    I’m sorry Noah for what you experienced.. Life is a journey, we fail, we make mistakes, we go through pains.. at the end we have to learn from our experiences, good or bad. I’m sure you have learnt. Nigerians are swt people btw.

    **goes back to live ministering and lectures from Tope Alabi & Pst Ashimolowo

  30. Gentle_G
    May 07, 08:22 Reply

    He looks too cute for all this shit. Some guys got no shame. I just can’t deal,dats y I just prefer to b with my black guys,can’t just stand d long questions d white chaps ask like u want to steal dem away,bt I see reasons with dem,bcos some of us killed their trust. Take heart Noah nd Jarch thanks for being d difference

  31. GOld
    May 07, 08:24 Reply

    JArch this help ur rendering,what kinda help is it self??
    DM where are u??

    Sorry about this experience Noah.there’s a lot to learn from here.but pls don’t write off the whole country because of this. I’m pretty sure stuff like this can happen in Britain too.

    And pls,not all young guys are kitos.it’s more out of lack of jobs which is even more common among the older fellows. I heard of a guy in Lagos who tricks young boys.tells them he has a modelling agency and that he can make them superstars. When they come see him he forces them to have sex with him and takes pictures of them in compromising positions. He blackmails them with those pictures and gives them off to white men for sex and he gets paid by them.funny enough, he’s married and in his 30’s.

    Well, there are guys and then there are guys.

    • Khaleesi
      May 07, 10:45 Reply

      @Gold; correction!! in Britiain, all Noah would have to do would be to alert the hotel security or the Police on 999, that there was a thief in his room – thats what this guy is, a thief!! In less than 10mins, the police would show up and whisk the thief away. Its not a crime to be gay in Britain (like it is in this shitty country). so, in Britain, the thief would be arrested and shortly after he would be in Court where a judge would unleash the full wrath of the well – respected British Legal system on him. In short, he would be hauled into jail faster than if he was flown in there on a supersonic fighter jet!

      • Chris
        May 07, 12:52 Reply

        @Khaleesi, thanks for responding to that sharpaly.
        The story about one older forcing someone to
        ve sex, mehn. the story get as e be.

      • Mirage
        May 08, 05:31 Reply

        @ khaleesi have you actually lived in Britain?and I have actually talked with someone who did and still lives there and the law enforcement agents do not really come in the speed of light as movies make u believe.Call hotel security and u feel noah won’t feel embarrassed when a scene comes up? There are still homophobs in the so called developed countries,no?and all I can say is noah be careful next time,the bad grammar would have turned me of instantly but guess being horny eludes men of the oobvious.*ear plugs, Ph Traffic Is From hell*

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 08, 05:34 Reply

          There’s embarrassment, but there’s no fear of being victimized by prejudice.

  32. pinkpanthertb
    May 07, 08:34 Reply

    LMAO. Keredim, that’s too much innuendo for a virgin nah.

    • keredim69
      May 07, 08:35 Reply

      Haba PP, I can’t spell it out now? What kind of courtesan would I be?

  33. beryl04
    May 07, 08:40 Reply

    jisos!!! this is somborry i know very well! infact, i see him almost everyday cos we stay the same area .but i’ve heard the stories of his kito escapades and i remember how he’ll always come very close to me and warn me not to disclose his abode to our mutual friends.this guy is a big scum and to think i almost slept with him…

    • JArch
      May 07, 08:57 Reply

      Beryl04 please could you contact pinky with some more information about this scum please. We’d very much appreciate any assistance with information you can give us please. Thank you

      • Teflondon
        May 07, 09:36 Reply

        jarch I understand the need for pay back..
        But I’ll advise (which you don’t have to accept) ‘Let sleeping Dogs lie’
        Let’s not pay back evil for evil. We would be doing exactly what we are condemning the homophobic and general ignorant public of doing.
        This might escalate to something worse.. For either the attacker or the attacked. Let’s just preach ‘safety’ to the LGBT community. Till this country is more conducive for us all.

      • Max
        May 07, 10:19 Reply

        I thought you were comfy in your not-so-fabulous closet?

      • Khaleesi
        May 07, 10:51 Reply

        nope, am all in for whatever can be done to expose and out this thieving scumbag, its “letting sleeping dogs lie” that emboldens these creeps and makes them think they can get away with this, @Beryl, please forward all information you have about this thief to Pinky ***Pulls up elegant skirts and gets down on bended knees with hands clasped in earnest appeal****, Pleaaaasssseeee … I beg you! he must be punished for this, in any way or manner we can, no matter how little it is …

      • Chuck
        May 07, 12:40 Reply

        Oh my god! Is Teflondon now advocating for kitoers? The guy is a mess. Inconsistent priorities and incoherent opinions

      • Chris
        May 07, 13:08 Reply

        @Tef, dont let me get mad with you, there are so many ways you can discpline
        someone, it is not to murder anybody, if one allow the sleeping dog to continue
        to lie, anytime the dog get up the dog will take a bite out of your flesh. Some
        assholes like him needs to know that two or even three self can play that game.
        A good for nothing and a useless child like him needs to be told what time it is.
        Or lets handle it the way our forefathers would have handle it.
        Options boku, o yapa, dem plenty.

      • Teflondon
        May 07, 13:22 Reply

        Feel free to knuck yourselves out then.. Guys!

      • Mirage
        May 08, 05:37 Reply

        Teflon I second,let sleeping dogs lie if we all can think back a certain KD reader who took up revenge of his kito perpetrators is still missing till date.

      • Chris
        May 08, 06:56 Reply

        This should be team work, mafia style, clinical and calculated.

  34. Gentle_G
    May 07, 08:41 Reply

    Wat d guy did was quite bad,bt come to think of it Noah,u’ve been coming to Nigeria since 80s for work nd also meet some guys. I’m sure if u became gud frnds with one of those u’ve been meeting,the 2013 shit wouldn’t have happened. On ur part,u should reduce d flirting. Now u found Jarch,u still say u go to romeo abi juliet or what did u call it self. Why nt leave it to good hands to do it for u,if u still want to continue with all tom dick nd juliet

  35. Khaleesi
    May 07, 10:40 Reply

    a thoroughly ugly, unattractive piece of illiterate shit!! I hope he gets run over by a fully loaded BRT bus on his way home from his next thieving and looting expedition. Am really sorry for what you had to go through. Please know that there are loads and loads of decent guys in this country. Its just so heartbreaking that scumbags like this give us a horrible name. Because of “bottom – of – the – food – chain” worthless leeches like this, Nigerian gay men are viewed with unwarranted fear and suspicion. My advice to anyone who isnt very familiar with this terrain, steer clear of gay dating sites, its safer to stick to introductions via trusted friends – but then, this begs the question,”how do you in the first place meet a trusted friend?” ***sigh**, its like the question of “which came first the chicken or the egg?” … Anyway, if you must meet a guy online, perhaps you should chat with him, weeks and even months in advance, by the time you’ve chatted with a person for weeks and maybe months in advance, with extreme care and perception, you’re highly likely to smell a rat if there’s any … never rush into meeting up with anyone u hooked up with online especially in this part of the world where obnoxious laws have ensured that filth such as these are able to thrive and ply their evil trade …
    once again, we collectively apologise for this unfortunate incident … please keep coming back, there’s still a lot of good men in these parts …

    • Gad
      May 07, 20:16 Reply

      Please count me out of the collective apologists.

      • pinkpanthertb
        May 08, 03:15 Reply

        It would be an abomination for us to even think you’re one of the collective anything.

        • Gad
          May 08, 05:35 Reply

          This is the best statement you have made so far since I started interacting with you

          • pinkpanthertb
            May 08, 05:54 Reply

            The best statement to you. I’ve being dropping stellar comments with everybody else. 😀

  36. Chris
    May 07, 12:35 Reply

    Kim k’s sister has just confessed to spend some money to acquire the
    ponmo lips, they all want the ponmo lips and the ass(( bakasi) aint black
    folks blessed in disguise.

  37. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    May 07, 16:00 Reply

    And ex-boyfriend steals a couple gizmos; cast a (although ineffective) spell on him, get your goons to beat him up and ruffle him to a police cell. — You were younger and stupid. We forgive you.

    A dude blackmails people for a living threatening their physical, emotional & mental security; ask for him to be allowed to continue his hallowed trade. — You’re older and foolish. We shall forbid you.

    Unless of course you have something to do with this niccur, there’s no understanding for your understanding.

    Or maybe we should let him cross you so yo can take his case to your babalawo.

    There’s so many ways to track a beast, you need not go to its habitat.

  38. AC/DC
    May 07, 16:43 Reply

    Oga U are razz!!!!
    Is this creature I’m viewing hot in ya eyes?
    Ike gwuru biko.
    See the lips na.

  39. trystham
    May 07, 18:54 Reply

    @Teflondon Your definition of ‘lowlife’ is somebody who u THINK is not as rich as ur father is or who lives in ghettos. The REAL definition of lowlife is someone with attitude problems, bad morals etc…something u seem to av in large quantities. So quit ur yapping about unfair treatment.

  40. trystham
    May 07, 19:03 Reply

    I think I have mentioned here over time that it was a straight yahoo dude who unwittingly introduced me to the gay world. I learnt to be impatient with ppl who exchange instant messaging details after exchanging two words just because you think you like what you see. It has worked very well for me over time. You let ur head rule, not ur dick. And as Diablo has said, dropping all ur guts for sumbodi u barely know…SMH. I’m sorry, but u brought this on your head.

    Ace dearie, while the grammar can.be a piss off, I av learnt to try to be less shallow. Not all that speak good english sef dey pure of heart. Jesus came out of Nazareth na.

  41. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    May 07, 20:32 Reply

    *Sigh* Reading that convo was hell.

    … and biko PP, jArch and other involved, DO NOT let sleeping dogs lie!

    OAN: KD looks cooler on the laptop screen,

  42. Gad
    May 07, 20:48 Reply

    I don’t know if I still recognize him but I think that idiot leaves in Surulere. They operate as a network of blackmailers and work in liason with some policemen. The guy I know was not this grown and he swore to quit criminality after our encounter. Getting them won’t be so much of a big deal if the right steps are taken

  43. Noah
    May 08, 08:06 Reply

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys. Yes I learned a lesson that day. No I don’t think all Nigerians are bad because of this episode. I never had any gay friends in Nigeria until the internet came along so from the early 80’s until the 00’s I was celibate on my Nigerian trips. When Planetromeo came along, I didn’t think it would lead to what happened, perhaps that was my naivety. JArch helped me through it and I am thankful for that. As for revenge on him, sure I would like that and give me some satisfaction to know he’s been dealt with but will it achieve anything? I think he is part of a network and there could be wider ramifications if he was beaten up. I think his “handler” is in Oshodi market. I showed the footage he took on my Ipad to others and they recognise that place. Anyway more power to you guys 🙂

    • Brian Collins
      May 08, 09:24 Reply

      Lol! Noah wrote handler like we live in the western world and guys who do this stuff are members of some international drug syndicate.

  44. Noah
    May 08, 13:34 Reply

    I put it like that in inverted commas because I don’t know what this kind of guy is called in Nigeria, those that “fence” the proceeds or guide the thief on what to steal. Who knows, they may be members of a wider scamming club 🙂

    • Chris
      May 09, 06:51 Reply

      If i were you Noah, i would stay of hook sites in Nigeria, you may catch some fun while on it but i
      guarantee you, you will certainly catch some grief while exploring those sites. Let JArch and any other good friends do your ‘arrangements’ for you. Nigeria is not a place where you want to be exploring
      gay hook up sites for sex. I am a Nigeria and am so weary meeting anybody on this sites and if i did , i
      would have been talking to you on phone( not whassap) for at least minimum of three weeks. most of my link ups in Nigeria comes through recommendation by friends. I will suggest you do the same henceforth.

      Regarding dealing with the fraudster, ten can play the game, the lgbti network is very strong in Nigeria,
      though it appears invisible and quiet. Stay safe in Nigeria.

  45. michael
    May 15, 23:35 Reply

    Maybe we should just have him castrated.

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