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Photo Of The Day: Animal Loving

During my service year, I saw my neighbour’s male pig, very horny little thing, banging away at another male one in the sty. It made for some amusement to us

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Photo Of The Day IV

These are the moments captured that make you realize the beauty of having that special someone to spend all of your waking moments with. #ShoutOut to all those in loving

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Photo Of The Day: Thirst Trap

Now this is the kind of man that will make me dump my crush on Idris Elba faster than a dick slips into an over-fucked asshole. #TheThirstIsReal peeps.

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  1. Leo
    March 16, 06:53 Reply

    ??? Grindr really doesn’t play. I used to pick offence when people call me gurl, but I realised half the time, they’re trying to be friendly and creating a sense of family and some just want to assume what your sexual role is.

    These days, I’m so comfortable in my masculinity that I hi-5 whoever says that, except for the times I want to be a bitch.

  2. Xavier Thicc
    March 16, 07:44 Reply

    Biko refer to me as a man…

    I Dont like being referred to as a girl,no matter how mild..

    Well,its for those who they call that…I Dont think anybody will look at me and call me girl…Na there we go so fight eh…

    Either you break my head or I break yours,one must happen..

    March 16, 09:58 Reply

    Girl? Mtchewww.. I can take that from my close friends who when am with I can loose up and be myself not from some stranger.

  4. Mitch
    March 16, 14:01 Reply

    Such blatant stupidity!

    Beht wait oh! The receipient has no chills. ?????

  5. Chuck
    March 16, 15:02 Reply

    Funny how gay Nigerians expect folks on Grindr to do things just the way they like.

    you’re out here on an app with strangers. These strangers all have their own way of behaving. block who you don’t like or better yet delete Grindr and go find exactly the gays that fit your requirements elsewhere

  6. Delle
    March 16, 17:56 Reply

    The things I’ve seen on that forum. Lol.

  7. Nuel
    March 20, 07:33 Reply

    exactly my point just nt cool when guys use such feminine words on themselves (girl, babe, baby) irritating…. use masculine words turns me on….

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