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Catching The Kito: The Case With The Police So Far

Following the capture of the notorious kito criminal gang in Lekki on Sunday (March 17), which led to their arrest and detention at the Ikeja Police Command, there have been developments

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600 thousand naira. 5 million naira. 10 million naira. 30 million naira. No, these figures are not the salaries of our notoriously-overpaid politicians. These are the amounts of money extorted

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Raldie Young Announces “In The Meantime… Pt. 1” – A Prelude to His Debut Album

Raldie Young, the trailblazing artist known for his candid and evocative storytelling, is set to release his highly anticipated EP, “In The Meantime… Pt. 1,” on April 4, 2024. This

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Catching The Kito: The Network That Led To The Capture of Anti-Gay Criminals

The reports started circulating on Friday (March 15) and Saturday (March 16) through WhatsApp groups and amongst community members, of someone who’d just been set up. The circulation of these

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Kito Alert: More Lagos Kito Scum

In the time since I’ve been away, we have gotten a lot more reports about more criminals who make targeting gay people a choice. Here are some updates:   A

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The Beautiful Gift Of Having A Queer Sibling

I do not remember when it happened, but I remember how cold the couch felt the night I took my older brother’s phone and did the invasive thing of going

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Kito Alert: Lagos Thrives With More Kito Scum

Never failing to live up to its reputation as the kito capital of Nigeria, here are more reports of kito scum who operate majorly in Lagos. Emmanuel Onyema He goes

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What Acceptance From A Loved One Should Look Like

Many a time, as gay Nigerians who are beset with homophobia from family, friends and the society around us, we often settle for whatever scraps we get from those who

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THE MEN OF PORT HARCOURT (The Audacity Of Penis)

Ugh!!! The Men of Port Harcourt are sneaks. And such very uncreative sneaks for that matter. Because, ahn-ahn!!! What is wrong with these men? How do you tell someone that

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Kito Alert: New Reports of Scum From the South-East

In the past several months, we have had reports of kito scum, whether operating as a gang or on their own. And in this never-ending battle to keep the community