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We are back in election season and this might just be the most paramount election this country will experience in recent times. Everyone was perturbed about the candidates from the

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KITO ALERT: The Gay and The Corrupt

As we all know, the “business” of setting community members up is no longer championed by heterosexual homophobes. Even fellow gays have now inhabited that criminal space. The person who

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I wore my PRIDE-emblazoned T-shirt out that day, and the conversation that ensued was simple. We were standing in the elevator, me on one side, and the two of them,

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The Proposal: 4 Queer Men And A Bisexual Woman Are Looking For Partners

My name is Michael. I’m 34 years old, a US resident, professional and gay. I am looking to be connected to a nice, kind, educated, Christian fem lesbian between 26

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KITO ALERT: Kito Scum Who Think They’re in a Game of Thrones Movie

Homophobes like to fantasize about all the ways they could kill the gays. And apparently, Engineer Ebuka Ibrahim Mohammed (at least according to his Facebook profile) believes in executing Gay

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KITO ALERT: Famous Kito Faces Now Work With New Faces

With great exposure comes great responsibility – to find fresh faces to front your operation. And that is what kito scum like Edet Akamo Okon aka John Bassey and Emmanuel