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THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS Returns In A Sequel ‘Beautiful Sinners’

Hello, it’s me again, this time reborn as The Reverend. Last year, you were introduced to the annoyingly dramatic life of Kevin Achike, the songwriter with the heart of gold

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Those Awkward Moments (Final Episode)

“Excuse me, nurse,” Mother said to the uniformed woman manning the desk, “could you please tell us where we can find Ngozi Okoli? She was brought in earlier –” “From

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 27)

A wise man once said: “Sometimes we make decisions, and sometimes decisions make us.” I once reflected on those words, and realized that in the recent past, it would be

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 26)

The first thing I felt was a sharp pain in the back of my head, as I slowly began to regain consciousness. I opened my eyes to try to make

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 25)

I stood before the full length mirror in my room, staring contemplatively at my reflection as my fingers moved this way and that in a futile bid to fasten the

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Those Awkward Moments: Episode 24 (Christmas Special)

Harmattan in Lagos wasn’t as pronounced as it was in other less populated urbanities in Nigeria. But that morning, I woke up shivering from the icy weather that had descended

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 23)

When I stepped into the musical dome that was Highland Records, after minutes of deliberating whether or not to even show up to work that day, I was left feeling

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 22)

WRITER’S NOTE: This episode of Those Awkward Moments is dedicated to soul musician, Janelle Monae whose birthday falls on this day, December 1st. Oh and before you start reading, HAPPY

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 21)

WRITER’S NOTE: This episode of Those Awkward Moments is dedicated to Sarah Hyland of ‘Modern Family’ whose birthday is today, November 24! 😀 * “Honestly, Mrs. Achike, you and the

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 20)

Previously on THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: So you know how Kevin was arrested by the police for Jude’s intended murder? Well, it turns out that that was not the reason they