I wanted someone to love but I didn’t go looking

I wanted it to find me. And then you found me.

But you weren’t it

You looked like it

You sounded like it

You loved like it

But you weren’t it.

I so wanted to believe that you were it

So much that I did;

I believed and I began to love you.

But you weren’t mine to love

For you belonged to another, till death do part.

Someone else loved you, maybe as much as I did.

I wanted to be the only one who loved you that way.

Call me selfish, but my love was all you needed.

I loved you still. I couldn’t help myself

I gave you all the love I’ve saved all my years

Now I’ve got nothing left to give to who comes next

Someone who just might be mine.

You were my first and you were true.

But you weren’t mine.

All I wanted was someone to love, me and me alone.

Written by UC The Misfit