Call Me Selfish

Call Me Selfish

I wanted someone to love but I didn’t go looking

I wanted it to find me. And then you found me.

But you weren’t it

You looked like it

You sounded like it

You loved like it

But you weren’t it.

I so wanted to believe that you were it

So much that I did;

I believed and I began to love you.

But you weren’t mine to love

For you belonged to another, till death do part.

Someone else loved you, maybe as much as I did.

I wanted to be the only one who loved you that way.

Call me selfish, but my love was all you needed.

I loved you still. I couldn’t help myself

I gave you all the love I’ve saved all my years

Now I’ve got nothing left to give to who comes next

Someone who just might be mine.

You were my first and you were true.

But you weren’t mine.

All I wanted was someone to love, me and me alone.

Written by UC The Misfit

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  1. Mandy
    April 01, 06:37 Reply

    Never settle in love. Be it someone you don’t love enough and with all your heart, or someone you do but who belongs to another. There’s nothing like loving completely and surely.

  2. lol
    April 01, 11:26 Reply

    I love you
    Call me

  3. kristoff
    April 01, 17:26 Reply

    Oooooo, Heavens save me,
    My tears are cascading in great showers of Brine n sorrow,
    Let me Tell you my story and play this tragedy on Orpheus’s Lyre
    I feel thy pain and i know thy grief for I live it and now i empty, broken and alone, shunning all and sundry,
    I gave my all to He who was not mine,
    I thought he was the sun and i basked in his glory reflecting his beauty and i was content being the moon,
    Then i found i could have been more and i looked deeper and saw he was a twin star,
    O the grief o the sorrow, now i reflect no light, shut in my shell, a memory of the beauty i used to be, a dream of the glory i could have been, castaway in A steel cabinet, biding my time
    Not knowing, nor believing i might ever be the star Love meant us all to be.

    • UC TheMisfit
      April 02, 04:14 Reply

      LOL. ? I guess its only right, since I asked to be called that.

  4. peach-head
    April 02, 14:00 Reply

    Love is actually dead,
    it is just a mirage,
    it never exists,
    when they pretend they love you, it is just a medium to exploit your time, money or body…i hate love because it cant be true!!!

    • Pink Panther
      April 02, 23:10 Reply

      LOL. I love people who express bitter sentiments like this. They’re usually the ones who fall the hardest when love finds them.

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