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BEING BRUNO (Episode 4)

At eleven, you wrote the entrance examinations into the Unity schools. You remember the anticipation with which you had chosen the Federal Government College, Enugu and Nise at first and

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FOREWORD: So in the absence of Deola’s Corner, here’s a little ongoing fan fiction twisted out of the currently running Game of Thrones episodes, from the fourth (Spoils of War).

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BEING BRUNO (Episode 3)

FOREWORD: So after years and years (lol), the writer of the budding series, Being Bruno, has returned to restart the series, much to my delight. It has only been two

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Dear Future Husband, So the time came a few weeks ago when I had to make a really tough decision. I took an unscheduled visit to Uyo. Yes, I had

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 14)

Francis’s office is quite big, almost like a mini-hall. The walls are painted white, just plain white, a colour that blends beautifully with the navy-blue curtains. There are a few

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 13)

The ride to Imperial Hospital, Chinatown, where Francis works is a very uncomfortable one. I did not know when halitosis became so trendy in this state. Even young men, young

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 12)

“This is arrant rubbish! You mean you let that sonofabitch do all that to you?” Mitch hisses, his nostrils flaring with outrage. The three of us are seated on the

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I want to die! I sat in the songwriters’ room at Mad House Records, writing the words over and over again in my notepad. Overwhelming sadness had taken full control

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 11)

Peace doesn’t come until you seek it. Tranquility is earned and not bought. How my life suddenly spiraled from the hoe who likes to fuck for money without paying any

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 10)

Previously on Whore of Babylon… * I am about to dial Francis’s number when a call comes in. I look at the caller ID and sigh inwardly. It’s Mark. Remember