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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 9)

Some unknown number has been calling me since I left Amobi’s house ten minutes ago and I have been putting off answering the call because I’ve been en route back

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 8)

Previously on Whore Of Babylon… * All through my narration, none of the two men listening to me interrupts. They listen, their attention rapt. It feels good, immensely satisfying to have

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 7)

The neighbourhood is eerily quiet as the three of us file into Amobi’s apartment. It is a two-bedroom flat in a serene part of Gariki. The inner decor has an

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 6)

I have been trying to reach across to Colossus for a couple of days now, but he keeps busying the line. His name is actually Amobi, but I’d saved his

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 5)

The rowdiness in this place is incomparable to any other I’ve ever encountered. Buses are parked randomly, about market stalls that are arranged haphazardly. There is so much chatter and

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 4)

When I let myself into the compound, I release breath I didn’t know I was holding at no sighting of my mother. I do not have the fortitude yet to

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 3)

“Oh yes, baby! Suck my prick o! Suck am! Suck am!” I look up from Ferdinand’s dick at him with total disgust. That’s the bad thing about this ashawo work-

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Lights, Camera, Action!!!

FOREWORD: Let me just start by stating that the writer of this fantastic piece of creativity will be going to hell for what he did here. Dear writer, both me

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WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 2)

“Kamsi!” I scream my sister’s name with no small amount of exasperation. I am looking for something and she’s usually the culprit for missing items from my room. At just

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The Merriam Webster dictionary defines love as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. While I agree with this definition, a part of me can’t help but