Let me tell you a story. One as old as time. You might think it familiar. Because it is one that has been told wrongly, since the beginning of time.

But here is the truth. The true story. A story of love. The story of the Beginning.


In the beginning, there was a creature. And this creature was neither beast nor demon. With body dark as night, it slithered across the burning sands beneath the sun, digging its way into the depths of the earth. It dug and dug, making use of its long claws, till the monstrosity stood before a being. Immediately, the snake-like creature took the form of demon. Its eyes were the colour of Sulphur – ready to pounce on the beautiful being before it. Any wise-thinking being would have been frightened by such a ferocious monster, but this was no ordinary being… This was Lucifer Morningstar, or – as he now preferred to be addressed – Satan. And the beast before him, the ancient old serpent.

“You are late,” Satan said, turning towards the serpent.

“Apologies, my Lord.” The beast prostrated. “The female human keeps a tight leash on all earthly creatures.”

Satan ignored him, fetched a goblet, and served himself some wine. “Alcohol will not temper your sadness,” Lilith had said. “What the Almighty did was unforgivable,” she added. “It was time to move on to bigger things.” He had smiled at her ambitiousness. Even though everything went sideways, she was still the angel that had encouraged him to become something great – something other than Jehovah’s favourite. Now, she spent her days rallying the fallen troops – angels who had abandoned them, after the fight against the Almighty was lost.

Satan turned and faced the abominable creature – a cross between demon and animal. He wondered what Lilith would say, were he to tell her he had enchanted a snake, in order to spy on Jehovah’s new pet project – gardening of all things. In the past, He had built alternate worlds, created countless galaxies just for aesthetics – housing planets that were nothing but shiny disco balls. Now, He had made a garden called Eden. What a waste of power, Satan thought. It was such hedonistic whims that made him question the Almighty’s so-called unfathomable wisdom.

“These beings…the humans… Are they really just like me?” Satan inquired.

The serpent averted his gaze. “Nothing as beautiful as you, my Lord, but they come close… Just close.”

Satan nodded and sipped from his goblet. “And they just watch over this garden.”

“Yes… No – I mean, the woman only…”

Satan raised his brows. “And the man?”

The serpent appeared uncomfortable. “He spends his time in fellowship with the Almighty… Although there are rumours…” The serpent sensed the growing disdain of Lucifer and proceeded cautiously. He’d heard stories about the fondness Lucifer once shared with the Almighty, about how sour it had gone. “My Lord, it is believed that these fellowships might be a little…intimate.”

Satan knew it was silly to expect Jehovah to not to have moved on; he, after all, had Lilith. Yet, anger and frustration came easily to him these days.

“What a degenerate!” Satan flung the goblet across the room. “The Almighty fool, He is!” It all made perfect sense. Jehovah had made these angel clones to replace him and Lilith. To spite them. To spite him. This, Lilith would not understand. She would say he was being obsessive. The Almighty had rejected them, she would say. But she had not being with the Almighty like he had. She had not cradled Him and said sweet things into His ears like he had. She would never know the Almighty like he does.

How dare He!

Since the fall, he had not touched Lilith. Yet, the old bastard was already screwing a clay-based caricature of him?! Hadn’t it mattered to Him, what they’d had? Had he simply been an object for His pleasure? An object that could be replaced in a moment? It was the main reason he rebelled. Accusations the Almighty declared untrue. A defence he knew was a lie, but secretly wanted to true.

As his anger subsided, he sensed fear around him. For they were in his palace in the depths of the earth, where every feeling was transparent. It was then he remembered the serpent, who at present was fidgeting in a corner. His first instinct was to let the creature go. To wait for Lilith to convince him to focus on the bigger picture – which was to once again become the Morningstar he once was.

But he was no longer Lucifer Morningstar. That star had fallen into darkness; and in it, he had learnt to thrive. He was now Satan, and he would do as he pleased.

He beckoned on the serpent, as a plan began forming in his mind. If Jehovah wanted to play it this way, who was he to deny the so-called Almighty.


And so, it began. In that tiny room, at the bottom of the earth. The plan that would ultimately define eternity.


Written by Ikedi

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  1. Fred
    July 14, 05:51 Reply

    I like Lilith’s role in this story
    Nice storyline

    • Mandy
      July 14, 06:01 Reply

      Who is Lilith? As in, is that an actual scriptural character we are supposed to be familiar with?

      • trystham
        July 14, 08:17 Reply

        I had to think hard where I had seen the name Lilith before. One of them demonesses or something

      • No
        July 14, 08:24 Reply

        According to a ancient scripture she was Adam’s first wife. She refused to take a submissive role during intercourse, she was banished from Eden after Adam complained to God. She became a demon and mated with fallen angels and her descendants are fated to torment those of Adam and Eve. I find these alternative gospels and gnostic gospels so compelling. Those stories trump the “accepted” ones. I need a buddy I can talk about these things with.

        • Sage Philip
          July 14, 10:09 Reply

          I am here No (with the facial espression of a child given candy).

        • Cedar
          July 14, 10:19 Reply

          Biko where can I read more of those?

          • No
            July 14, 12:55 Reply

            Unfortunately I have only hard copies of these books and they belonged to my great grandmother- so I don’t lend them out. I’ve been looking for the ebooks without a lot of success. But you can read “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” for starters. Fascinating book and covers these stories and more. When I eventually start my “secret” book club (invitation only) I’ll pass on an invite.

            • Jinchuriki
              July 14, 13:52 Reply

              Hello! ??

              Jinchuriki here.

              Making a spot reservation for your “secret” book club

        • Bhaws
          July 16, 05:57 Reply

          I’m here if you wanna talk about these things, hell I study them, and mysticism… we can talk ranging from demons, mythical creatures, and ancient religion and self realization. Have Pink panther give you my email. Thanks.

  2. Mandy
    July 14, 05:59 Reply

    Jehovah na Ekwensu bukwanu homosexual??? And Adam is the rebound??? 😀
    I LOVE THIS!!! Plot twist right from the beginning! Gimme moooooooore!!!!!

  3. Olutayo
    July 14, 06:00 Reply

    Adam is shagging God and Eve, his wife, doesn’t know. Talk about the very first MGM. lol

    • Pink Panther
      July 14, 16:19 Reply

      LOL. Sage, you have kuku seen your fellow blasphemous brother in the Lord.

  4. Cedar
    July 14, 10:16 Reply

    Story di here! Gbam okpa n’eze!
    I’ve always known there’s another side to this story.

  5. Mitch
    July 14, 11:29 Reply

    You are shaking the very foundation of Christianity. Christians wee not take it oh!???

    But, please, don’t stop!
    This is really good.

    • Pink Panther
      July 14, 16:18 Reply

      LOL! You sure? You sure he didn’t receive divine revelation about how this is the true story of what happened all those centuries ago? 😀

  6. Beau
    July 14, 17:11 Reply

    This is so nice, kip it coming. Can’t wait. Ave always known about how Lilith was cut off from the Bible cos of religious reasons. She is the mother of all demons.
    Nice write-up ??

  7. Bhaws
    July 16, 06:12 Reply

    I kinda love lilith. Some professors and some others prominent in ancient mythology and scriptures agree that Genesis 1:27 was talking about lilith. I dont know why people read everything they see on the Bible and take it in, hook, line and sinker. That book has gone through many rewriting processes that has me questioning the words in it, The old testament was written in Hebrew and aramaic but Hebrew mostly and the new testament is a mostly Greek work. The apocryphal works should be looked at again, I wish an ecumenical council will be convened again, chaired by the Pope, The Patriach of Constantnoble and Queen Elizabeth II. What I will give to be there lol.

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