Nonso walked far ahead of Tega on their way to the stream, holding two empty 25 litre gallons in his hands. He knew he had to purge these thoughts of Tega from his head. He only wished Gozie was still around. At least, being gay was something they had in common, apart from their love for good music and fashion. He desperately needed to talk to someone about what he was feeling and for whom he was feeling them. Gozie was always a good listener, another reason for him to feel even more crushed with guilt that he’d wished for his friend to get evicted.

While he was deep in thought, Tega hurried up till he was just behind him.

Realizing that Nonso was preoccupied with his thoughts, he said just behind his head, “One kobo for your thoughts…”

Nonso gave a start, a reaction that drew laughter from Tega. His mirth however quickly choked to a stop when Nonso whirled around to stab him with furious eyes.

“I don’t like you.” Nonso had been aiming to spit the words at him, but they came out shakily.

Tega stared at him, incomprehension lifting his brows. Of course, he knew Tega didn’t like him. Everybody knew Tega didn’t like him. They may have exchanged coy eye contact back at the clearing during lunch, but Nonso’s subsequent attitude had proven that the dislike was going nowhere. So, why was he telling him that? Intuiting to some deeper turmoil within Nonso, he decided to play along.

“Why did you feel the need to tell me that?” he asked, his smile back on, feeling inordinately grateful that water duty was the one chore that didn’t involve the cameras tagging along. There was something very refreshing about encountering Nonso when he didn’t have to leash himself for the benefit of the cameras. “The entire camp knows you don’t like me,” he said. “Unfortunately, I like you.”

Nonso’s eyes bulged. His heart began to beat faster till Tega said, “I like everybody. I have no enemies. I’m a very likeable guy.”

Nonso rolled his eyes. Of course, he thought, I just remembered why I don’t like him. He’s an obnoxious prick. He backed away from Tega and began to walk again. He hadn’t taken up to five steps before he felt Tega by his side again.

“Race you to the stream on three, Grumpy. One, two…” And he immediately took off running.

Nonso, caught unawares by his trickery, smiled in spite of himself and sped after him.


When he got to the stream, Nonso was a little out of breath. He stood at the bank of the stream and looked around in search of Tega, who had gotten there before him. He didn’t see anyone. Next thing he knew, he was flying through the air to land in the stream in a splash and with a choked scream. Sputtering and splashing to his feet, he saw Tega laughing at him.

“Jackass!” Nonso shouted at him and began to laugh a few seconds later.

He trudged to the stream’s bank, still wiping the wetness from his face, when he suddenly realised that Tega was wearing only his boxer briefs.

Tega noticed him staring at him and raised his hands in remorseless humour. “You deserved to get all of you wet. I don’t. so, don’t look at me like that.”

I’m not looking at you like that, Nonso thought, struggling to gain control of the desire that was licking across his chilled skin, as he took in Tega’s impressive sinewy build – an athletically-hewn chest that tapered down to a narrow waist, shielded by nothing but his underwear, which left the pistons that were his firm, strong legs bare for Nonso’s hungry gaze.

You want him.

No, I. Do. Not! I do not even like him.

Keep telling yourself that.

The two of them spent quite a companionable time at the stream, just swimming and splashing each other with swathes of water, before they finally moved upstream to fetch water. They hefted the full gallons of water and began the long trek back to camp, knowing full well that they had to fetch another round of water before it became dark.

When they got to camp, they emptied out the gallons and went back for more water. They walked together in good-natured silence, knowing they weren’t quite friends yet but definitely not enemies anymore. By the time they got to the stream, the sky had gotten dark, so they filled their gallons quickly and began the walk back to the camp.

Before they had gone up to 100 metres, the skies tore loose and began to let down a chilled, torrential downpour of rain. The forest foliage didn’t provide any bit of protection against the rain or the icy wind that accompanied it. So, they trudged on, both of them chilled and struggling with the weight of their gallons. By the time they arrived at the camp, they were both decidedly freezing and immediately rushed to make use of the water Nelo had thoughtfully boiled for them to bathe with.

After his bath, Nonso was still feeling very cold as he returned to the tent where Nelo had left their food. He quickly scarfed the food down and got under the blankets on the bed. The rain showed no signs of letting up and the attendant winds were practically boring a hole in his chilled chest. He lay there, shivering and wondering how he’d get through the cold night, when Tega walked in from his bath.

Tega noticed Nonso was covered up and his first thought was: Here we go again. He’d rather feign being asleep than talk to me.

Then he heard Nonso’s teeth chattering. He realised at once that Nonso had caught a cold. Thankfully, he hadn’t. He turned to hang his wet towel on the line in the tent, when he heard Nonso mutter, “Close the tent. I’m freezing.” He turned around and zipped the tent shut. However, he could still feel and hear the icy drafts flowing through the tent.

He ate his food in silence and then laid down under the blankets on his own side of the bed. But he couldn’t sleep. Nonso’s chattering teeth hadn’t stopped yet. Unthinking, Tega moved and put his arm around Nonso’s body to draw him close. Immediately he touched him, Nonso flinched and recoiled from him.

“Relax,” he said, “I’m not going to bite you.” He drew him into his embrace and draped one leg over Nonso’s legs. Almost immediately, he heard Nonso let out a sigh, indicating that he was getting the heat he’d needed all this time.

Chuckling softly, he whispered in Nonso’s ear, “See? I told you I’m a nice guy.”

His teeth still chattering, albeit a little less, Nonso retorted, “Like I said before, fuck you.”

Without missing a beat, Tega rejoined, “And like I said before, bend over let’s try.” He raised his head and peered at Nonso’s face in the low light provided by the dim night light each tent was outfitted with. This time, there was no mistaking what he saw in Nonso’s face. Fear, hunger, vulnerability and a hint of desire.

Under the deep scrutiny of Tega’s eyes, Nonso’s breath caught and involuntarily, his tongue darted out to wet his lips. His heightened heartbeat sounded like a roaring waterfall to his ears. He was acutely conscious of his growing erection and hoped Tega’s leg which was thrown over him would not encounter the hardon.

Tega noticed the speedy heartbeat of the man he had in his arms and again, unthinkingly, he began to rub circles over the skin of his stomach where his palm rested. He wanted to see Nonso’s control fall apart. He whispered close to his face after a few seconds of rubbing his stomach, “What do you want?”

“I don’t want you to kiss me,” Nonso responded jerkily, feeling his body react desirably to the man in whose arms he lay.

His objection was all the permission Tega needed. He inclined his head forward and took Nonso’s lips in a kiss that was at first chaste, then grew steamier with every passing second. Nonso’s senses went into overdrive the very moment Tega’s lips touched his. It was almost like he couldn’t get enough of him. Tega couldn’t explain what came over him when he kissed Nonso. What had started out as a way to tease him quickly spiraled into a hunger that left him breathless and desperate for more.

When they came up for air, Tega looked away from Nonso, wondering what had come over him. He wanted to draw away but he felt like he’d die if he didn’t get another taste of Nonso’s lips. He couldn’t remember feeling this way with his numerous conquests with the ladies. It was like a craving. A need. Sparing a glance at Nonso’s face, he came undone and he found himself reclaiming Nonso’s lips in a kiss that was even steamier than the first. He slid his body down Nonso’s body, totally lost in the blissful pleasure of Nonso’s taste.

When they came up for air again, Tega growled, “I want you, Nonso. Please!”

And at Nonso’s immediate nod of acquiescence, he took his lips again. Their tongues dueled as they kissed. Nonso’s hands roamed all over Tega’s body, tracing the sculpted muscles of his arms and back, kneading his firm yet pert buttocks and caressing him all over. Tega slowly unbuttoned Nonso’s nightshirt and ran his hands lightly over his torso. When his hand brushed over Nonso’s taut nipple, he felt the shudder that ripped through Nonso’s body and heard him gasp against his lips. He just had to get that reaction from him again.

He broke the kiss amidst whimpering protestations from Nonso, who was attempting to pull his head back for a kiss. He maneuvered his head out of Nonso’s grasp and latched onto his right nipple while his left hand stroked the left nipple. Immediately those contacts were made, a harsh groan left Nonso’s parted lips and his torso bucked due to the intense pleasure he was suddenly gripped with. He clenched his fists around Tega’s arms as he trembled under the force of the pleasure undulating through him. Tega suckled on the nipple for some time, alternately biting it, blowing air lightly on it, licking it and outrightly sucking it. Nonso was in sensory heaven, his moans of pleasure completely unchecked.

When Tega switched his ministrations to the left nipple, his right hand stroked the right nipple which was swollen after his attentions. While he was at it, he stretched his left hand upwards to caress Nonso’s face. He slid his fingers over his face and gasped in shock when Nonso opened his mouth and engulfed his thumb and began to suck on it. He tried to focus on the nipple but Nonso had taken his roving hands down to the hard cock straining against Tega’s boxer briefs. Freeing it from its confines, he began to caress the taut-skinned hardness while flicking a finger against the nipple of the man above him. Tega’s breaths began to come out harsher than before, engulfed as he was with the quadruple pleasure.

Outside the tent, lightning streaked across the night skies and thunder crashed, Nature’s outrage amplifying the desires of the two men. Tega finally let go of Nonso’s nipples and proceeded to divest both himself and Nonso of every shred of clothing they both had on. Soon, they were both gloriously naked, kneeling on the bed and facing each other, lips locked, their hands on each other’s copiously precum-leaking cocks, stroking and caressing each other.

Tega had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that it felt right when he asked Nonso, “Can I fuck you? Please?”

And nothing could explain the elation he felt when Nonso replied on a moan: “God, yes! Please!”

Taking his hands off Tega, Nonso gave him another steamy kiss and turned to his bag from which he withdrew a tube of KY jelly while Tega retrieved a packet of condoms from the wallet he’d carelessly tossed into his bag while packing for camp. Taking one out, he tore open the packet and was about to pull the condom out when Nonso stopped him.

“Wait,” he said, and bending, he took Tega’s erection into his mouth. The harsh breath Tega released and the way he gripped his head told Nonso he had Tega where he wanted him.

Bobbing up and down on his cock, Nonso sucked as much of it as he could. The part he couldn’t reach with his tongue, he made up for by stroking with his hand and occasionally swiped his tongue all over the turgid length. Tega’s breaths came out harsher as he felt the pleasure from the blowjob in every nerve ending in his body. Knowing it wouldn’t be long before he came, he staved off his pleasure, pulled out of Nonso’s mouth, bent and proceeded to give Nonso a blowjob as best he knew. Learning fast from Nonso’s oral twists and lavish tongue use, he gave Nonso a blowjob so good that Nonso soon began to moan even louder than he had when Tega was feasting on his nipples.

Unable to control his limbs, Nonso trembled his way back down on the bed. Tega twisted his body while still fellating Nonso and lay with his feet positioned in the direction of Nonso’s head. Nonso instantly relaxed his body and stretched out his legs, lying down such that they were spooned in a perfect 69. Then he took Tega’s cock back into his mouth and proceeded to suck it.

There was the downpour of the rain outside and the fevered moans and heaving pants of breath inside. Nonso worked his mouth so furiously on Tega’s cock, that he had to quickly pull out of his mouth and gripped the base of his cock to stave off his oncoming ejaculation. When he had regained sufficient control, he looked at Nonso. Stark lust and abject desire were evident all over him, and Tega was sure he looked the exact same way. He took Nonso’s swollen lips in his mouth, and as they kissed, he fumbled around for the condom pack he’d opened.

Finding it, he lifted off Nonso and took out a condom while Nonso got the jelly. Nonso squeezed some out and began to stroke his cock. After a couple of strokes, he rolled the condom down Tega’s cock. Then, taking the tube of jelly, he squeezed out some more lubrication onto his fingers and was about to finger himself to lube himself up. Tega saw what he was about to do and stopped him, redirecting Nonso’s hand to his cock. Then he squeezed the tube of jelly, smearing some of it on his fingers and proceeded to tease Nonso’s asshole. On and on, he flicked the finger against the puckered hole, feeling it twitch and spasm with his ministrations. Then, slowly, he eased his index finger into Nonso’s ass. Nonso gripped Tega’s cock tightly and moaned out loud, a sound of pure need. Tega bent his head and kissed him while he continued to run his finger in and out of Nonso’s hot channel. Then he eased his middle finger in, making it two digits inside Nonso’s ass. Nonso bucked against the intrusion but slowly got used to it as the discomfort quickly gave way to pleasure. By the time Tega added a third finger, Nonso was almost ablaze with need. All he wanted was to feel Tega’s cock inside him.

“Please! No more. Just fuck me. Please…” he begged against the lips that were crushed against his.

Tega knew it was time, so he added a little more lube to Nonso’s fingers which he rubbed over the condom. He then took a dollop of lube on his finger and smeared it against the folds of Nonso’s asshole. Nonso lifted his legs, granting Tega open access to his ass. Tega removed his finger and replaced it with his straining cock. Taking a deep breath, he pushed his cock against Nonso’s hole. At the same time, Nonso inhaled deeply and pushed his ass channel out. Almost immediately, the fat cockhead popped in. Nonso groaned and splayed his hand against Tega’s waist, trying to keep him from surging all the way in. Tega stopped moving the moment his cockhead popped into Nonso’s channel, giving him time to get used to the intrusion as well as keeping himself from coming before the sex had even begun.

After a few seconds of deep breathing, Tega felt the contractions around his cock loosen up and slowly peter out, and then he heard Nonso say in a small voice, “Move now.”

Gently, he pushed further into Nonso’s ass, and when he heard Nonso’s groan, he began to stop.

But Nonso whispered fiercely, “Don’t stop. Not now.”

Slowly and gently, he pushed all the way into Nonso’s ass and when his pubes came to rest against Nonso’s ass, both men exhaled loudly. Tega paused again, giving Nonso time to get used to him before he’d begin to fuck him.

While they waited, Nonso, who felt fuller than a stuffed teddy bear, chuckled and whispered, “How big are you? I can almost feel it hitting my heart.” Tega laughed quietly at that but before he could respond, he heard Nonso whisper again, “Move. Now!”

Raising himself up on his arms, he slid slowly out of Nonso’s channel and slowly slid back in. The resultant slap of flesh against flesh was music to their ears. Both of them moaned as he repeated the motion again and again. Before long, they were both undulating in the throes of their combined passions. The slaps came faster, the breaths were drawn quicker, their kisses became fiercer and more intense and their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies as they became caught up in a dance as ancient as time itself. Neither of them cared about the cold; their combined heat was enough to take care of that. They didn’t care about their surroundings. They were totally lost in bliss.

When Tega felt his orgasm approaching, he buried his head in the crook of Nonso’s shoulder and neck and groaned. Nonso knew, in that moment, that Tega was close to his orgasm. He began to rhythmically grind his waist against Tega’s thrusts. A few seconds later, Tega’s grip on his shoulders became tighter and stronger, his thrusts became faster and more irregular, his breath came out harshly and he groaned theatrically as he began to cum into the condom. While watching the rapturous look on Tega’s face as he rode through his orgasm, Nonso felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to cum too. That was a first for him as he’d never before cum just from being fucked.

Tega’s thrusts didn’t stop as he rode out his orgasm. Nonso also continued to buck and grind against him and shortly after Tega began to cum, Nonso felt his orgasm rush down his spine to his legs and run all the way back up to his balls. And he came in a hot, white, blinding yet pleasurable flash.

The tent was full of groans and moans, a symphony that blended with the pitter-patter of rainfall outside as well as the booming thunder and flashing lightning. Tega’s arms gave way under him as he tried to rise and he fell back down upon Nonso. At Nonso’s grunt of discomfort, he rolled off of him onto his back but their legs were still entwined.

They lay together, bodies entwined, wondering what had just happened. How it had happened. They had their gazes glued to the canvas above them, neither of them chancing a look at the other, or daring to ask the other what he thought. All they could think about was how right it had been. How much it had changed things between them.

When Tega finally turned his face to look at Nonso, he knew it had been worth it. Whatever came after wasn’t something they were going to bother about in the present. For now, he was content to live in the knowledge of their intense desire for each other. And when Nonso met his gaze, he couldn’t help the next words that came out of his mouth.

“Can we go again?”

And they both laughed at that.


Written by Mitch

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