#HowIResist Campaign 11

#HowIResist Campaign 11

Homosexuals have to be of their best behavior—pious, humble, quiet. Talking about everything else but their sexuality—otherwise they’re the reason for the homophobia thrown at them. If a homosexual makes a post with even a little sexual content, then that post is part of the reasons why homosexuals are hated in the country. If a gay man solicits for sex from a straight man, that very act of soliciting is enough to brand the whole gay community as perverts and idiots.

Well, bullocks! It might not be the most preposterous of the opinions and social proclivities of straight people—this idea that gays must continue to hide their sexuality—but it ranks right up there.

It is not too much to ask that, if you’re an activist especially a straight one, you understand that homosexuals just want to be free to express themselves as much as you do. That you understand that the very purpose of your advocacy is to make homophobia obsolete, not to hold homosexuals to higher standards of morality than you would straight people. – Godswill Vesta



I resist homophobia each passing day by surpassing the low standards my family and the society set for me. Being gay doesn’t make me any less human, decent or capable of being successful.

I resist by investigating, studying and writing about the issues that affect LGBT+ Nigerians. I hope my work can influence positively the portrayal of LGBT+ Nigerians in the media. Because seeing bold, gay-themed, well-made films, music and books really saved me from a dark place. – Ikedi



Femininity in men is often reviled in a homophobic place like Nigeria. And so, effeminate men have to distort themselves to conform to the “masculine” appeal. Because to be otherwise is to get labeled gay and to suffer the scourge of homophobic prejudice.

But this I would not let get in the way of my talent. On the 1st of January 2018, I released a video online of me dancing in high heels and skirts to Britney Spears’ Piece of Me – a sequel to previous dance videos I’ve released.

I resist by being bold and fearless because fortune smiles on the bold. I resist by using myself as a statement to encourage all LGBT Nigerians to be bold and fearless, refusing to limit their potentials because of what anybody might think. – Socrates Uduk



I know who I am, I understand who I am, and I love who I am. The journey to this point was rough, and I actively tried to change myself. But thanks to a solid support system, I began to see the light and gradually become the light. – Santa Diaba



I resist by being in love with the very person society said I shouldn’t love. I’m alive, breathing the same air as those who hate me. I am in love and happy against all odds. My name is Vina Fenty, and I am real and still resisting. – Vina Fenty



I came out to my family as a bisexual man on the 20th of November 2017. Though they are not cool with it, they are silent about it. I suppose it has something to do with my absolute acceptance of myself. However, I have come face to face with homophobia in various ways, and with the help of my friends in and out of the LGBT community, I’m here, standing tall to tell my stories.

I will survive. We will survive. I have hope. – Prosper

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  1. Dunder
    March 21, 14:28 Reply

    Hope… It’s a strong word. It makes us old, love, heal and do that work within that leads to self acceptance. There is a Yoruba saying that even if everything can be reversed, the resolute choices a person makes cannot be changed. If we choose ourselves for love, hope, boldness, life and greatness, even if the world begins to rotate in reverse, we will get to where we want to be individually and as a community.

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