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Tweet of the Day: Stop Slut Shaming

This is for all those gay men who tend to import heteronormative discriminations into the dating scene of the gay community. Related

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Tweet of the Day: To LGBT Nigerians

Whether it is a tweet or a Facebook post, whether it’s a visit to a blog post or skimming through Instagram, whether online or offline, whether it’s during TV time

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Random Questions: About Denying Your Service To A Homophobe

Someone posed this question in a Facebook group I belong to, and the responses ranged from swift affirmation to guarded indulgence. “Would you deny a homophobe your professional services?” was

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  1. Delle
    December 17, 12:58 Reply

    This is hilarious but I don’t find it funny. It just shows the sheer stupidity of homophobes. Prior to the declaration, you were living just fine with a gay man and then all of a sudden, because he outs himself to you, he is vermin?

    Like WTF are you scared of!? ??

    • trystham
      December 18, 00:49 Reply

      That’s the part that annoys u? Its the OP stereotyping that annoys the shii outta me. ‘high pitched voice and swinging hips’…Awon Jon Snows

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