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Let’s Discuss…About LGBT In Nigeria

A friend of mine (who’s got the softest lips you’ll ever kiss 🙂 Sorry dear, I couldn’t resist, lol) vented some of his frustrations with the gay community in Nigeria

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Nothing Truly Beautiful Ever Asks For Attention

“Nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention.” This quote has stuck with me ever since I heard my coworker speak the words. Nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention –

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Much Ado About Linda Ikeji

So, blog queen, Linda Ikeji has been trending all over the Nigerian blogosphere over her acquisition of a new home in the Lagos high-brow, Banana Island neighbourhood. Such hackneyed phrases

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  1. Delle
    December 17, 12:58 Reply

    This is hilarious but I don’t find it funny. It just shows the sheer stupidity of homophobes. Prior to the declaration, you were living just fine with a gay man and then all of a sudden, because he outs himself to you, he is vermin?

    Like WTF are you scared of!? ??

    • trystham
      December 18, 00:49 Reply

      That’s the part that annoys u? Its the OP stereotyping that annoys the shii outta me. ‘high pitched voice and swinging hips’…Awon Jon Snows

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